Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Wait For It...


Well, this time we got all the way over to Berkeley and were even in the living room all gathered together, about 300 of us, and David even announced that Father would be there in five minutes. About fifteen minutes later, Noah announced that Father wasn't coming until 5:30 tonight. Somehow it was to be expected. I don't really mind. It will give me a chance to actualize and really try to open my heart.

I found I am still so terribly arrogant. In my prayer last night I was headed toward spacing out on the vision so HF sent Bob Blew to break it up, I think. I guess I should really be much more concerned with the here and now.

David handed out pictures this morning, one to each person, of True Parents. I got a really tremendous feeling when I first looked at this picture because I knew that HF picked it just for me. Thank you, HF. 

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