Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim

Chapter Eleven - The Restoration Providence [Part 2]

II. Historical Synchronization in Preparation for the Messiah

God has a definite formula or plan by which He is restoring man through history. The following examples show historical synchronization:

Begin chart 8

1) The number "4", is used in time periods,

Adam 1,600 years, Noah - 400 years, Abraham - 400 years
Moses 400 years, King Saul - 400 years, Jesus - 400 years
Augustine - 400 years, Charlemagne - 400 years, Second Coming 400 yrs.

2) The Heavenly Law, symbolized by the number "3" used throughout history.

Adam - Cain, Able, Seth --- Noah (father of mankind) - Shem, Ham, Japheth - Noah (father of faith) --- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Moses - King Saul, King David, King Solomon (ideal of temple) --- Isaiah - Jeremiah, Ezediel, Daniel (prophets) --- Jesus - Peter, James, John
God - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Adam

 3) Adam . . Jesus . . Second Coming - 3 stages to accomplish perfection of mankind.

Abraham . . Isaac . . Jacob - 3 generations to lay Foundation of Faith

Saul . . David . . Solomon - 3 Kings to establish the temple.

Adam . . Noah . . Abraham - 3 men to fulfill Father of Faith who is to produce seed for mankind.

Jacob (individual) . . Moses (racial) . . Jesus (world) - Foundations of Faith laid.

1st dove (symbol of Adam). . 2nd dove (symbol of Jesus) . . 3rd dove (symbol of Second Coming)

1st, 2nd and 3rd temptations of Jesus by Satan - tests to restore man.

Moses (symbol of tent) . . Solomon (symbol of temple) . . Jesus (substantial temple of God)

1st World War . . 2nd World War . . 3rd World War
In our day is the preparation for the Second Coming Ministry which will be the final climax of God's providence to complete restoration and which will stop the anti-God, anti-Christ movement which is swallowing the world today.

4) The "12" number, symbol of completeness, perfection.

12 generations from Noah to Abraham (10 + Isaac and Jacob = 12)

12 sons (Jacob's) and all his family - 70 souls, entered Egypt.

12 tribes chose 70 souls as elders under Moses.

12 judges ruled for God.

Jesus chose 12 disciples, sent 70-souls out to preach and heal.

12 pearly gates were set up by which we might enter the Kingdom;

12 wells of water, 70 palm trees (Ex. 15:27)

End Chart #8

The 2000 year 2nd period of God's Restoration Providence from Abraham to Jesus is the period of the substantial synchronization in order to make indemnity and restore the symbolic course (2000 year period of the Foundation of God's restoration period from Adam to Jacob). (see synchronization chart)

1. The 400 Years of Slavery in Egypt

The first period which made indemnity and restored the 400 years from Noah to Abraham, is the 400 years of slavery in Egypt. Also this is the synchronization of the 1,600 years from Adam to Noah in the Foundation Providence. Jacob's twelve sons and his family, a total of 70 souls, went into Egypt to escape famine. During this 400 years Jacob's descendants were making indemnity for Abraham's failure in the offering. By observing the rite of circumcisions Ex. 4:24, sacrifices, Ex. 8:25, and the Sabbath Day, Ex. 16:23, they made indemnity to return to God.

Also, this period is to form the Foundation of Faith to receive the Messiah upon the foundation of Jacob's dispensation. Cain's and Abel's lost birthright was restored by Esau and Jacob; the Foundation of Faith was ready. After 400 years slavery in Egypt, the Pharaoh surrendered to God who liberated the Hebrew people. The Ten Commandments, the Law of God, was received. Unfortunately, this Foundation of Faith was nullified when Moses struck the rock twice instead of the required once. The Foundation was lost by Moses' disobedience.

2. Judges in the Next 400 Years

The second period is that of the judges in the next 400 years. Judges were raised up by God to guide and rule His people; this period extends from the death of Joshua until the time of Saul, the first King. Again we see the use of the number "3" in the three types of judges: warrior (Gideon and Samson); priestly (Eli); prophet (Samuel). The judges combined three missions; that of high priest, prophet and King (the mission of king appeared in the next period).

