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The Second Coming


How can I possibly describe seeing the messiah? He was without a doubt the most powerful and dynamic person I have ever met. He spoke for five-and-a-half hours, but he said so much, so forcefully, it was difficult to keep up with him. He was absolutely wild. When he first spoke, he talked about the humanness and naturalness of the messiah, that he was a man who understood God's will. Then he moved into what is God's will, and finally our responsibility in fulfilling God's dispensation. Everyone was so blown away by his presence. When he looked at me, or in my direction, I felt as though he was looking right through me. I became so keenly aware that he was a man who fully embodies the word of God. Just being in his very presence can change or affect a person, I am sure.

We are on our way over to see him again this morning at 6:30, so we had to get up quite early.

Christ is here.

The purpose of religion is to return to God. Until this time, the purpose of religion was not clear. This is a great discovery by the UC, that restoration is divine providence. What kind of methodology do we use? When the fall took place, it affected individual, family, society, nation and world. The simple act of fall of Adam and Eve caused the fall of the family, society, nation and world. Restoration must come through all levels. When you think of yourself, you are not alone. When you plan to return to the original state, all other levels become your enemy until they are restored. You have to get through that barrier. Where do we meet HF? When we get through these barriers we meet God. All religions talk of Last Days. What are the Last Days? It means center on religion, get through these barriers, and finally meet God. To God-centered people this is a great day of hope. To satanic people, it's great despair and will be destroyed. God must prepare all levels to meet Him. Because of barriers, good religion says forget yourself. Because of Fall of Man, Satan controls all things. God cannot have a relationship with us, even though we are returning. To return to God we must do everything: More emphasis on purity of individual life, no attachment to things of this world, must be with word of God, must center on word of God. True religion means total rejection of the world. If we don't, Satan follows us everywhere. Even the talk of this truth is talked about in secular world.

After a divorce, the wife does not think about her old husband. The new husband finds a handkerchief given by the old husband and it hurts his heart. Same with HF. Total rejection, total denial of this life of Satan, not of God. Because of Satan we must pass through test to reach God. By total denial we can dash through to cosmic level. God will recreate you because of total rejection, like a potter reworking his clay. We look ugly in front of God if we don't reject ourselves, self-denial, sacrifice. Humble yourself. Now we know why past religions have always taught these things. We feel we are losing everything. Don't worry. By the degree we give up ourselves, we will receive the same amount from God. The degree of sacrifice produces the same degree of blessing from heaven. All history can be analyzed with this formula: Bad man hits; good man receives blessing three times, sometimes seven times, from heaven. Why? Creation of all universe based on goodness. In order to be restored, must take three stages of growth: formation, growth, perfection. To restore order, persecution in formation affects growth and perfection stages. Satan has no control over three stages. When bad hits good, three stages are automatically involved, sometimes seven because God created universe in seven days.

Heavenly business is recompensation. Multiply goodness because bad is wrong. Even an evil person has a conscience and would join in supporting a good person who is being wronged by a bad man. Jesus lived this standard three times. Roman Empire paid for piercing Jesus on the cross. If good resists attack three times, good returns. One blow is no good, but can claim victory and compensation by blessing enemies. We did not know all this until now. If Christians had known this, we wouldn't need the UC to teach Principle, which is road of UC. What is most fearful, dreadful thing we find in UC? UC members fear rejection or attack. Persecution brings blessings. Thank God, praise God. Strange people but wonderful. We welcome this.

Reverend Moon is not inventing this Principle but is simply speaking truth. Must be willing to face torture. When we are working and are rejected, we can claim blessing when officially rejected. If we strike back, then we are individual and cannot claim. If we accept, then we are official, then we can claim. Love your enemy. Save the satanic person. Salvation. If we receive persecution willingly, we can give mercy to persecutor. Then that person can be saved. If person knows this, rejection can be a blessing as well as acceptance from God's viewpoint. We must be official person on cosmic level. Must go through more suffering and persecution, satanic attacks on individual level. Within very short time we get flattened spiritually like a piece of paper. If we practice this way, we pay indemnity for all mankind. Salvation is restoration through indemnity condition.

What is law of indemnity? We must receive suffering, persecution, rejection on official level, official business, not on individual level. Who sets up indemnity condition? God and Satan. We cannot set it up. If we succeed we belong to God, if we don't we belong to Satan. Recreation through indemnity. Satan does not exist in recreation. Even Satan must cooperate when we reach this stage, when we claim this status. Indemnity condition paid this way, if we take individual status, we belong to Satan because fall took place on individual, ego-centered level. This does not exist on official public level. Public means behavior is Principlistic. If we go our own way, Satan claims us. If we claim our eyes for God, then we see God's beauty and get angry when we see evil and want to change it. Indignant. Same thing applies to whole body because we are descendants of evil ancestors. We want to die. But we have this body, so we must claim our own body for God.

When we are attracted to another for ourselves, we poison that person. We are individual and claimed by Satan. When we judge with this yardstick, all churches are individual, claim to be the only one. But we cannot say that on individual level, only on official level. With this standard we can judge where we are. We know in our conscience how much of us belongs to God and how much belongs to Satan. Truth is simple. If we don't believe it, we can choke Reverend Moon and find out if it is true.

