Raising Children of Peace

Edited by Farley and Betsy Jones

Chapter 3 Past, Present, and Future

Farley Jones

The truism that one can give only what one has locates us all in a historical flow of giving and receiving. Much of what any of us has to give our children exists because we at one point were given to ourselves.

This section speaks of the past, present and future. Starting off, Betsy Jones writes of the great resources grandparents bring to a three generational family and includes a rich reflection on grandmothering from her own mother.

Writing in a similar vein, Kim B. encourages us to both draw from and let go of the past. On this foundation, parents can be empowered to create a legacy of laughter and joy.

Moving to the present, Sharon Goodman emphasizes the importance of finding a sense of belonging in a transcendent order. One task of parents is to help their children feel -- and know -- their belongingness to God.

Finally, both Tom Phillips and Nora Spurgin write of parenting in a changing world. In his article, Phillips discusses the parenting issues presented by an intercultural marriage, in his case between an American husband and Japanese wife. Spurgin writes of the cultural changes of the nineties. As we look to a new millennium, we will need to find innovative strategies to fulfill our parental roles. Both articles will stimulate thinking.

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