Joshua and Caleb, successors to Moses entered and conquered the land of Canaan. After the death of Joshua, Judges were raised up. Of the 15 mentioned, Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, Tela, Jair, Samson, Jephthah, Ebzan, Elan, Abden, Eli and Samuel, four are especially important: Deborah, Gideon, Samson and Samuel.

A feudalistic Jewish society was formed in this period.

This period is to make indemnity and restore the 400-year indemnity period of slavery in Egypt which was lost by Moses. Also, this is the symbolic synchronization of the 400 years from Noah to Abraham in the Period of the Foundation of the Restoration Providence. The Israel people, centering in the judges, should have observed the Law and the Ideal of the Tabernacle which is the symbol of the Messiah, so that a foundation of faith could be formed on which God send the Messiah. Instead, they worshipped the gods of the Canaanites, , Baal and Ashera, and also frequently intermarried with the people of sinful Jericho. (Judges 29:3 and Numbers 33:55). In this way, the Israelites united with Satan and suffered attacks from the Gentiles. Again, the foundation of faith had not been formed. The period of judges ended ~00 years 'after Abraham.

3. The 120 Year Period of the United Kingdom

This period is to make indemnity and restore the 40 years in the wilderness. King Saul's reign was supposed to follow the will of God, and thereby make indemnity and restore the 40 years the Israel people spent in the wilderness. Because of Saul's disobedience (I Samuel 15:11), 120 years were necessary to make indemnity: 40 years under King Saul, 40 years under King David, and 40 years under King Solomon. This period also is the symbolic synchronization of the 120 years from Abraham to Jacob in the Period of the Foundation of the Restoration Providence.

The purpose of this period is fulfillment of the "Ideal of the Temple". King Saul should have set up the temple, but failed to do so. King David wanted to, but was denied the opportunity; King Solomon succeeded in doing it.

During this period, the three missions of the judges were divided into the prophets who received God's command, the High Priest who served the Temple, and the King who ruled the people. Initiative power was given to both High Priest and the Prophet. The King ruled the people according to the commands received from the prophet, so that the people might fulfill the Ideal of the Temple and prepare to receive the coming Messiah.

Unfortunately, King Solomon turned his heart to false gods in his later life and betrayed the "Ideal of the Temple." Therefore, God said in I Kings 11.1-13, "I will surely rend the Kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant ..." Again the foundation of faith had not been formed. Each time God's plan was nullified because of the failure of men on earth.

4. The Kingdom was Divided 400 Years

This period was to make indemnity and restore the 400-year period of the judges and symbolizes the synchronization of the 40-year period spent by Jacob after restoration of the birthright from Esau in the Period of the Foundation for the Restoration Providence.

The Bible tells us Solomon's failure resulted in the Kingdom's division: Israel claimed the 10 northern tribes, and Judah consisted of 2 southern tribes. Israel, representing Esau's position, produced 19 Kings during 260 years. The kingdom changed 9 times following idol worship and turning away from God. Judah, representing Jacob's position, produced 20 kings. In the later reigns, the Kings of Judah became wicked and accepted the idol worship of Israel.

The Kings should have fulfilled the "Ideal of the Temple", accepting the commands of the prophets and high priests. Instead, they turned to Baal and Asherah worship. Therefore, God sent 4 major prophets and 12 minor prophets to separate the people from Satan and fulfill the "Ideal of the Temple." especially, the prophet Elijah was sent to separate the people from Satan.

However, both kingdoms united with Satan and therefore failed in the fulfillment of the Ideal of the Temple. Thus, the Northern Kingdom of Israel was invaded by the Assyrians and destroyed in 721 B.C. The Southern Kingdom of Judah was invaded by the Babylonians in 597 B.C. Again, the Foundation of Faith to receive the Messiah was not formed.

5 & 6. The Jewish Exile of 70 Years and Returning Period of 140 Years

The 210 years, 70 plus 140, was to make indemnity and restore the 120 years of the United Kingdom. Also, this period is the symbolic synchronization of the 21 years which were spent by Jacob in Laban's house, where Jacob married Laban's two daughters; 7 years work plus 14 years work to gain two wives and all things in livestock and goods.

5. 70-year Exile

Because the kings of both the Northern and Southern kingdoms departed from the will of God, doing evil and worshipping idols, they could not fulfill the Ideal of the Temple. Therefore, God punished them with captivity, exile, death and destruction of the Temple.

