Raising Children of Peace

Edited by Farley and Betsy Jones



I. Vision for Family

The Four Realms of Love in the Family
It's Time to Teach the Ideal
The Eternal Castle of True Love
Preparing Your Child to Love God

II. Parents and Children

Making Peace with Children: Helping Them Find Their Connection
The Roots of Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry
Don't Worry, Be Happy! Enjoy and Respect
God's Image In Us All
Raising Teenagers with Everlasting Love

III. Past, Present, and Future

Anchoring Children in the Past
Creating a Legacy of Love and Laughter
Heart to Heart: The Art of Belonging
Parenting From the Experience of a Multicultural Family
Parenting in a Changing World

IV. Children of Peace

Empathy and Self-Discipline, The Soul Builders
Instilling Respect in Children
True Love
Discipline and Love: Some Reflections on Parenting
Resurrecting and Uplifting Our Children's Hearts
Raising Peaceful Teens
Sexuality and Children
Peacemaking and Schooling
Our Natural World, God-Given Training Ground for Today's Peace Warriors

Biographical Notes

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