Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity

by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee



Chapter I - The Life of Lucifer and the Events He Precipitated

1. The True Nature of Lucifer
2. The Existence of Lucifer
3. Love and the Fall
4. The Life of Lucifer
5. Love and Blessing
6. Love and Within Love
7. Lucifer's Fall as Seen from the Four Position Foundation
8. The Three Objective Purposes and God's Will
9. Lucifer's Fall and the March to Hell
10. The Events Brought About by Lucifer
11. Lucifer's Deeds

Chapter II - Diseases Caused By Lucifer

1. Diseases Caused By Lucifer
2. Diseases of the Digestive System
3. Diseases Caused By Ancestors
4. Disease of the Prostate Gland
5. Diseases of the Circulatory System
6. Diseases of the Respiratory System
7. Diseases of the Nervous System
8. Types of Skin Diseases
9. Types of Women's Diseases
10. The Disease of Otorhinolaryngology
11. Other Diseases

Chapter III - Life on Earth and the Treatment of Diseases

1. Life on Earth Leading to Hell
2. Life on Earth Leading to Kingdom of Heaven
3. Relationship Between God and Humans (Ancestor Relationship)
4. Treatment of All Disease

Chapter IV Root of Sin and the Path that Humankind Should Go

1. Root of Sin (Essence of Sin)
2. True Parents of Heaven and Earth
3. The Life of Sang Hun Lee
4. God and True Parents
5. The Path that All Humankind Must Go
6. Myself of Today

Chapter V - Apology of Lucifer

1. God's Request to Lucifer
2. From Lucifer to God
3. From Lucifer to True Parents
4. From Lucifer to Humankind

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