II Kings 17:11-20 "... and wrought wicked things they served idols yet the Lord testified against Israel and against Judah, by all the prophets and by all the seers, saying, Turn ye from your evil ways, and keep my commandments they would not hear, but hardened their necks They rejected His statutes and His covenant that He made with their fathers Therefore, the Lord was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of His sight: there was none left but the tribe of Judah only. Also, Judah kept not the commandments of the Lord their God, but walked in the statues of Israel which they made. And the Lord ... delivered them into the hand of spoilers ..."

6. 140 Years of Returning: After 70 Years of Babylonian Exile

Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, conquered Babylon and issued a decree that gave the Jews permission to return to Jerusalem. Thus, the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah were fulfilled, Is. 44:28; 11 Chr. 36:20-23; and Jer. 50 & 51. The Jewish people were three times captured; and three times recovered.

When the Jews were repatriated to Jerusalem they rebuilt the Temple. The second Temple restored the Temple which King Solomon had built. The Temple, symbolic of the Messiah, must be established before the Messiah can come, who is the substantial Temple. However, once again after repatriation and rebuilding of the Temple, the Israel people were influenced by foreign religions and philosophies which brought confusion into their own religion. Again, they betrayed the "Ideal of the Temple", and failed to form the Foundation of Faith to receive the coming Messiah.

7. The Period of Preparation for the Messiah's Coming (400 years)

This period is to make indemnity and restore the 1600 years from Abraham to Malachi in the Period of the Foundation of the Restoration Providence. Also, this period is the symbolic synchronization of the 40 years between the time Jacob left Haran and arrived in Egypt.

Since this was the period of preparation for the Messiah's coming, the prophet, Malachi, was sent to foretell the Israel people of the coming Messiah, and emphasize that they should fulfill, the "Ideal of the Temple", by eliminating Satan and receiving the Messiah.

During this time, the Jewish people lived in colonies under the reign of foreign countries: such as Persia (397-333 B.C.), Greece (333-320 B.C.), Egypt (320-200 B.C.), Syria (200-165 B.C.) and finally the Roman Empire. They suffered from economic pressure, political oppression, and religious confusion.

Throughput the world at this time, the preparatory background to fulfill the World Canaan Restoration through the Messiah was laid by:

One - political expansion in the territory centering around the Mediterranean Sea;
Two - convenient transportation systems in every direction and a cultural development surpassing all previous cultures;
Three - the completed Greek language-had prepared the background for the ideal of unification. Nearly every nation spoke Greek fluently.

Thus, to God's eye, the outward world circumstances were ready to expand the Ideal of the Messiah in three different ways:

One - The outward condition of the Israel people centering in the Messiah was ready,
Two - the Roman Empire centering in the Israel people was ready;
Three - The world centering in the Roman Empire.

Thus, the 400-year period from Malachi to the Messiah's coming was God's Divine plan through which He hoped to fulfill the Restoration Providence for the Original Ideal Kingdom. Christ was to come and then establish the Kingdom centering in the Israel people. Through the powerful Roman Empire, God planned to conquer, to lead and to restore all mankind and all things through Christ, the Messiah, who was coming to save the entire world.

III. Dispensation Centering in Jesus Christ

A foundation must be made upon which the Messiah may come. The Foundation for the Restoration Providence extended 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham; the Restoration Providence in preparation for the Messiah extended 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus. We have come to the Restoration Providence itself, centering in Jesus Christ.

1. Foundation for Jesus' Mission

a. The Four Conditions:

1) the "4", number, 400 years which had elapsed from Malachi to Jesus;
2) the "10" number (equal to 12 since the time of Jacob), 12 minor prophets;
3) the Faith: Faith was accomplished by the life in the wilderness of John the Baptist, Matt. 3:4. The Jewish people thought John the Baptist might be the Messiah, Luke 3-15. They asked John if he were the Christ, John 1:20.
4) the Adam-type person was John the Baptist who was born six months before Jesus. John and Jesus were cousins. God planned that they should unite and work together.

b. Foundation of Faith Through John the Baptist.

