Raising Children of Peace

Edited by Farley and Betsy Jones

Chapter 2 Parents and Children

Farley Jones

We know the way we fulfill our tasks as parents is critical to the health and happiness of our children; yet we also know the path is filled with pitfalls. How do we guide our children so they grow into mature human beings, capable of giving and receiving love?

This section addresses various dynamics of the relationship of parents (including parent-figures) and children, speaking to a number of areas of concern.

Sharon Goodman's rich and compassionate article describes specific situations in which difficult children were helped to get over barriers to their own growth. It is heart touching and provocative.

Whereas Goodman deals with potentially conflicted relationships between adults and children, Marilyn Cohen offers some practical wisdom on decreasing conflicts between children, particularly siblings. Chet Johnson's brief article also addresses this topic very helpfully.

If per Sharon Goodman, compassion and patience are needed to help children grow, Victoria Clevenger speaks of trust. Those parents who trust the innate "common sense" of their children are not only more relaxed in their parenting; they are also those who can enjoy closeness with their children.

Dietrich Seidel also writes of trust and love, but with a specific focus on the teenage years. His contribution is scholarly yet practical, offering specific suggestions for enriching the parent-child relationship during the teen years.

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