Only God or True Parents can show indemnity road we must travel. What kind of level? Individual, family, society, nation or world? World-wide level. Three-nation attack, seven-nation attack, we must stand and we will be victorious. If we live on world level, very difficult. Even if we are tortured, we must not think of revenge or be indignant, but must be a humble sacrifice. Indemnity must be paid by people. Person who travels indemnity road must not complain. We make ourselves love the people we don't like. We must make bad person good. No room for complaints in official status. When we are persecuted, we praise God. This kind of person belongs to HK.

Indemnity can be set up on unusual situation, abnormal circumstances when on official status. Most systematic battle between God and Satan. If we get signature of Satan on public level, we get signature of God. Satan attacks and tests you on all levels. If we pass them, Satan approves signature. To reach God, we must accept attack by Satan until Satan no longer exists. We must make our opponents surrender to us by serving them. If we accept attack three times, then attackers will change their thinking.

To verify this truth, look at past history. As we know, Abel was in official status and murdered by Cain. Noah built ark on mountain as abnormal condition to pay more indemnity for Abel's murder. Noah did not understand, but he obeyed. Noah and family received great amount of persecution. Opposition came from family and outside. All kinds of accusations. Naturally, we would oppose. But HF did good job picking Noah to be faithful. We must do whatever God asks, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to our concept.

Satan hates True Parents and us because we know the truth and will destroy the satanic kingdom. Less sleep, more persecution, not eat. If we know and practice the law of indemnity, peace will come. Must be humble. Even if you live in a mansion, you must serve he who lives in a poor shack so that Satan cannot accuse.

All past history can be chronologically classified by this law. Even in marriage there is individual and official or public marriage. What is ideal husband and wife? Not based on beauty but based on public good or God. Black and white marry on official status. This is more public, super race.

Late president of UC was a cripple. Father told him he must lecture three times a day at least 18 hours. Father did not tell him law of indemnity. In a few months he was almost totally exhausted. Father was harsh and pushed him hard. "You are not dead yet." Father wanted this man to be foundation of DP lecture. All these things Father has done for sake of God. We suffer such little indemnity compared to Father. We are on the foundation and condition True Parents have made. UC is enough to pay indemnity for all mankind in seven years. Jesus Christ spiritually fulfilled in three years. We must take over and complete mission of Jesus in six years. Prophecy in Book of Revelation of seven years of tribulation is being fulfilled because of merit of True Parents. All mankind can benefit. All mankind must receive salvation through True Parents. We are indebted to True Parents and God, but master does not want full payment but only small payment. We love True Parents without concept because conscience is still alive.

True love means we go the path of death joyfully and willingly so that we can eternally be with our loved ones. HF blessed Abraham and Sarah had a child, Isaac. Then HF asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abnormal situation. Abraham planned to do it, carry out God's will. God supplied a ram or goat and Abraham was able to pay indemnity. Jacob cheated Esau with the help of Rebecca to follow God's will. Abnormality. Bring indemnity payment. Same in time of Moses. Jesus and God had spiritual contract, then confronted with Calvary. Abnormal condition. John the Baptist was great prophet proclaiming great messiah. Simple cousin comes as messiah. Abnormal condition. Traditional Christians think literal Christ will come on clouds. Christ may be black or Oriental. This is abnormal condition. Speed up indemnity payment, speed up HK on Earth.

People who accuse Reverend Moon of being the antichrist -- let them accuse to pay greater indemnity. Some say True Parents too handsome to be messiah. You can judge if it is true with yardstick of indemnity. True Parents want to suffer more than you.

American did not fulfill responsibility. Only way left is for us to stand up to God and pay the indemnity. Interracial foundation set in America. The nation under God will come by our efforts. We are new pilgrims, fathers of our country. Must know best weapon is law of indemnity. More powerful than H-bomb. Receive compensation three times, sometimes seven times. Satan's world will be destroyed as HK is established.

Through True Parents we have most powerful weapon. UC is the cannon. We are the cannon balls. True Parents shoot cannon off, shoot Satan right between the eyes. We make victory when we properly explode. We receive blessing 700 times. We must think of all mankind and God. Whole world will roll into us. Wherever UC goes there must be a big noise, explosion. When we fire from West Coast, East Coast echoes. Heavenly see-saw. Must clearly know law of indemnity. We may look like we are losing, but we know we are gaining.

Indemnity, indemnity, indemnity!

Christ is here, Christ is here, Christ is here -- HERE!

Father concluded his speech by singing Arirong in the traditional version. It was so beautiful. Everyone was so love-bombed. His voice is so beautiful and rich.

Impressions right now are so unbelievable, to think I witnessed such a historic moment. I was in the same house, the same room as the messiah and heard, felt, lived through HF just pouring out His heart. The speeches last night and this morning were so inspiring. Now to hold on to this inspiration, to actualize the truth 100% and really grab the golden opportunity to grow. I feel so full of love and truth. This is truly the greatest day of my life, and to know that inspiration will never go but only grow and grow and grow until I am perfect and all my brothers and sisters are perfect. I feel I could write on and on and on. The energy is the highest it's ever been. Not spaced out but with real purpose and direction.

We are headed back home right now and I can't wait to start actualizing like I've never actualized before. Glory to heaven, peace on earth, victory to our True Parents, victory to Heavenly Father.

Monsai! Monsai! Monsai! 

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