The Foundation of Faith upon which to receive the Messiah is the next requirement. The Israel people who were in the position of Cain, followed John the Baptist, who was in the position of Abel. Unfortunately, John the Baptist did not minister on Jesus. Naturally, John could not fulfill his mission since he did not follow Christ unconditionally. Because of John the Baptist's failure to follow the Christ in His mission, the Israel people could not believe and did not follow the Messiah, and once more the Foundation of Faith had not been formed.

During Moses' dispensation a condition was formed whereby Satan could invade Jesus. Angry because of Israel's disbelief in God, Moses broke the two tablets of stone. Moses also struck the rock twice. These acts of Moses opened Jesus' mission to invasion by Satan.

In order to prevent this, God sent 4 major prophets and 12 minor prophets to prepare the people to accept Jesus, prepare the way for Him. The special prophet, Elijah, was sent for the specific mission to separate Satan to clear the way for the Messiah, but Elijah's mission had not been accomplished. Again the people strayed from faith and did not follow the preparation course for Jesus.

John the Baptist's purpose was to separate Satan from Jesus; therefore, John the Baptist was sent in the capacity of Elijah to bring Elijah's mission to successful completion. John was the second advent of Elijah, but he did not fulfill his heavenly mission to prepare the people for Jesus. Naturally, the four-position foundation centering in John the Baptist, to fight and separate Satan, was destroyed.

c. Jesus' Three Kinds of Temptations by Satan

In order to restore the four position foundation lost by John the Baptist, Jesus Christ must set up this foundation. This is the reason why Jesus, to defeat Satan, had to set up the 40 days fast and prayer in the wilderness in which he was tempted by Satan. Why didn't God send an angel to smash this tempter? Why did God send the angel after Jesus was exhausted?

Because of John the Baptists' failure to protect Him, Jesus must suffer this test alone.

1) To recover 3 conditions.

Let us consider closely Jesus' 3 temptations or tests from Satan. Through these temptations Jesus recovered the:

one. Restoration of the individual;
two. Restoration of the bride-hood; and
three. Restoration of the whole world or the universe.

2) Why were the three kinds of temptations necessary?

Let us look at the direct cause of the temptations:

one. Jesus must prevent Satan's invasion toward himself. This invasion was caused by the failure of John the Baptist to form the four-position foundation which was to protect Jesus from Satan's invasion. After the victory over Satan in the tests, Jesus could separate Satan from himself.
two. Indirect cause of invasion. Moses striking the Rock, Christ, twice allowed Satan to invade Jesus in the case of Israel's disbelief. Jesus' 40-day fast and endurance of these three tests could overcome that.
three. To accomplish the purpose of the Messiah's coming.

(a) Restore Adam's blessings to mankind. Satan's objective was to destroy the purpose of the Messiah's coming. Jesus came to accomplish and restore the three major blessings which were given by God to the first Adam in the beginning. Because of the fall, these blessings from God were lost by first Adam. Jesus, the Second Adam, had to restore these blessings.

1st promise

Perfection of individual - Perfect Adam

Restoration of individual - Restore Adam

1st question

2nd promise

Multiplication of sinless children

Restoration of the bridehood: thus children

2nd question

3rd promise

Lordship, dominion over the universe

Restoration of all things

3rd question

God's Will follows human history. God created man to be perfect but the first Adam failed. God's plan was to restore man through Second Adam, Jesus.

Chart # 9

(b) Satan tests Messiah's purposes. Satan tested Jesus in the wilderness using three questions relating to the three blessings from God which Jesus wanted to restore. To Jesus, victory over Satan in these three tests was a vital event that would begin his Messiahship.

3) The significance of the temptations by Satan.

First test: Matt. 4:1-4. The first test concerned restoration of the Rock, Jesus Christ, which now belongs to Satan by Moses' act of breaking the two tablets of stone (rock) and by striking the Rock twice. These acts were caused by the disbelief of the Israel people. Satan's question: "Command these stones to be made bread." In this first test Satan was actually saying to Jesus:

(The Israel people complained and became disbelievers in God. They wandered 40 years in the wilderness and at that time became exceedingly hungry. You, Jesus, have spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness. You, now, have become exceedingly hungry just as the Israelites in Moses' day. So you, Jesus, had better change these stones into bread to satisfy your hunger. Then I, Satan, shall continue to possess the stone because you will be obeying me. Since the rock is the representation of you, Jesus, I will control you.)

