Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity

by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee

Chapter I - The Life of Lucifer and the Events He Precipitated [Part 1]

1. The True Nature of Lucifer

Lucifer was created at the time God created all creatures. His status was that of an errand runner who would carry out various tasks that required attention in the Garden of Eden. God loved Lucifer. He closely inspected all the created beings in the Garden of Eden, developed them, and guided and taught Lucifer to enjoy them. For his part, Lucifer went throughout the Garden in accordance with God's commands. He enjoyed his life there, and was obedient to God. Later, God created Adam and Eve, and set them in the position of His children. He directed Lucifer to look after, teach, and love Adam and Eve with all his heart.

At first, Lucifer was extremely happy. He took pride in the fact that he was looking after God's children. He was moved by God's love for him, and he protected God's children and raised them with care. As time went on, though, Lucifer saw that Adam and Eve were growing up just fine with less and less need of his help. Gradually, Lucifer began to turn against God's love.

Lucifer began to think, "No matter how I look at it, I'm the one who was here first and worked hard to cultivate this Garden. Why is it that God cares for and loves Adam and Eve more than me?" The seed of resentment toward God was beginning to sprout within Lucifer's heart. Sometimes, Satan would protest to God. "Why do You give Your work to Adam and Eve, when You have never done so to me? Why do you reserve such special love for Adam and Eve? I am disappointed. How can You do this to me?" This is how he began to rebel against God.

There were several incidents of this type, and eventually Lucifer came to the point in his heart where he no longer stood in the position that he needed to maintain. He began to think that he would like to live in the same position as Adam and Eve, and he began to have lustful feelings toward Eve. Gradually, Lucifer began to avoid being seen by God. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve were naive, and followed Lucifer's every action. Lucifer acted as though he alone were their parent. He avoided God, and acted as though he alone was the master of creation. He controlled Adam and Eve, and gradually led them farther and farther away from God.

He avoided God more and more, and acted like a master, a king, and even the parent. And he began to tempt Eve. Adam wasn't aware of what was happening, so he would go wherever he wanted to go in the Garden. Even as he grew older, he never understood the relationship that was developing between Lucifer and Eve. Adam did not have God's teaching, and Eve was always around Lucifer. So Adam became accustomed to being by himself as he grew older. When Lucifer was planting the seed of evil in Eve, God warned Lucifer that he should return to his post and maintain his position, but Lucifer's heart was already filled with curses for God. Lucifer no longer cared about his position or his station in life. God admonished Lucifer on many occasions.

God admonished Lucifer from several angles to let him know that abandoning his position was a great sin in the eyes of God. Each time, though,

Lucifer rebelled by telling God that anything God did in His position, Lucifer could also do.

God gave several warnings, trying to avoid having a blot on history. Lucifer, however, began to plant in Eve the arrogant concept that he was the highest of all beings and that he could even become higher than God. As evil began to attack like waves washing against the shore, God endured tremendous pain and continued to admonish Lucifer. Finally, though, Lucifer became a criminal in the eyes of history. In other words, Lucifer began an illicit relationship with Eve. How can we even imagine how God must have felt when He learned of this. His heart overflowed with tears, grief, curses, and pain. God was in the Garden of Eden trying, together with the rest of Creation, to sooth His grieving heart.

How many days did this go on? How many years did it continue? In spite of God's feelings, Lucifer and Eve avoided Him and accelerated their relationship as

though they were crazy. Adam was still immature, and didn't realize that God was going through such pain in His heart. All God could do was to treat the rest of Creation as His companions and as His children. God lived in sorrow for years. As Eve grew into maturity, she began to realize that her relationship with Lucifer was wrong. She then began to plant in Adam the same insecurity and fear that she had received from Lucifer.

Adam was immature. He looked upon Eve as less an object of lust and more as a woman who was quivering with fear. He wanted to help her, and so he comforted her and did everything that she asked him to do. This was the love between Adam and Eve. Adam, though, came to realize that Lucifer's love for Eve was far more passionate than his own. As time went by, the love between Adam and Eve became very complicated and stormy. This was the beginning of sinful history of our original ancestors. This became the root of humanity's original sin. How it must have pained God's heart to lose His children to Lucifer before He even had the chance to love them.

