Messiah - My Testimony to
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

by Bo Hi Pak


That this book is in the hands of the reader is due to many people, but I particularly want to thank Timothy Elder for his outstanding translation; William Selig for directing the production team that brought this hook to light; Donna Selig for her sound advice and masterful editing: Vicki Phelps for proofreading the text; Barbara Beard for administrative support; Jonathan Gullery for an outstanding jacket and book design; Thomas Ward, Antonio Betancourt, and William Lay for their good counsel and contributions: and the members of the Unification worldwide movement for their friendship and steadfast loyalty and support.

Finally, to my wonderful wife, I am eternally grateful for your constant love. Your many sacrifices, and your unshakable faith in the course we chose and walked together. To my precious children, thank you for sharing your daddy with the world and for growing up so well.

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