Jesus' answer to Satan's test: Matt. 4:4 "... It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." In the first test Jesus was actually answering Satan in this way:

(I am not interested in bread. I, Jesus, must first restore the Word of God. First Adam lost the Word; Second Adam must restore the Word. I, myself, am the substantial representation of the Word. I am the consummator of the Word of God. I am Christ, I am the Rock (I Cor. 10:4). I am the stone. But you, Satan, now possess the stone which symbolizes me, Jesus. I must get out from under your control. I must be released from your hand Satan.)

By victory on the first test, Jesus formed the Foundation of the Restoration of the Individual as the substantial Temple or the Original Temple of God's creation. This means the consummation of an individual which would have been God's first blessing of perfection to first Adam and Eve in the beginning. The Original Temple of God's creation should have been the first perfect Adam, the direct image and temple of God.

Second test: In the second test, Matt. 4:5-7, Jesus, the Original Temple of God was to restore the children as branch temples. Therefore, Satan tested Jesus by setting him on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem. Satan's question: "If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down ..." Satan was actually saying:

(I know you, Jesus, are the Original Temple of God. First Adam fell from the position of temple of God and you will too. If you are really the Son of God; then God will save you. Prove you are the Son of God and Lord of the Temple by falling.)

Jesus' answer to Satan's test: "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." In the second test Jesus was actually answering Satan in this way:

(You, Satan, are the non-principled creation. You cannot become the Lord of the Original, Ideal world of God's creation. I, Jesus, am the Original Temple of God; I am the Lord of the principle and Lord of the whole creation! I know you are Satan who fell from the position of Archangel because of committing sin to God. I know your position. Not only that; you, Satan, should have been under the control of the Lord of the universe; in other words under my control. Therefore, you had better not test your Lord, who represents God, which is myself, Jesus, the Christ, your Lord.)

By victory on the second test Jesus, as the bridegroom, formed the Foundation for the restoration of the Bridehood. Thus, He set up the condition to restore the whole mankind as His brides. This also means the Restoration of the multiplication of sinless children, the second blessing which God gave to Adam and Eve at the beginning.

Third test: In the third test, Jesus as the perfect Adam, was to restore the lordship over the whole universe (all things) including Man, Matt. 4:8-10. Satan had replaced or taken the position of the first Adam. Instead of the first Adam's attaining lordship, the first Adam fell and lost the lordship over the whole world, Gen. 1:28. Therefore, Jesus, the Second Adam, should restore the lost position of lordship over the whole world. This is why Satan took Jesus up to an exceedingly high mountain to show Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them. Satan's question: Matt. 4:9: "... All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship-me." By this statement Satan actually meant:

(You, Jesus, Second Adam, better surrender to me, Satan, just as first Adam did. After all I do have control. If you fall down and worship, you will completely surrender to me. I know you want to restore ... or take back from me, Satan, the Lordship of the whole world.)

Jesus' answer to Satan's test: Matt. 4:10 "Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." Jesus was actually answering Satan in this way:

(God is the creator of the universe. You were one of His creations before your fall. Therefore, you, Satan, must worship God for this is the principle. If you are going to live in God's principled world, you must surrender to God's principle. I am the Lord, the Original Temple, and I am the Lord of the universe. Therefore, you, Satan, must surrender and worship me. Do not think I will worship you, Satan.)

By victory in the third test, Jesus, as Lord of the universe, formed the Foundation of Restoration of the Lordship of Man over the universe. This is the third promise given first Adam before the fall.

4) Foundation of Faith Accomplished and Destroyed

Since the Foundation of Faith to receive the Messiah centering in John the Baptist had failed, the Foundation of Faith to receive the Messiah must be formed for the second time. After Jesus' victory over Satan's test in the wilderness Jesus had set up a four-position foundation to start His ministry as the Messiah. "The remaining condition to accomplish God's dispensation centering in Jesus was that the Jewish Nation should believe Jesus and accept him as their Messiah. The Jewish people, in the position of Cain, should obey, and surrender to Jesus, in the position of Abel. This would allow Jesus:

one. to assume the Messiah3hip;
two. to form the Original Four-position Foundation; and
three. to accomplish God's Restoration Providence by centering in Himself.