Even in this painful position, God wanted to look upon His children from the position of parent. As a result of the Human fall, however, God had no choice but leave His position as parent. From that moment, the parent-child relationship between God and humankind began to write a history of difficulty, pain, and grief. The parent-child relationship of love deteriorated to a position of hatred, curses, and nightmares. That is why this history now needs to be corrected. Lucifer needs to return to his original position and raise both hands to God in sincere apology. I believe that is the only way that the pain of restoration history and the history of God's grief can be resolved.

February 10,1999

2. The Existence of Lucifer

After his illicit relationship with Eve, Lucifer became separated from God. He attacked God and rebelled against God in every aspect of his life. He sowed discord everywhere he went. He planned everything so that the world of evil that began with him and Eve would be completely centered on him. He took on an aggressive character in people's hearts that made them do the exact opposite of whatever God wanted.

If God was working in the East, Lucifer would lead people's hearts in the opposite direction toward the West in order to create an obstacle for God. He aggressively recruited people who ran into problems while working on God's side, and began to increase the size of his group.

On God's side, there was no teaching about good and evil. Only the Word of God was taught. In Lucifer's position, on the other hand, a great deal was made of the fact that God's work was not working out well. So the group of evil was able to increase its numbers quickly, and only a few were left on the side of good (side of God).

God did not try to make excuses. Nor did He give His teachings. This is where the concept of good and the concept of evil originated. Lucifer's influence and organization was growing, and God waited with a lonely heart for Lucifer and his group to repent their mistakes and return to Him. He waited countless years for this to happen. These were the years of God's grief. These were the years of pain, years of grief, and years of indignant anger. The organization of evil became stronger and the forces of good were being defeated. But during these years, God waited and waited for the appearance of true children who would shed light on the history of sin and evil. This has been the years of grief in God's heart.

How terrible it must have been for God to see that as time went on human beings developed two different hearts within themselves. These two hearts both defended and fought against each other, as human beings sought after two different masters. How God must have regretted that He ever created human beings. Still, God's position as a parent was even more fundamental than His position as Creator. As a parent, He waited with mercy, forbearance, and love. As he did so, human beings began to seek God within their original nature and to live righteously. People sought God in different ways in accordance with the varying voices of their consciences. This is how different religions came into being. God is one. It pained Him yet again to see the rise of so many different religious groups. What is to be done with this pain of God's heart?

The longer He waited, the more religions were created in accordance with the ways that humanity was changing. Every time people tried to live righteously, Lucifer interfered in order to try and make them live unrighteously. This is how so many different religious groups and denominations have come into being up to this day. As Lucifer's organization grew larger, there would be self-destructive acts carried out among the forces of evil. Every time this happened, more people would seek out a new righteousness, and this is how the history of the Heavenly way has been written.

Thus, the road has been opened. People who are in areas where there is no road must come to the road, even if it means they must retrace their steps all the way back. A more direct expression would be to say that good represents the way, and evil is doomed to destruction.

Lucifer has lived his life many years in the opposite direction from God, but now Lucifer must come back. Anyone who keeps going in an area where there is no road is simply making his eventual return trip that much more difficult. Lucifer and his band must not waste any more time in stopping all that they are doing now, repent, and return to God. They must apologize to God and confess to the world that they are the criminals responsible for the wrongful history.

February 11,1999

3. Love and the fall

Lucifer's fall in the Garden of Eden as a result of illicit love was passed down from generation to generation of human beings and became the original sin. The original world that God desired would have been a world where parents and children lived within the same compound, sharing love and living in beautiful harmony. The illicit love that resulted from the fall, however, meant that the love of human beings bore little resemblance to the true nature of love. This love only produced disharmony, and it was all that human beings could do to maintain love between husband and wife within a limited scope. It was as if a bird that is flying freely in the sky suddenly broke its wing, or somehow the wing fell off. No longer able to fly, the bird would have to crawl along the ground or just lie down. This would severely restrict its area of activity. Human acts of love today are as severely limited as the bird that has lost the use of its wings. This is the reality of love today.

