A New Revelation for Mormons at Christ's Second Advent: Divine Principle, True Parents & the Completed Testament Age

by Bret Aaron Moss


Having families from around the world participate in these marriage ceremonies, we want to connect the world to God's great Blessing. It is my fervent desire that all American people receive this great Blessing and become families and a people which can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. . .Through this means, we want to realize the ideal of one great universal family, centered on God, and thus proclaim the ideal of True Parents, true spouses, and true brothers and sisters. In this way, we will begin the world culture of heart. From earth to heaven, we will be liberated to fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.1 -Reverend Sun Myung Moon

As we enter the new millenium, great social transformation will lead humanity to new vistas of spiritual opportunities and great pathways will emerge leading everyone back to God. The remaining days, weeks and months until the year 2000 is a time of great tribulation. As all people come to realize that we are all children of the same heavenly parents, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will replace the earthy hell which holds God and humanity captive. As all people come to discover their True Parents, we will live together as one harmonious family, all over the world. With the dawn of the Completed Testament Age, religious people of all persuasions and all people of good conscience will be invited to participate in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. As responsible leaders come to realize the precious value, meaning, and opportunity of True Parents' Holy Wedding Blessing great crowds of prepared men and women will rush forward with great excitement and anticipation for the chance to be engrafted into the sinless blood lineage of Christ.

My earnest hope and desire is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be among the first religious bodies to come before True Parents offering unconditional love and attendance to Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. When this happens, the corruption and immorality which threatens this nation and the world will cease to cause such great social chaos, hopelessness, and destruction. I pray that Jesus Christ will guide all Mormons to True Parents, particularly those entrusted with guiding the spiritual lives of congregations, wards, stakes, and the church worldwide. This thesis was inspired by my personal experience with Mormons throughout my life who have touched me with their service, their love and their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because I know firsthand how precious Latter-day Saints are to God, I am privileged to share the new Gospel with all Mormons. Now that True Parents have indemnified the failure of American Christianity to receive them as the Lord of the Second Advent, I humbly ask God to guide each Mormon in their life of faith that all may come to experience the precious unconditional true love of True Parents and be forever cleansed and forgiven of all inequity through the love of God, our heavenly parents.

Mormons have been correct all along in expecting the return of Christ to the Americas. Now after having invested their blood, sweat, and tears in the U.S.A. for 25 years, True Parents are sharing their victorious foundation with all of Latin America. Recognizing the need for unity between Protestants and Catholics, True Parents are preparing great religious, social, and economic foundations to give new hope to the people of Latin America. The opportunity for Latter-day Saints to join forces in this great project to work to unify North and South America under the inspiration and leadership of True Parents is unlimited. When America is unified, God will have the necessary foundation to bring unity to Christianity in Europe. Ultimately, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will be realized when God's ideal for the unification of all religions ushers in the world of heart which will be the dwelling place of God, True Parents and all humanity.

Just as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young courageously pioneered a new foundation for the Lord of the Second Advent here in America, I believe that God has prepared great men and women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who will make the way straight for their brethren to come into the loving embrace of True Parents. I pledge that on behalf of all members of the Unification Church, our doors will always be open to receive our Mormon brothers and sisters who seek to have an authentic, vibrant relationship with the True Family and Unification Church members. We will assist in whatever way we can to share teachings, testimonies, and the love of True Parents whenever we are called to do so. I hope that this document provides a useful beginning to a bright and prosperous future of mutual cooperation, brotherly love, and eternal kinship. Please consult the Divine Principle and Exposition of the Divine Principle for the best understanding the gospel of the Completed Testament Age. God Bless You and God Bless the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1 Moon, Sun Myung. "The True Family and I." United States Speaking Tour Speech. September-October, 1995.


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