Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

The Cosmic 102

July 16, 1975

Ran into an old school bus full of hippies from New York yesterday at the grocery store (where else?) and we camped with them. Their act was not like ours in that they were into driving their bus and partying. But we had a cool time singing around the campfire. Got a little hassle from the ranger for making noise after 10, but we played on until Bill, who owns the bus, and his lady, George, came back from the canyon, where they had been tripping and generally spacing out.

Bill then told us about his adventure of being busted for murder in Kansas, which with the way he told it, was hysterical.

We crashed late, but before that Karola and I walked to the cliff and talked a long time, mostly about how she was confused about who she was. I told her that you cannot find yourself until you stop looking. She seemed to understand but did not agree, which I doubt I would have at 18 either.

The guys on the bus say they are transvestites, which I can only think of as typically NY. Jeff is a medical analyst, and his lady, Debbie, is really quite nice and it was really curious how Karola asked about her when we went for our walk.

Patty with the big tits locked Jeff's keys to his car in the trunk. It took about two hours to rescue them, which included taking out the back seat and a couple of visits by the rangers. But it was cool. Patty was fairly bummed out about it and seemed to be taking it out on Cliff, who played guitar for us last night -- very well I might add.

Bill was very sick and pale yesterday, actually ever since he got the temporary cap for a filling. But we found a dentist in town, who incidentally did it for nothing and gave him some pills. He seemed much improved today.

The school bus was called The Cosmic 102, which took us up to the lodge, where we hiked into Bryce. Bill, Patty, Cliff, Wally, Tom, George and Penny then left on the bus to the Grand Canyon. Jeff and Debbie will follow later in their car.

Joel split today for a couple nights by himself. Saw him at the bottom of Queen's Garden Trail with three chicks. It will probably do him a lot of good.

Wally found a dead girl in a stream when he was tripping last week. Those folks on the bus go through some heavy scenes. But I suppose it's because they trip so much.

Jeff and Debbie are going to book now, so I suspect we will crash before long. 

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