Messiah - My Testimony to Rev. Sun Myung Moon Volume II - Bo Hi Pak



Chapter 14 - The Making of a Miracle: The U.S. Presidential Election

Chapter 15 - The Washington Times Pioneers the End of the Cold War

Chapter 16 - The CAUSA Movement That Shook the Kremlin

Chapter 17 - Twentieth-Century Crucifixion: Maneuvered Into Prison

Chapter 18 - The Kidnapping of the Chairman of the Washington Times

Chapter 19 - The Unsung Hero of Soviet Liberation

Chapter 20 - The Summit Between Sun Mvung Moon and Kim II Sung

Chapter 21 - The Troubles That Came After the Death of Kim II Sung

Chapter 22 - A New Start Toward the Twenty-first Century and a New Millennium of Blessing


Appendix - Brief Chronology of the Life of Dr. Bo Hi Pak

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