Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity

by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee

Chapter III - Life on Earth and the Treatment of Diseases

1. Life on Earth Leading to Hell

Although we may not see the death of countless people as days pass by, God suffers from His children's pain, and lives His life filled with a deep sigh and bitterness. There are large groups of people. We cannot even tell what kinds of sin they committed or where they came from. There are people with their eyeballs lost, people with their legs cut, people with their mouth exploded, people with their mouth twisted, people with none of their intestines; healthy, but exploded and hung down. There are people with their every finger bent and twisted, and their eyeballs popped out and hung down, people with their arms but seem as stagnant, people with their hair pulled and exploded head, people with their legs stuck together and cannot walk, people with their feet but cannot function for they are curled up. How can I express all these with words?

These cruel and miserable appearances themselves are none other than God's children. Nevertheless, since they come to this spiritual world and stay in the situation of their spirit being stepped on, being ill, and being destroyed by Satan, how would God's heart (shimjung) be for He cannot help but to simply watch His children?

There is nothing to console or express such a heart of God (shimjung). Try to imagine how would your heart be when you saw your children showing up in such a situation. This is all a result of what Lucifer, Satan, has done until now. We must think why God has endured and waited until now. Why has God waited? Why has God only watched? Why has God been so cruel and heartless? Why did God allow the miserable situation of His children to be displayed just as something to be seen in an exhibition? We must sympathize with this sorrowful history of misfortune.

In the thousands years of long history, it is the history of providence of restoration that God has awaited for His true child to appear to share Heavenly Father's name. Who will restore this history? Who will save this mankind? You must remember that God and True Parents, once again, must straighten out this tragedy. You must remember this deeply. With what kind of heart (shimjung) would you treat your children, when your physical children return to your bosom in such an appearance? In front of the heart (shimjung), you must offer the service of repentance to God and True Parents. How would you do?

I decided today's title as "The Life on Earth Which Leads to Hell." Please, I beg you, from now on, we must eradicate this secular life which leads us to Hell. We must come to the spiritual world after completely cleaning up our wrong life on earth. When you come to this place, there are no medicines or people who will treat your mistakes. This means, you must treat every mistake on earth since there are medicines and hospitals. Don't think that there are medicines in front of God and True Parents.

There is nothing free in this place. Even my wife, my husband, my parents, my children would not express any generosity. No can avoid the Heavenly Law. Would the spring come when you shout out "Oh, I don't like winter! Spring! Come quick!"? Just as this is the creation of God, we must make the way of life on our own. Before the way that we have created, there is no method or medicine. We must solve the problem on our own.

In conclusion, because we come to the spiritual world as we lived wrongly on earth, in many aspects, we must live our daily life by reflecting and organizing. Who alive on the earth knows when one will go to the spiritual world? This is why, you must live your life cleanly, arranging everything with the attitude that you will not feel any shame whenever you may go to heaven. The arrangement and the norm of the life are the teaching of the Principle. You must remember the fact that the spiritual world exists without any doubt, that your descendants will be punished if you commit sin, that God is alive. You must live your life by remembering what would I bring before God?

March 17, 1999

2. Life on Earth Leading to Kingdom of Heaven

God created human beings as His children, and wanted to live together with them in joy and happiness. Human beings are created as an object of joy before God. However, until now, the lives of mankind have not been the object of joy before God, and the relationship of parents and children became lonely, solitary, and extremely sad in the life of God. This is the world neither God nor mankind desired. Therefore, imagine God's circumstance in God's life until the dawning of the Completed Testament Age with the appearance of True Parents. It is not that God simply came until now by chance, but God awaited for a long time overcoming the carving pain on flesh and bones.

After True Parents emerge, we must think what is our task. We were all who would take a train for hell. However, how fortunate we are to be born in this good era. If any choice was given to us to take a train either for hell or heaven, the train for heaven must have been full. This is why, we cannot either take the train for heaven or hell as we wish. Our prosperous life and heavenly fortune came in front us. We must deeply think how we could dare to be born in the age of True Parents, and how we could attend and love True Parents.

What more fortune our life could there be since we can do to prevent us from going to hell by only follow True Parents? As we attend True Parents, we often cannot discover that our life has the happiest value and the most fortune in the same sense as it is darkness just under the lamp. We must reflect whether or not we sometimes missed and dreamed about the brightly shinning light in other' house in a distance. We must think and reflect whether or not we misjudged the life on earth as our eternal place although we must come to the spiritual world, the eternal place, after a short life on earth.

