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Three Months In


Got up this morning at 5 am for dedication of the month to HF and then went back to bed for an hour or so. We are going to Fresno on a weekend flower trip and I am Mitch's object, so the first thing I did this morning was get groceries and clean out the van. Being an object requires much more responsibility than I have had thus far. But I am confident and it should be a learning and growing experience. We are working off such a good foundation after having seen Father yesterday, which was also Halloween.

Peter, Reid and I first went up to Boonville three months ago. Reid is going to Barrytown today, I think along with Jim Sanders and Mike McCarthy. They say it is much different in Barrytown, much deeper Principle and much more about Father's life. There is nothing to do there but grow. It would be good to go to Barrytown, but I love San Francisco so much. Even Father said he can relax when he comes here. I guess the scene here is much more laid back. I can scarcely imagine what it is like in New York.

But in Korea, where the real frontline is, I can't even conceive. 

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