Messiah - My Testimony to
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

by Bo Hi Pak



Chapter One: The Early Years
Chapter Two: The Korean War
Chapter Three: From the Trenches to Fort Benning
Chapter Four: A Bolt Out of the Blue
Chapter Five: The Challenge of Learning English
Chapter Six: Encounter With the Unification Principle
Chapter Seven: Korea as the Chosen Nation
Chapter Eight: Why I Became a Unificationist
Chapter Nine: The Path of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Chapter Ten: The "Missionary' at the Washington Embassy
Chapter Eleven: The Flames of the Holy Spirit Spread Across America
Chapter Twelve: Waves of Persecution
Chapter Thirteen: Testimony Before the U.S. Congress

Appendix A: Introduction to Volume Two
Appendix B: Brief Chronology of the Life of Dr. Bo Hi Pak

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Table of Contents
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