Psyche and Spirit

by Paul Werner


Life. It is a long and rugged road man traverses, one so terribly confusing and often camouflaged by the brush and bramble of doubt, man can easily lose his way. Man requires a map, a blueprint to show him how to live. The one he consults has certain bearing upon how smooth his journey will be. Some refer to the Bible or the Koran, while others prefer to seek the counsel of Freud or a Maxwell Maltz. Still others walk blindly, engage in no discussion, and seek no deliberation. Yet each of us needs to make sense out of the road signs we inevitably will encounter. Any method we might choose has a particular and unique slant, and yet it is this element which could cause the greatest consternation; we therefore must become confident that we are indeed going in the right direction.

In Psyche and Spirit, Dr. Paul Werner imparts the wisdom gained and the experiences retained throughout his more than twenty-five years of teaching and counseling. He has studied human nature throughout his life, thus his insight into man's need to adopt a greater vision is enlightening. His analysis that the apocalypse which should happen "now" is linked to probing both psyche and spirit, which is timely and crucial to man's very survival. He further asserts that if we refute this possibility, we risk making the false assumption that there is no more to life than meets the literal "eye."

Dr. Werner points out that man has an undeniable curiosity to quest and then conquer the world around him. That although man searches his planet, he still reaches for the stars. But the author also explains that what man discovers beyond the galaxies he sees as attainable, are others of even greater magnitude and mission. Herein lies the fascination!

Through this insightful expose, the reader can learn much about the world yet awaiting man's exploration: the world of the spirit. Dr. Werner maintains that there are seedlings of that mystical vista within each of us, but it is often ignorance and even fear that tempers our desire to initiate all but the smallest expedition within her borders. Most of us understand little of how the spirit world operates, and hence are riddled by misgiving and apprehension as to how to venture further.

Throughout history man has ridden out many waves of war and conflict, managed if not controlled numerous systems, and adopted then swayed between a good many beliefs. The creativity he reflects is not, however, simply man-made. Its roots are literally centuries old, for man is inextricably part of the long-standing duel forged between God and Satan. But what is he meant to do about it? How can he extract himself from this precarious position? In a word, Dr. Werner shows us how.

This book has a bridge-like quality, asserting man's potential and translating what to do. Its reading is provocative to the thought, and vital to the deed.

The Editor
Toronto, Canada
March, 1988

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