Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Go East, Young Man

Tarrytown, New York

Arrived in New York after a four-day trip cross-country on the Elephant Express, which was by and large uneventful. My trinity includes Paul Alexander, whose parents were in the Unification Church before, and Linda Christensen, who was kidnapped once. The kidnappings are really high here in New York. They got five or six from our last pioneer team, which included Reid. So I guess I will have to be very careful.

Before we left, Onni said not to worry if they call us "horizontal." I can see now that we have probably been experiencing more of heavenly mother in California, working to find God in brothers and sisters. So I guess in that sense it really is more "horizontal." Being in New York I think we will experience more heavenly father or "vertical." It is said one grows much quicker here in the East. It's interesting that the West Coast is a strong female-dominated family and the East Coast is a strong male-dominated family.

Tomorrow we start our 21-day workshop with Mr. Garratt, who also came from the Berkeley family a long time ago. He used to lecture at Boonville. There is a chance we will see Father tomorrow as he lives just across the street.

The standard is very different here. In California the emphasis was on witnessing and bringing in people. Here the emphasis is on learning Principle. It should be very deep. They say Oakland members are ideal. 

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