Psyche and Spirit

by Paul Werner

About the Author

Dr. Paul F. W. Werner was born in Germany. He holds doctoral degrees in psychology and theology. An ordained minister since 1966, Dr. Werner has been president of the Unification Church of Austria and Germany, and the national director of the Unification Church of Canada.

Active in both counseling and teaching throughout his ministry, among other notable pursuits is his involvement in the International Cultural Foundation, his participation in science conferences, and many affiliated associations. In business ventures he has held the position of CEO in a shipbuilding corporation, and related industries.

Dr. Werner has lived in several foreign countries, and was a prisoner of war in a forced labor camp for four years. His travels have been extensive and taken him around the world several times. He and his wife, Christel, are the parents of one son.

Dr. Werner is the author of the following published works: Heaven Down to Earth, In Harmony with the Eternal, Tapping the Unlimited Reservoir, The Essence of God, The Power of Prayer, The Heart of Witnessing, The Reality o f the Spirit World, Blessed Marriage and Family Life, Communication, and Perspectives on the Principle, Religion, History, the World.

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