Whether it be a husband and wife who are deeply in love with each other or a newlywed couple on their wedding night, the act of love making today has to be done in hiding so that no one else will know. This is the painful reality of the act of love making that Lucifer has passed down. God created human beings as His children, but the love of the children has been put somewhere where the parent cannot give it His blessing. When God gives His blessing to His children, all of creation also gives its blessing. God wanted to share in the joy and happiness of His children. Lucifer was the one who completely robbed God of the opportunity to express such a heart.

God's heart and love were reduced to such a lowly level. God's heart was made into a pitiful state. This is how the fundamental motivation for human love was turned into something that caused God great pain and sorrow. Among the different expressions of God's heart, even His love was broken and lost. This painful history continued and continued until today. In order to bring an end to God's lonely heart and the history of His grief, we must consider how Lucifer's fall and illicit love has brought about untold amount of suffering to human beings. The time has come for us to get rid of the mistaken origin of love that Lucifer gave us. Thus, Lucifer must repent before God as a criminal who has committed crimes for thousands of years. He must raise both hands and take responsibility before God and humankind for his errors.

In this way he must participate, along with the ancestors of the 360 million couples, in the building of a new heaven and new earth and make a redemptive offering before God and True Parents. Mistaken history must be brought to an end, and Lucifer must dance and sing with True Parents in the new Eden.

February 12, 1999

4. The Life of Lucifer

Lucifer knew everything about the significance of the fundamental love of the human ancestors and about God's providence. He feared God and held him in awe, and he also knew about the position that he was expected to keep. For these reasons, he has always been in a state of insecurity. He has lived in fear that one day a particular incident would occur. This has been the story of Lucifer's life.

Lucifer has lived in a state of insecurity and fear, and has forgotten what it was like to enjoy love and peace. The time when he lived surrounded by God's love and in God's bosom is nothing but a very distant memory to him. Today, he struggles in the hope that his desires can be satisfied within the limited scope of the life of fear and dread. He has hoped that his will could become reality. His life has been a repetition of this pattern.

Lucifer lived in oneness with insecurity and fear. If God is associated with the Holy Spirit of love, joy, hope, peace and warmth, then Lucifer is closely associated with insecurity and fear. This is because he took that which belonged to someone else. This has been the origin of every aspect of his existence. No matter how hard he may try, he cannot fool people completely. This is because he is a creature created by God, and that is how he was created. How, then, can Lucifer break out of this wall of insecurity and fear and become one with God's heart of love?

The way he can do this is to keep his position and his station in life. He is not in his own position but in someone else's, and he is pretending to be the rightful owner of that position. As long as this is true, he lives with the insecurity that the true owner of that position may someday appear. If he were to change his attitude, and announce, "I am not the owner. Wait a little while, and the owner will come," then his heart would be much more at ease. Also, he must become humble and rid himself of selfish elements. Taking over a position that was not his own and pretending to be the owner means that he has exceeded his rightful level and stolen the position of the rightful owner.

Insecurity and fear came about as a result of excessive desire. Lucifer must do away with selfishness, and live life honestly in his rightful place. That is the only way he can have a foundation of peace, love, and happiness. The greatest crime that Lucifer has committed against humanity until now is that he passed on to us insecurity and fear at the same time that he passed on to us original sin. The fact that insecurity and fear remain in the hearts of human beings signifies that elements of the fall still remain within us. Even great amounts of human effort and prayer have not been sufficient to rid us of these elements or to bring an end to the history of evil.

Working within the context of our precious human lives, we need to remove from our minds and bodies the evil elements we received from Lucifer. To do this, we must reveal every aspect of Lucifer's nature and root out his fundamental elements. This is not something that can be accomplished in silence or meditation.

Not knowing something can never be considered good in the eyes of God. We must make efforts to know, and when we have knowledge that should not be the end. We gather knowledge in school, but knowledge has no significance if it becomes an end in itself. We must practice the things we have discovered and learned. This is necessary if we are to rid ourselves of the elements that we received from Lucifer. For a long time, Lucifer's existence was discussed only in terms of his being a criminal. No one taught how we could rid him from our lives.

