Messiah - My Testimony to
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

by Bo Hi Pak


I was born in a remote village in the hills of Chung-Nam Province in Korea, during the period when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. It was an environment that afforded almost no opportunities for learning about the outside world. 1 was told as a child that our family had descended from a prominent historical figure, but we were a poor farming family and I could never hope to receive a proper education. To me, Seoul, the capital city, was a far-off place that I never expected to see myself. When some of the older children from the village who had gone to Seoul to further their education returned on school break, I was as excited to see them as if they had been to heaven. My only expectation in life was to grow up as a farmer's son and one day become a farmer myself.

I turned fifteen just days after Korea was liberated from Japan on August 15, 1945. All the Japanese teachers who had been working in Korean schools were forced to go back to Japan, and this created an urgent need for native Korean teachers. My academic credentials were limited to having attended an agricultural school for three years, but I soon found myself taking on the duties of an elementary school teacher in my hometown. From that time on, I had two ambitions: to teach the innocent children of that farming community and to till the earth, grow old there, and eventually he buried next to my parents.

Yet, here I am today, in Washington, D.C., the center of the world. In this exciting capital city, I led the founding of the Washington lines. a daily newspaper that has earned the respect of politicians and the public. During my life. I met the queen of England, the pope, several American presidents, and many of the most prominent people in the world. Who am I that I should have had the honor to meet such distinguished people?

During the Cold War, when the world was faced with the real possibility that nuclear conflict would break out and lead to a third world war, I was deeply involved in the ideological struggle to stave off global annihilation. What special abilities did I have that I should play a leading role in this historic ideological struggle?

In 1978, I defended my country in an emotional face-off with Congressman Donald Fraser, a Minnesota Democrat who was chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on International Organizations. I did this even though 1 am not an ambassador, a legislator, or a government minister in Korea. hi the end, Congressman Fraser was defeated, and I acquired the sobriquet "the proud Korean." How was it that I could heat back slander and abuse and make the truth known? Was it because I possessed some special quality?

Absolutely not.

Looking back, I see that my life has been one huge miracle. It is a miracle of the twentieth century. What was it that so completely transformed the course of my life? I met a man sent by God, which in turn brought me into a deep relation-ship with God. This man is none other than Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Ever since, I have kept a firm grip on one of the many threads of God's providence.

The purpose of this hook is not to relate a series of stories boasting of my own supposed accomplishments. Nor is it in any way intended to be a complete historical record of my life or of Reverend Moon's life and ministry.

Instead, I want to testify to the great and mysterious power of God, Who has constantly guided me. and record how God used this one unworthy man as a tool to bring about great miracles. I believe it is my mission -- a God-given mission-to share this testimony about the remarkable work that the living, active God has accomplished.

Another purpose I have for writing this book is for the sake of humanity. As we enter the twenty-first century, our world is rocked by conflict and instability, and people seem lost in a fog of spiritual confusion and moral degradation. l low are we to deal with this reality? Many people have lost hope. I believe, though, that once they read about my encounters with God and see that He can bring about miracles through such an unremarkable person as me, they will understand that He surely can do the same through any other person. This gives us hope and opens the door to constructive action, joy, excitement, and vibrant life.

Even more, when people understand what mighty works God has performed through Reverend Moon. they will see that a new heaven and new earth far more wonderful than anything we could have imagined are being created right before our eyes. Even now, a firm foundation for this new heaven and earth is being constructed. Discerning readers will understand that we are not mere observers in this process -- each of us has an important role to fulfill. This certainly has been the case in my own life, as I pray that this hook will vividly testify.

I wrote this book, the first I have ever attempted, following a revelation from God given in a moment when my heart was filled with deep piety. It was a voyage on which I boldly embarked, with hope that, through it, many others can open their minds and hearts to God's sweet love and direction.

 -- Bo Hi Pak Easter
Sunday. 2000

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