Messiah - My Testimony to Rev. Sun Myung Moon Volume II - Bo Hi Pak


What is the most lofty desire that each of us holds in our heart? A world of peace, a world of happiness, a world of love -- in a single phrase, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

The story told in this book is of people who have dedicated their lives to building that Kingdom of God. It is an exciting story. The central person in this narrative is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and the man who tells the story is Dr. Bo Hi Pak. For nearly half a century, Dr. Pak has literally and figuratively played the role of translator -- and in some cases, mediator -- between Reverend Moon and people throughout the world. Though he has many times professed his inadequacy to the task, the fact remains that he has been the conduit of spiritual life for a multitude of people.

This book tells that story. But it tells much more. It relates the spiritual journey of Dr. Pak, and in that journey we may very well see ourselves, and even our world. With hope, with innocence, he sought to perform his duty. But it was only upon meeting Reverend Moon that a far higher calling and path of life became open to him.

There are stories of sacrifice in this book. That has been the way of those who follow God's bidding, and Dr. Pak's life is no exception to that rule. More than that, he has been a witness to the sacrifices made by Reverend Moon, and he tells of what he has experienced.

I had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Pak during the years when he was directly and continuously involved with CAUSA International and the American Leadership Conference. Dr. Pak and those with him, like many others working with Reverend Moon in the Unification movement, worked round the clock in a crusade to educate the world about the dangers of communism, the importance of the free and democratic world, and most importantly, the importance of God, purity, honesty, faith and the family. Reverend Moon and Dr. Pak taught me the meaning of dedication, and how it can be practiced day after day in a multitude of life's unfolding situations.

Dr. Pak encountered the Unification teaching -- Reverend Moon's teaching -- when he was a young army officer with a wife and small children. He was, in a word, transformed by the power of the truth. An extraordinarily dutiful and responsible man, he committed himself, and he has never turned back, even when called upon to digest, through faith, unimaginable challenges and circumstances. As more is known about Reverend Moon's life and work, the life of Dr. Pak becomes all the more remarkable. In fact, from the perspective of today, as one reads through these volumes and contemplates the history of the world, of America, of Korea and of God's providence, Dr. Pak's sincerity, faith, bubbling enthusiasm, and concern for others is nothing short of overwhelming.

Dr. Pak has always put God and Reverend and Mrs. Moon before anything. That is the foundation upon which he lives. He is also a unique man of heart and thoughtfulness. He makes each project an exciting campaign to remember and cherish. But much more than that, he conveys a tradition and way of life of love for others. In a word, working with Dr. Pak lets you believe that we really can build the Kingdom of Heaven.

Volume I covered the period from Dr. Pak's birth in 1930 until his testimony before the U.S. Congress in 1978. Volume II picks up the story detailing the history of CAUSA International, the trial and imprisonment of Reverend Moon, the Washington Times, and historic meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim II Sung.

I sincerely hope that you, the reader of these volumes, can share in the excitement, faith and hope that have characterized Dr. Pak's life, and be moved by these accounts of genuine love in action.

William Lay, Esq.
Founding member, CAUSA International New York, New York

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