Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery



We witnessed today until 1 o'clock. We are trying out a new system with two flower teams -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sold down in the financial district again. This time I was with Sarah.

We went into the first building and took the elevator to the top floor so we could work our way down before getting kicked out. But the security guard came right up after me and escorted me out. When Sarah saw that she thought I had been arrested and called home and set them all in a panic.

Meanwhile, I was getting thrown out of every building I went into. I never sold a thing.

My second run I went up to the tenth floor of the Robert Dollar Building and spoke to the building manager. HF was with me because he gave me free rein to go anywhere in the building, and I did unload a few flowers there.

We went out on bar runs tonight. The first I was centered by Dave Burroughs and my partner was Beverly. We sold down Van Ness and it was absolutely HK. The second run I was centered by Tom Sanders and my partner was Phil. We sold down on Broadway and we did surprisingly well. The entire team made about $70 on each run.

Lew Perlman has moved back into the Family since I ran into him in a bar while on a bar run a couple weeks ago with Robert, who bombed-out of the Family soon after.

Poppy is sick and I have a cold and spiritual wars are still being battled.


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