Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery


July 13, 1975
Navajo Lake, Utah

Spent the day poaching fish. Managed to get a few small ones from the shore. Met another Bill and his chick, Laurel, tonight. He'd been laid off since February, just been hacking around on his unemployment, went to Zion NP before coming here.

It's OK here, not as majestic as the Grand Canyon, but very intriguing place with outlandish rock formations, one of which reminded me of Hobbiton. Stopped at this one canyon just before a tunnel where we spent a couple hours. Just as we're ready to leave, Karola appears at the top of the hill. So we have to wait for her. We spend a lot of time waiting for her. But it is her nature. Joel thinks it's because she's European.

Went to Pipe Springs on our way up here. Dude gave us a little tour of the archeological digs they have going on the Paiute Indian Reservation. Not very impressive really, but some pretty stones laying around. Had lunch in the snack bar there, where the lady didn't seem to like us so well. Had to wait a long time for a taco, and we had to wait for Karola.

They actually had a buffalo chip on display. Too freakin' much.

Would really like to get back to the canyon, but first am going to Montana to seek out Roaring Thunder, if that's possible. 

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