The Jewish people, through lack of faith, killed Jesus and repeated Cain's action toward Abel. Thus, for the second time in Jesus' ministry, the foundation of faith to receive the Messiah was destroyed.

d. The Significance of the Cross.

1) Satan's victory is defeat.

Satan was defeated in the tests, by Jesus. Satan then left or departed from Jesus for a season, a temporary time, to prepare to destroy Jesus by another means, Luke 4:4-13. Satan united with the Jewish people who rejected the Christ in disbelief. Thus, the Jewish people who were selected as chosen people betrayed God's Will and stood completely on the side of Satan.

In this situation, God was forced to release Jesus to Satan in order to begin the Salvation Providence, centering in the Jewish people to save all humankind. Because of the disbelief or the Jewish people, the crucifixion was the unavoidable indemnity condition which Jesus must pay. The purpose of God's Providential course of 4,000 years was salvation for mankind from Satan's sinful control. Satan resolved to destroy God's Restoration Providence centering in Jesus by killing Jesus, the Messiah. Even if He must deliver Jesus to Satan, God wanted to save mankind, which was and is under the control of Satan. Satan wanted to kill Jesus by any means; therefore, Satan enforced his maximum power through the unbelieving multitude and crucified Jesus on the cross, ending Jesus' physical existence. Satan completely accomplished his desire and presented his claim against God; therefore, he had to release all claim on Jesus' spirit and could not accuse or hinder Jesus in the spiritual realm. Thus, Satan liquidated his condition of spiritual accusation (released his claim) on the spirit of humankind.

2) God's Defeat is victory.

After allowing Satan to enforce his maximum power, God had a condition to enforce God's mightiest power, raising the crucified Jesus spiritually. Satan thought everything would be finished when Jesus was crucified and dead; Satan thought he had the victory. But God raised Jesus and Satan was defeated through resurrection. Therefore, in the sphere of resurrection Satan's spiritual attachment cannot exist. In the sphere of resurrection, Satan has no accusation and Satan cannot invade. Anyone who believes in the risen Jesus Christ shall be separated from Satan, and shall receive the glory of Spiritual Salvation.

2. Spiritual Foundation of Faith.

a. The 40-day resurrection period before His ascension.

The risen Christ should form a Spiritual Four-Position Foundation in a third attempt in order to set up a spiritual foundation of faith upon which Jesus can be received as Messiah. Therefore, Jesus must have a 40-day period after resurrection before ascension to form the Spiritual Four-Position Foundation. The disciples scattered; then Jesus began to work again in spirit. No one knew, until now, why he must stay on earth 40 days before ascending.

When Jesus was risen from death, Jesus had victory over Satan. Therefore, in the 40-day period after His resurrection Jesus formed a Sphere of Resurrection which Satan could not invade and Jesus could form the "Spiritual Four-Position Foundation". Now, the risen Jesus was able to stand on the Spiritual Foundation after the Resurrection; Jesus is in the position of Abel and mankind is, in the position of Cain. Anyone who is obedient and surrenders to the risen Lord Jesus, is able to form the Spiritual Foundation of faith and receive the Messiah, John 3:16.

b. Spiritual Foundation accomplished.

All saints who stand on the Spiritual Foundation of Faith receive the Messiah; the four-position foundation is formed as follows:

Thus, Spiritual Salvation of mankind was formed. Just as Moses, who died in the wilderness, accomplished only the Spiritual Restoration of Canaan, while Joshua and Caleb were able to accomplish the Physical Restoration of Canaan; so likewise, Jesus accomplished World Restoration of Canaan Spiritually, and the Second Coming ministry will accomplish Physical Restoration of Canaan with the Bride, or Saints. Christians, just as Joshua and Caleb, will enter substantially into Canaan, the new age, the Kingdom of God.

c. The Necessity of the Prolongation of the Restoration Providence.

Because of Jesus' crucifixion, the 2,000-year period of the Restoration Providence was nullified, turned over to Satan, and thus belongs to Satan. The 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus were lost. Since God's Will is still following human history, a condition must be set up to restore the lost 2,000 years, which means another 2,000 year period is necessary. The history of Christianity from Jesus to the present time is that of the Prolongation of the Restoration Providence.

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