According to the directions of our lives, our houses are being built in heaven every day. However, my home in heaven is being built and destroyed, but that in hell has been rebuilt number of times for it being so bored. Then, where would be my place to live in the spiritual world if my earthly life ends before my house in the spiritual world hasn't begun to be build? If so, we will be a wandering spirit and wander from place to place. As we believe and attend True Parents, we must solemnly lower our heads before our internal attitude of our lives, and think and think about our attitude standing out in front of God. If you feel something unpleasant, it is the sound of your conscience. So, ask your inner person. If you hear the sound of a defender who defense your feeling, you must cruelly hammer it down. You must shout out "You, the defender who destroys us, leave from us."

Let's build our house where we will live eternally beside God where entire creation will sing and dance together in a sunny spring of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let's build our eternal place on top of a hill where there is no anxiety but over filled with laughter and happiness, where we can embrace and liberate our 'han' freely in the bosom of God who we missed the most.

March, 17, 1999

3. Relationship between God and Humans (Ancestor Relationship)

How joyful would it be if all mankind could stay in God's dwelling place after living on earth together? However, we cannot do anything about the Heavenly Law of God. When God created man, He created the human being as the most loving sons and daughters. But would God want to send some of His loving children to Heaven and the other to Hell? Wouldn't it be God's heart (shimjung) that He wants to bring and watch all loving children beside Him?

However, because of the wrong commencement of history, two locations and places for two owners came into being, and the law that God could not take part in came about. Therefore, inevitably, sorrow and darkness occupied the background of history. What can we do about it? God, even, cannot know what to do about this law. That is why disease, war, and poverty arose and the spiritual world became dirty and complicated in the stream of immemorial history. So, God could not help but to turn around from there.

Therefore, we human beings have sought the way through the teaching of religion in such complications and circumstances, and made an effort to listen to the voice of conscience in order to live properly. And we must know always and clearly that the relationship between God and Man is fate. We must understand God's parental heart (shimjung) that He cannot interfere with His loving children who are living in suffering and difficulty. This is all because of Lucifer, Satan. It is because of the existence of the blood lineage of Satan who has acted as an owner in God's place.

Who can interfere with this? We must direct our attention to our mind and body clearly. We know these factors very well through the Divine Principle. We also learned through countless episodes of education on the spiritual world by True Parents. So, all of you must practice what you have learned from the teaching of the Principle.

We, as children of God, must help God and True Parents. How can we save the numerous ancestors who cannot get out from hell? Are we going to wait until True Parents or God begins to act for us? True Parents gave us a great privilege, which is Tribal Messiahship. Shout out to God! Shout out loud and beg earnestly to God by saying "God, please save our ancestors. Please save our ancestors who are suffering in hell." It will be Lucifer, Satan, who would give ear to your shouting more than I anyone else.

If so, Lucifer would become painful. An outcry of liberation will echo from several places. At that time, God can accept His children unconditionally. Lonely God! Lonesome God! God will deeply embrace His children barefoot even though they have broken and crooked mouth, ear, and nose, even though they became bruised, and even though they are like a defeated troop with double cranes returning from the battlefield. Our God and True Parents will say, "my missed children, my poor children!", and will console us with Their embrace, dress us, put us to sleep, and will keep patting us.

We, as children, must liberate Gods' lonely heart (shimjung). With our prayer, outcries will burst out liberating hell and echoing. Then we can save our ancestors. In that time, because there will be not even one single person suffering in hell, we don't need to pray an unpleasant prayer. If there is such a person, please shout! Please shout confidently, "God, I don't have sin. God, I will not go to hell." All of us are born with the relationship of father and son in front of God and True Parents. Therefore, we must liberate parents. That is nothing but through our right life and prayer.

March 17, 1999

4. Treatment of All Disease

If human beings get, disease, they become painful, difficult and troublesome both physically and spiritually. So they must be treated both spiritually and physically. That is God's desire. For the happiness of we, humankind, that disease must be treated without a doubt. How can it be treated? The origination of all disease is only one. The fundamental cause is because of sin. Therefore, we must clean up this sin. Through indemnification of our ancestors' sin, we have to treat this by analyzing what has the seed of sin, such as greed, envy and jealousy, and so forth.

If we raise the roots and buds of sin, then, disease will be attached to it. Furthermore, to treat it, we will experience difficulty by losing our properties. You will be the first to intuitively understand the cause of your disease. Why did it come about? We cannot avoid the indemnification of our ancestors; because it is connected to blood lineage, so inevitably we must encounter it. There is no such a foolish person who encounters it by doing nothing because of an ancestors' sin. At first, we must pray for ancestors and carry on our right life and must become the Messiah in front of our ancestors. Modern medicine is what God blessed. So we have to treat all disease wisely, and through a compromising way. So I earnestly desire you to come to God as matured believers, with managing your wise life, happy life, without suffering disease in your earthly life.

March 17, 1999

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