Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Truth Kills

October 14, 1975 (cont.)

To whom this may concern: Glenn Emery has been working as a volunteer in our project, New Education Development Systems, Inc., in a full-time capacity, in return for room and board. We're grateful to have him with us.

Signed: David C. Stoller, Director


Bombed out at the welfare office trying to get medical, so I walked back to Powell and Market and for some reason I had an irrational fear that if I centered up first I wouldn't get to eat my lunch, and it was almost one o'clock. I even rationalized that everyone else had eaten, even though all of the lunches were still there. So I grabbed a lunch and an extra sandwich and spaced out, which is really bad and I knew it, because being alone when we're so young spiritually can make us negative. And sure enough, I got negative.

But I fought it out and Mike Embry showed up at Powell and Market. I'm sure he didn't know I was there, at least I think I'm sure. He said he had looked all over for me at San Francisco State campus. We ran into each other there yesterday when I was there with the actualizers on the Elephant Bus. Mike had some more questions. I tried to be extra careful with what I said because I didn't want to repeat the mistake of really killing him spiritually like I had to another Mike by telling him everything but Sun Myung Moon's name. And of course he rejected it all in the end. Even yesterday, witnessing to a Christian girl, I got really arrogant and probably told her too much. Mike has got such a good heart and we seem to keep running into each other, so I really want to be a responsible parent if I can.

Later that afternoon, witnessing in Union Square with Cindy, I stopped to talk with this elderly gentleman named Frederick Messino, whom I had seen around on several occasions. I sort of knew he was spiritual. He had a Rosicrucian book he was reading, but he called it the White Brotherhood. His eyes were incredibly bright.

(Even as I write these words, Mitch is nudging me with his foot, telling me I should be downstairs -- I think I must have missed family meeting.)

I wasn't so interested in his philosophy but more in him. I asked him if his spiritual senses were open, and he said yes. He said he saw something very beautiful in me. He inspired me to want to pray to Jesus. I have felt very high ever since.

Tonight we went coffeehouse witnessing. John, a brother from Berkeley, and I witnessed to four Divine Light devotees at the Soup Factory. It was almost as if we had been led to them. They had such good spirits, but they were so blissed out that I'm afraid that they are not really doing anything constructive with their knowledge. Hopefully, Guru Maharash Ji will humble himself to Father or it will be very bad for them spiritually.

I think I really need to pray for understanding. David's lecture was very short tonight. I guess something is happening which requires a lot of his energy right now.


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