Creating a World of Peace - The Thought and Works of Sun Myung Moon by Joon Ho Seuk

Volume 3 - True Love in a False World [Part 4 of 5]

4. Linking The Deepest Aspects Of Our Being

The sexual union is intermingled with the impulse to love, the creation of life and the passing on of genes and lineage. Reverend Moon teaches that love, life and lineage are the key ingredients of human life. True love, life and lineage are found in relationship with God, and through the establishment of a family with God at its center.

This is God's ideal, and His desire for each of us is to experience true love. Through the experience of true love we can have true life, re-establishing God's true lineage which can then be multiplied eternally through our descendants.

True Love, Life and Lineage

From The Cosmos Is Our Hometown and Our Fatherland, The Washington Times Foundation American Century Awards, Washington DC, February 2, 2000.
Nothing is more important in the human world than true love, true life, and true lineage.
True love leads to true life and true lineage.
True love cannot be fulfilled unless it results in true lineage. Further, love without true life is false love. True life is conceived within the context of true love and true lineage.
Thus, true love, true life, and true lineage open the way to eternal life. God's ideal for creation is for each to become true individuals and pass on true love, true life, and true lineage to our descendants.
God is the ideal being and the master of eternal true love, eternal true lineage, and eternal true life.
Those who resemble God become His true sons and daughters living in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Why do men and women get married? They do so to link together the past, present, and future in the tradition of true lineage that I have described.

A. Love

Human sexuality is a conduit for the expression of deep emotion and passion between men and women. Ideally, this passion springs from a heart of genuine love. The primary nature of true love is to give, not only to receive; it is unselfish. It seeks deep inner joy and satisfaction, not merely physical pleasure. True love has God as its center.

True love is love that unites man and woman and God. If we have that kind of love in our lives we experience ultimate joy and happiness. After such a life of true love, we can live with God eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven. Losing that kind of love makes our lives meaningless.

People today search for money, power and knowledge, hoping they will find happiness and fulfillment there. However, their lives are actually empty if they do not have love.

We must understand the value of love. Love is the origin of our lives. We were born through our parents love, not through their money or power or knowledge. We also create new life through our love.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Based on True Love

From True Family and I, South American Address, June - July, 1995.
If, at the beginning of creation, God and man had united in a relationship of true love within a family, we would not have to worry about hell or heaven today, because we automatically would have entered the Kingdom of God.
The problem here is that God's true love and mans love did not begin at a common point, united as a subjective and objective love. From the first family, God's love and mans love moved in two different directions with two different goals.
Therefore, it has been impossible to realize the ideal world for which God and man are longing.
A person may have money, knowledge and power, but if she loses the love of her life, none of those things have any meaning.
We did not know that, by being people whose spirit dominates our body through willpower, we were supposed to conquer God's love through our conscience.
The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where we go to live in unity with God, in true love and with a free conscience. It is the place we go after having lived centered on love and after preparing ourselves to be in the lineage of God's love. The person who lives in unity, with a true conscience and true love, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven automatically.

B. Life

Biological life has the capacity to reproduce itself. Animals and plants grow toward maturity and bequeath their genetic codes to the new generations. Individual organisms die, but their lineage is maintained through DNA.

As long as a seed is produced to enable the next generation to propagate, the chain of life remains intact. Through their spiritual and physical union, husband and wife partake in the mystery of creating a new being. Children become a tangible link to immortality.

Love Is the Origin of Life

From Blessing and Ideal Family in Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, New York, NY: HSA-UWC, 1997.
We should know why we were born. We were not born out of knowledge or authority. Because of love we were born and we were born of love.
Then why is love so great? Because it is the origin of life. You were born in the midst of parents love. You were not born out of counting money or out of singing songs of knowledge. Our life was initiated by love, so we have to conclude it with love. That's why we need children.
When a husband and a wife in oneness have the object called children, they are perfect.

Reverend Moon's teachings about true love reveal the importance of family in our lives. Life is created through the act of love between man and woman. The fruit of the act of love is the creation of a new being, a child, who is therefore the embodiment of the love of the parents. Our parents gave us life; our children are the substantial result of our love. Once life is created its existence cannot be changed. We are forever the parents of our children.

The ability to create life is connected to the existence of love. True life does not exist without true love. True life results from true love by those of God's true lineage. In this fallen world many children are born through sexual relationships that are devoid of love.

Such life brings sorrow to God, who wished to be present at the time of conception when His children, the man and the woman, loved each other with true love. The result of the act of true love is true life. The result of the act of fallen love is life separated from God.

Life Comes from Love

From Blessing and Ideal Family in Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, New York, NY: HSA-UWC, 1997.
The love of your father and mother precedes your existence. There should be a relative relationship prior to your birth. Life is to be connected to the environment of love. This happens in the place of greatest yearning, not in a place of hatred.
The position of true husband and wife is established when they become one through love. So the love, life, and the ideal of the husband are the wife's, and the love, life, and the ideal of the wife are the husband's. A child is to be conceived in such a unified place.
Sons and daughters are the realized body, the body in which the parental love is invested. They are the extended body of the life of their parents and the actualized body of the ideal of their parents.
Parents consider children to be the substance of their love, the extended body of their life, the realized body of their ideal and their second selves. The more parents look at their children, the more loveable they become and vibrant with life, and the more they appear to be ideal objects.

C. Lineage

The quality of love and commitment between husband and wife affects their lineage. All children deserve to be proud of the love that conceived and raised them. They desire to be born into a lineage that is good and true. Parents have children in order to see themselves embodied in future generations, to pass to them all they have that is of value.

Lineage is the link between past, present and future.

Why We Need Descendants

From Blessing and Ideal Family in Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom I, New York, NY: HSA-UWC, 1997.
Parents want to have children because they want to hand over all of their love to their children. The parent's substance remains in their descendants. That's why we need descendants.
Love is eternal. Because love is the utmost desire of human beings, we want to inherit it no matter what. By leaving your love on earth, you are able to stand in front of God with dignity in the spirit world. The family is the place provided for completing such love. To go to the Kingdom of Heaven through the family means to establish the domain of oneness in love.

The value of lineage surpasses that of love and life. Even though love and life have such great value, lineage has greater value because it continues for generations. True lineage means belonging to God's lineage.

In this fallen world where we experience so much suffering and confusion, to become part of God's lineage is the greatest gift imaginable. As members of God's lineage we are able to experience true life, realize our own true potential as individuals, and enjoy true love with our spouses and families.

Lineage Continues over Generations

From God Is Our King and True Parent, Canaan Baptist Church, Harlem, New York, May 8, 2001.
Let us ask then, who is God to us? What is His relationship with humankind? We refer to Him as Father, because He is our source of true love, true life and true lineage. Thus, the original relationship between God and humanity is that of parent and child.
There is nothing more important to us than love, life and lineage. Among these, which do you think has most value? Most people think that it is love. However, no matter how valuable love and life are, they are horizontal in nature. They appear and conclude within one generation. On the other hand, lineage is vertical in nature and continues forever, generation after generation.

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