My journey in Life - A Student Textbook for Developing Loving Relationships - Joon Ho Seuk - 2002

 Table of Contents

Cover, Comments on the Course, Preface, Historical Background, From a Mature Character to a Loving Family, Table of Contents, and Back (pdf)

1. Love-The Greatest Value (pdf)

2. My Neighbor and I: A Motto for Life (pdf)

3. Me in a Group (pdf)

4. Leadership (pdf)

5. How We Communicate (pdf)

6. Respect in Relationships (pdf)

7. Understanding Each Other (pdf)

8. The Thief and the Mask (pdf)

9. Freedom to Make Decisions (pdf)

10. Cyber Ethics (pdf)

11. Suicide (pdf)

12. What's Happening to Us? (pdf)

13. Polarity: Masculinity and Femininity (pdf)

14. The Social Formation of Man and Woman (pdf)

15. Marriage and Family in Confucianism (pdf)

16. Am I My Own Boss? (pdf)

17. Let's Give the Floor to Parents (pdf)

18. Money, Money (pdf)

19. Divorce and Children (pdf)

20. The Single Parent Family (pdf)

21. Marriage and Family in Buddhism (pdf)

22. Problems with Alcohol (pdf)

23. Communication Skills (pdf)

24. Friendship in the Family (pdf)

25. Marriage and Family in Judaism (pdf)

26. Cain and Abel (pdf) (pdf)

27. Jacob and Esau (pdf) (pdf)

28. The Family as the School of Love (pdf) (pdf)

29. Marriage (pdf) (pdf)

30. Devotion (pdf) (pdf)

31. Our Emotional Life (pdf)

32. Resolving Inner Conflict (pdf)

33. Marriage and Family in Islam (pdf)

34. Why Families Break Down (pdf)

35. Human Sexuality (pdf)

36. Sexual Integrity (pdf)

37. The Challenge of Chastity (pdf)

38. Sex Before Marriage? (pdf)

39. Problems, Situations (pdf)

40. The Pornography Plague (pdf)

41. From the Doctor's Notebook (pdf)

42. Family and Society (pdf)

43. Self-Control (pdf)

44. Falling in Love, Friendship and Real Love (pdf)

45. Coping with Rejection (pdf)

46. Romantic Love (pdf)

47. Riquet-Topknot (pdf)

48. Preparation for Marriage (pdf)

49. Marriage and Family in Christianity (pdf)

50. The Way of Loving Relationships (pdf)

Appendix: How Well Do You Know Yourself? (pdf)

References (pdf)

Acknowledgements (pdf)

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