Creating a World of Peace - The Thought and Works of Sun Myung Moon by Joon Ho Seuk

Volume 6 - Resolving Conflict - The Life and Teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon [Part 1 / 7]

Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.


1. Introduction

2. The Reality of Conflict

A. Conflict Within the Individual
B. Interpersonal Conflict
C. Social Conflict

3. The Root of Conflict

A. Harmony: The Natural State
B. Disunity between Mind and Body
C. Conflict: A State of Deviation
D. The Root of the Problem
E. Results of the Misuse of Love

4. The Resolution of Conflict

A. Taking Responsibility
B. The Principle of Indemnity
C. Restoration of Relationships

5. An Exemplary Life: Reverend Sun Myung Moon

6. Reverend Moon's Activities 

Table of Contents

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