Creating a World of Peace - The Thought and Works of Sun Myung Moon by Joon Ho Seuk

Volume 1 - The Life and Teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon [Part 14 / 20]

13 Bering Strait Peace King Tunnel

One of the most remarkable of Reverend Moon's initiatives was unveiled on June 11, 2005. On that day, Reverend Moon announced his intention to initiate the building of a tunnel or bridge between Alaska and Russia across the Bering Strait. He explained that this would be an essential part of the effort to break down the barriers and eliminate the boundaries that hinder free exchange.

At its narrowest point, the Bering Strait is 53 miles wide. The tunnel, which would link Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska to Cape Dexhev, the easternmost point on the Eurasian continent, would be by far the longest in the world, and its creation presents enormous challenges. Reverend Moon called on all the nations of the world to support this massive project.

Bering Strait Peace King Tunnel

From Keynote Address, Four City Speaking Tour, United States, June, 2005.
As I stand here today on this platform, I would like to make a truly important declaration to humanity. I propose that a bridge be constructed over the Bering Strait, or a tunnel be dug under it, so that it will be able to connect the world super highway, starting from Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to Santiago in Chile, and from London to New York, making the world a single community.
Heaven warns us that we can no longer tolerate separation and division. So let us really bind the world together as one community, tear down the walls of race, culture, religion and nationality and establish a world of peace on earth.

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