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I Thought He'd be Taller

1975.10.30 (cont.)

Father is here. He is speaking in Korean. A translator tells us in English what he is saying.

Unified Soldiers

Traditional Christians have a supernatural concept of Jesus: Jesus does not need a toilet, that the sacred man does not need these humanly things. Tonight we will learn the meaning of sacredness.

Thought. The ideal in the brain. Holy thought makes holy person. All can become holy, can become sons and daughters of God. UC members must be determined to think, live and act great and holy. Ask questions. Can answer all questions. This world is our stage where we have to engage our lives. Many people wonder where present times will be in the future. Some will say we are a great, prosperous nation and we will continue to be.

Where did Reverend Moon's thought come from? Everyone draws their own conclusion. Father knows destiny of UC. No one wants to willingly decline. Nobody can be sure of anything.

Individual --> Family --> Society --> Nation --> World --> Cosmos

Even Nobel Prize winner would not say, yes, God alone can have that absolute conviction. Human beings cannot have this confidence. By becoming one with God, we can have this absolute power and conviction. It is impossible to bring God to our level. How can we become invincible person in God? God must have subject role. Even when Reverend Moon looks like a loser, if it is the will of God, he will be a glorious victor.

God's Will and Responsibility

What is will of God? UC knows will of God. Our answer must be parallel with understanding of God. Will of God is realization of idealization of creation. Our ambitions must be to realize our ideals. We do not have ideal world in religious terms. We call this the Fall of Man. Divine Principle lets us see separation of ideal and deviated world. Ideal is one concept, one glory. Can only have one master. Time for harmony. Whites cannot do it. Blacks cannot do it. Reverend Moon must unify everyone. Would be better if Reverend Moon was a white man. Whites and blacks must marry. Only Reverend Moon can bring them together willingly. Some whites are so frantic that they wish Father harm. Unity should not be by force, but by desire to please God. Already Reverend Moon has set record as matchmaker. If two enemies can be brought together, anything can be done. Know the truth and the truth will make you free.

We are crazy minority now, but someday we will be over 50% of population and we will be normal.

Fulfillment of Will of God

Restoration brings fallen nature back to original nature. Ultimate will of God is restoration of world. True religion is being used as tool by God to bring man back to original nature. True religion must be working on worldwide level. Government must come under church. There should be no separation of church and state. These are things were are going to deal with and solve. People of U.S. should follow will of God. America should sacrifice itself to save the rest of the world. The more one man standing up for the will of God is attacked, the greater the blessing. A righteous stand fears no opposition. All we have to do is take the righteous stand of God. One righteous man is more valuable and precious in the sight of God than billions of unrighteous people. Must have great pride in value. Not even God can extinguish the fire. The way of true religion is to liberate God. Will of God has been fulfilled.

America is responsible for division of Germany and Korea. Lost body is Asia. Messiah will come from spiritual, mystic Orient, not from naturalistic West. Israel, Rome, Britain -- all failed mission. Now rests on America. First must indemnify for Britain, Italy and Israel. Korea is the final nation where Lord of the Second Advent will appear. Japan is in equivalent position of British Empire, was powerful enough to take Korea, but United States destroyed Japan, and Korea was freed. But now America is responsible for protecting Asia. Korea is in position of Roman Empire, new age papacy with both spiritual and material aspect of church. America has lost seven sovereign nations to Communism as it sleeps.

Korean affairs are world affairs.

Germany -- east and west, horizontal.

Korea -- north and south, vertical.

Asia is like body of Christ taken by Satan, except one little piece: Korea. If America put its primary emphasis on Korea, then Japan, Korea and all of Asia would survive. Kim Il Sung is physical Satan in North Korea. First of all, America must not go against UC. We will compete to love our enemy the most. 

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