Creating a World of Peace - The Thought and Works of Sun Myung Moon by Joon Ho Seuk

Volume 1 - The Life and Teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon [Part 11 / 20]

10. Coronation Ceremony Of God's Kingship

In the closing years of the twentieth century, Reverend and Mrs. Moon continued to boldly declare the mission with which they had been entrusted. They wanted to ensure that every person had the opportunity to hear their message and to make a decision as to how they would respond to this remarkable news. They also continued to fulfill their responsibilities as True Parents by blessing millions of couples in marriage in both the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Coronation Ceremony

The following is one of the proclamation prayers that were offered by Reverend Moon during the Coronation Ceremony in January 2001.
Beloved Heavenly Father,
Today, on the 13th day of a new millennium, as I hold the Coronation Ceremony of Kingship for Heavenly Father and Mother, may all creation in Heaven and Earth, all blessed ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on earth become one in mind and body.
As we are in the 4th Adam's realm of the age of heart, going over the time of indemnifying historical grievances, we have entered an age in which we can open the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven by connecting a new heaven and new earth to each other.
Due to the false parent Satan, humans ended up having self-centered marriages. Thus, all throughout human history, You have been toiling and undergoing a shameful history of grievance in which Your true love, true life and true lineage have been opposed and rejected.
As a result, although You are Jehovah, the Lord of all humankind, our Father, Teacher, Master and King, until now you have been enduring a suffering course of indemnity and a path of restoration.
However, after True Parents appeared on earth, they took responsibility for all the wrongdoing of the false parents and established victorious conditions in eight stages by going through the history of indemnity, while looking forward to this day of hope. Through this, God could claim every area that had been stolen by the false parent, Satan.
However, centered on True Parents' victorious foundation, through the blessing ceremony of changing blood lineage at the highest standard, that victorious foundation has been linked to all nations and the cosmos. Due to the grace of the blessing bestowed out of love, foundations have been established for the liberation of the struggle between the mind and body, the liberation of husband and wife, the liberation of siblings, and the liberation of a nation.
And through this, all barriers between the spirit world and physical world have been broken down and You are now standing on a victorious foundation after having paid all indemnity and are looking at the world of freedom and liberation. Now, a new Kingdom of Heaven can be made one from the earth to the spirit world through a true family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.
By connecting the authority of victorious True Parents and True Teacher, who linked Your Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, to True Master, who is the Creator of heaven and earth that represents the entirety of true kingship, I again would like to offer everything to You through this ceremony, and I plead with You to accept this with joy.

On this foundation, on January 13, 2001, in the first days of the new millennium, Reverend Moon made another remarkable declaration. He announced that all barriers between the spirit world and physical world had been broken down and that God was now standing on a victorious foundation. This meant that the Kingdom of Heaven could now become a reality.

Coronation Ceremony (cont.)

The following is one of the proclamation prayers that were offered by Reverend Moon during the Coronation Ceremony in January 2001.
With all of the heavenly soldiers, angels and blessed families in the spirit world, and all blessed families connected to the central families that are linked to True Parents on earth, the spirit world has established a relationship of siblings, centered on earth and with the elder sonship again restored.
The earth is now in the possession of the elder son and centered on the special authority of True Parents, the entire fallen world has entered a victorious realm of liberation, reversing every level from the individual to the cosmos.
Through this, liberated True Parents centered on the True Parent of Heaven and Earth and the liberated true children on earth became one in mind and body and by indemnifying and liberating the Will, Your wish, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal as the dominant character of true love, as True Parents are attending You, we would like to offer You the ceremony of joy in which You can be crowned in the original standard.
With a joyful heart, please forget about past sinful human history and stand on the victorious foundation of liberation. Centered on the realm of victory where we can be united as one in the ideal of love with the heart, we would like to offer You this congratulatory ceremony through which You can exercise Your authority over the nation and the entire universe, along with the liberation ceremony of entire (joun-che), overall (joun-bahn), full authority (joun-kwon), and almightiness (joun-neung), and bring You back to the original position. And thus wishing that You would rejoice in accepting this, I sincerely report all of these in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

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