Psyche and Spirit

by Paul Werner

12. Conclusion

From the hungry children living in the deserts of Africa, to the kings and queens of monarchies, each and every human being must restore the failures of God's first children. Ignorance of this principle is, still today, far too widespread. But the numbers of those who are tending their own gardens of faith with the proper tools of practical know-how and belief are growing. Rich or poor, we are all in need of examples. We need true parenting, and for true parents to show us how it can be done.

The Principle explains that these are the "Last Days"-a time when the problems which have existed throughout the history of man are intensified, and the problems within the world seem completely out of control. The increase in violence, murder, incest, pornography, homosexuality and so many "social" diseases are manifestations of the wounds that have never been uprooted from the heart of man. At least, not until now. And now, the tide is turning.

God places His trust in those He sends to teach us. We must discover who they are, and based on their encouragement, believe that we have the potential and are worthy to become what our true identity should have been all along-that of true children, and eventually and ultimately, true parents, ourselves.

The unseen and unknown psychology of man is still veiled, but we can make the difference by ripping away the shroud, for ourselves and our fellow man. We must do the same for God. We do this through a process of rooting out our evil -- our fallen -- nature, dividing our heart, and then making ourself an offering before God.

We could not realize that throughout human history God is the one who has suffered most and that it is because of us. Because we failed in the beginning, and because we still fail today. Once we completely comprehend this and its many ramifications for our lives, we will take the steps necessary to lighten His load and replace His suffering with happiness. Once the evil is removed from our hearts, we will become true and full-functioning human beings-people with true integrity as God's children, people who can easily relate to God and our fellow human beings. That is when the study of the real psyche and spirit can begin-how to live in complete unity with God, and with the beautiful treasures of God's nature we have yet to discover within each other. That is each individual's challenge and our common quest. Each of us must conquer psychology's last horizon.

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