A New Revelation for Mormons at Christ's Second Advent: Divine Principle, True Parents & the Completed Testament Age

by Bret Aaron Moss

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Divine Principle: A New Revelation for Latter-day Saints.

I. Principle of Creation

1. Dual Characteristics of God & Creation
2. Subject Partner & Object Partner
3. Universal Prime Energy/Give & Take Action
4. Four Position Foundation (the Family Unit)
5. The Purpose of Creation
6. The Process of Creation
7. The Visible & Invisible Substantial Worlds
8. Heart of God

II. The Human Fall

1. Predestination
2. Free Will & Human Responsibility
3. The Commandment
4. The Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge & the Serpent
5. The Origin of Evil & the Origin of Satan
6. The Spiritual Fall & the Physical Fall
7. The Results of the Fall
8. Why God Did Not Interfere in the Fall

III. The Advent of Christ

1. The Consummation of Human History
2. The Mission of the Messiah
3. Principles of Resurrection
4. Trinity & Rebirth

IV. Overview of the Providence of Restoration

1. The Historical Struggle between Good & Evil
2. Restoration through Indemnity
3. Foundation for the Messiah
4. God's Dispensation for Restoration

V. The Old Testament Age

1. The Providence of Restoration in Adam's Family
2. The Providence of Restoration in Noah's Family
3. The Providence of Restoration in Abraham's Family
4. Overview of the Providence Led by Moses
5. Israel's Preparation for the Advent of Christ

VI. The New Testament Age

1. The First Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan
2. The Second Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan
3. The Third Worldwide Course to Restore Canaan
4. Parallels of History
5. Global Preparation for the Second Advent of Christ

Part 2: True Parents & The Completed Testament Age.

VII. The Second Advent of Christ

1. The Mission of True Parents
2. How, When, & Where Will Christ Come Again?
3. The Appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent
4. The Failure of American Christianity at the Second Advent
5. The Lord of the Second Advent's Forty-Year Wilderness Course
6. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
7. Victory over Communism
8. The Reappearance of the Lord of the Second Advent

VIII. True Parents' Blessing of Eternal Marriage

1. Spiritual Salvation & Physical Redemption
2. The Real Experience of True Parents' Salvific Grace
3. Eternal Marriage and Unity with God
4. The Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony
5. The True Family and Tribal Messiahship
6. The God-Centered Family and Racial Unification
7. World Peace & One Ideal Global Family




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