Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

"Don't Get Funny With That Ring!"

October 15, 1975

I had the most amazing day today! Last night I stayed up fairly late reading "Master Speaks" on spirit world and I prayed that Father would reveal himself to me.

Today I witnessed at the Cannery with Barbara. We spent a lot of time sharing our experiences coming into the Family. Our witnessing finally culminated in a cop named John Tumi and a radio station manager who wanted to interview David. Then around two o'clock Barbara and I split and I went to pray.

There I stood in the cable car line and two physically beautiful girls came up in line behind me. So naturally I started witnessing to them. They claimed to be pentecostal and belonged to a gospel singing group. But right away I could tell they were spiritually bombed and I cut it short. I rode the cable car to the end of the line at Powell and Market and witnessed with Dennis for the rest of the afternoon.

But even before that, when I got off the trolley, there were these two Family members from the church in LA talking to James. I ran to meet them as they left. It was a Mrs. Davis and Benjamin, who was James' trinity leader when James first met the Family in LA. He stayed for two weeks of a 21-day workshop and actually had a very intense spiritual experience in which he saw Jesus Christ in Benjamin. It was a powerful enough experience that they crammed the rest of the Family into the room because the spirit was so powerful. It lasted for about a day and a half afterward.

But he did leave LA and was found by Poppy within half an hour of being in San Francisco.

My best witness today was a Mrs. Green, who was all dressed in white, even wore white gloves. She seemed to me an angel. But of all the terrific and open people I met today, no one came to dinner.

Then at dinner there was a girl from Dover, Holly Baggett, who lived near PandB Market when I worked there. She was invited by Lydia and Bob, but neither of them was available to take care of her for the evening, so it seemed like divine providence that she was my guest. She was somewhat skeptical, but David thinks she's good. She said she'll try to come back tomorrow night. She had been staying at Holy Order of Man's Raphael house for women after all of her stuff had been stolen. She left right after the lecture to go see Brother Charles, who is some kind of monk who hung around Dover a few years ago.

Then we were all set for a family meeting in Berkeley and I was all set for my first meeting with Onni, but it was called off at the last minute and we had the blessing of selling roses down on Broadway instead. Cindy and I were together and overall the team did well, even though Cindy and I got separated right at the end. So I wandered over a couple blocks looking for someplace to sell and I saw a place with lots of lights and people inside. It looked like a reception or party of some kind. People were all dressed up.

Almost right away a bouncer kicked me out, but I was determined to not give up, to try to give every person in there a chance to buy, because them giving to heaven is important for their spiritual growth, and I didn't want to be accused by spirit world of not trying hard enough, of not trying every door and window. I was determined to beat Satan.

I saw a trellis on the outside of the building, and the window on the second floor was open and I could see there were a lot of people upstairs. So I climbed the trellis up to a narrow ledge. To get to the window I would have to jump a few feet and it was dark and if I didn't make it I'd fall. But I remembered what Kristina said at Boonville about a leap of faith and I jumped through the open window into the room. I couldn't believe I had just done such a thing.

The bouncer was right there. He couldn't believe it either. He was so mad. I thought he was going to hit me. All the people in the room just stared at me in disbelief. The bouncer grabbed me by the arm and shoved me down the stairs, yelling at me, "Don't get funny with that ring!" At first I didn't know what he meant, then I looked down and saw the little hooked blade on my pinky that we used to cut the strings on the rose bundles. I had forgotten I was wearing it. I don't think I could have hurt him with it if I tried, but he thought it was a weapon.

I told the story back at the van and everyone laughed, which made me feel good even though my result was low.

Poppy has just come down and scolded me for being up so late, but when else do I have time to myself? Nevertheless, I know she is right. I will go pray and sleep now. 

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