Now, though, each of us must know the method by which we can get rid of him, and we must root out Lucifer's elements. The clear fact is that God is our parent, and that we are linked to Him through an eternal parent-child relationship and in a life of attendance to Him. If this is true, then we must consider who is the criminal in the eyes of history and how it was that we humans came to have two masters. No one would dare refer to God as two. The one - or hana - nim is the Creator God who is our parent.

Yet, during the course of history, God has suffered great pain and waited endlessly. How often have His hopes been disappointed? We children need to comprehend how God has been anxious and lonely during a tremendously long time, and then live our lives in a way that begins to repay Him for His grace. Lucifer must go to his position. He must have a heart of repentance before all heaven and earth, and go to his position. Once he arrives there, he must adopt an attitude of waiting humbly for God's direction.

As a criminal, Lucifer must go before the Parents and have a heart of repentance. He must consider how he is going to recover all the long years that he has spent deceiving human beings and leading them into the dark abyss. As long as the wound of those long years remains and the scar remains, Lucifer will have no right to lift his head. He must live waiting for whatever direction that God may give him.

In this year when True Parents are rooting out Satan, Lucifer himself must close a chapter of the dark history and do the work that he must do while our True Parents are still on earth. So Lucifer must quickly bring an end to the sinful history of humankind and return to his position. The history of precious suffering in the eyes of God will remain as precious history. But the history of suffering and darkness only creates an even bigger blot the longer it continues.

Who can understand the hurt and the pain, the suffering that my Parents have endured? As a child the position of filial piety is to be with the Parents, walk the same way as they walk and to do whatever I can to heal their wounds. That is why I want to tell the world about the position of grief that God has endured throughout history. Now is the time that the criminal must raise both his hands and apologize. God is our only master. And only our Parents will be with God forever. The long years of God's grief, of His lamentation. Now as a child, I will be a pioneer in declaring Lucifer's crime and in making clear the details of his crime to the whole world.

February 13, 1999

5. Love and Blessing

Lucifer departed from the original standard where God created him, but he knows the fundamental will of God's love and blessing. That is why he has lived in the exact opposite direction of God's course. The reason is that by going in the opposite direction he knew that he could create a group opposed to God and a nation opposed to God, a family and individual opposed to God.

Lucifer thought that he could continue forever going against God and create a force that is even greater than God's. However, God never told Lucifer about His direction. The reason is that God saw that he is trying to go in the opposite direction and he knew that if he let Lucifer know what direction he is taking, Lucifer would go in the opposite direction. Lucifer has avoided God and gone in the opposite direction and devoted all his energy into creating his own force and has caused pain to God's heart.

God's love has reached out even to Lucifer. God's parental love desires to give the blessing even to Lucifer. Even in his pain, God has loved Lucifer. Even though Lucifer has caused God's wound, he must work to mend that. Lucifer must come to know God's love, understand God's love, and bow down before the love of God that reaches out to him in mercy. It is not because God is powerless to do anything that He has waited so long; God is the owner of all creation and He is the owner of love and mercy. Lucifer must know that God is the Parent who waits for Lucifer to return on his own. Also, Lucifer must bring to an end the various lineages and works and other mistakes that he has brought about. When God gives him mercy, then he must bring all of his activities to an end and come before God as quickly as possible and receive God's blessing and grace.

The flow of history has gone in a wrong direction but this mistaken flow must eventually come to an end and there must be a new beginning. When a ship at sea comes up against a storm, then it must first wait for the storm to subside. But there is no sailor that will do nothing after the storm passes. The sailor will work to repair the damage of the storm so that if another storm comes or if a large wave comes the ship will be able to withstand that force.

The foolish person does not understand the time in which he lives. The wise person who has foresight, however, understands the time in which he lives and works to follow the path of heaven. We are now living in the wonderful time that is the year of rooting out Satan so Lucifer must bring to an end all the mistakes of history. He must confess together with all criminals his own mistakes. He must repent. Together with all his group he must bow down to God, offer a kyungbae to God. If he does this, then I think that would be the attitude of a truly remarkable being. Even if until now his actions have been that of a monster that is even more terrible than a thief, he still has the chance to act out a remarkable finish. I think that would be the wisest attitude that he could adopt.

I hope that Lucifer does not miss this opportunity to receive God's mercy and forgiveness. He can repent before God and receive God's forgiveness and even hope to receive the True Parents' blessing. I sincerely hope that Lucifer does not miss this opportunity. I think that this is the best time for Lucifer to completely sever himself from all the sins that he has committed throughout the course of history and bring a beautiful end to this mistaken history.

February 13, 1999

6. Love and Within Love

The word "love" is very interesting. God is the incarnation of love. God cannot be explained without using the word "love." When God began creating all of creation, He began with love. As He created each creature, He made it so that every creature had its own special character and would be able to show its own special beauty and joy to human beings. Even after creating human beings, God wanted to be able to relate with creation and have a give and take of love.

The motivation for God's creation was love and the flow of history was to be a flow of love. The final destination of history was to be love, and the entirety of our life was to be love. When God would meet His children in spirit world, it was to have been a meeting of love. But the beginning of history turned out to be a beginning of illicit love and of evil, so the essence of love was corrupted so that it no longer bore any resemblance to its original purpose.

Love can be divided into two general categories. One is the vertical love such as parental love and the love of children. The other is horizontal love such as love between husband and wife. More concretely the two types of loves are one that involves sharing heart to heart and another that is more physical. Today, however, both types of love have become corrupted so that they bear no resemblance to what they were originally.

Lucifer avoided God's eyes and left his position. He engaged in self-centered love centering on his excessive desire that he himself could not control. Even though love is something by which we live for others and give to others, Lucifer acted according to his own desire and stole that which belonged to someone else. Because this was the nature of his love, it became a love of disharmony. His vertical love was also a love by which he stole something that did not belong to him. For this reason he could not love properly. Instead, he loved as a thief and this love came to have a nature of insecurity and fear. The tragedy of Eve was that she finally had to go away from this love of Lucifer because of the pain that it caused her.

The central figure of human history is the one who is the king of love and who created all of heaven and earth. Yet the flow and direction of history was changed to one of evil. God cannot just sit waiting and do nothing about this. The time that God has spent waiting was such a difficult time for Him. His children must now take hold of the criminal of love and carry out an operation to wipe out his influence and offer him up to God. This is the way that we can bring final resolution to the historical grief of God who is our Parent.

Lucifer, do you know what your crime has been? Can you hold your head up as a criminal before humanity that lives for the sake of love and was created for the sake of love? Lucifer understands clearly the nature of his crime.

Lucifer should come back to love that is real love. He should come to the garden of love and gather up all the forces of darkness. How far will he go? God is the Master of the entire world. Lucifer is only dancing around on the palm of God's hand, and God can do anything He wants with him. But God is love itself. We must understand the heart of God who has endured until today as a result of His love.

Today even if God continues to wait, His children can no longer wait. The heart of the children is that we want to let Him have peace in His heart. Lucifer understands what love really is and he once experienced that kind of love. God is a Father who misses even those children who are kicked out of the Garden and He looks over the wall surrounding the Garden to see how His children are doing. This is love. How much has Lucifer missed God and wanted to see God? How much did he miss the love of God?

Lucifer, you should come back into love before all the people who have witnessed history pass judgment on your past crimes. Come back to the road of real love. You have lived by turning your back against love but God will again clothe you in love. You should come back to the original Garden and return to the state where you are obedient and joyful. You must change your clothing and put on the clothes of God's love. Don't make us wait any longer. Come back on your own before the call goes out to capture all the sinful people all over the world. Don't come back secretly in the evening after dark or under the cover of darkness. Instead come back when the sun is high. Come and stand in front of God. That is the best way for you to end your mistaken path. I want you to hurry. Come quickly.

February 14, 1999

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