Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim

Chapter Ten - Dispensation for the Foundation of the Restoration Providence [Part 1]

I. Dispensation Centering in Adam's Family

1. Offering as Indemnity Condition
2. Who is Responsible for Giving the Offering
3. God's Basis for Assigning Cain and Abel's Representation
a. Reversely trace for fall
b. Two results of relationship determine the position of Cain and Abel
4. Determination of God's and Satan's claim
a. Abel to God; Cain to Satan
b. Cain's opportunity to come to God
c. Cain's jealousy results in murder and nullifies God's plan for Adam's family
d. Lost conditions by Cain's act
5. Lessons to be Learned
a. God cannot interfere with man's responsibility on earth
b. Anyone in the position of Cain is able to approach God but only through someone who is in the position of Abel

II. Dispensation Centering in Noah's Family

1. Four-Position Foundation
2. The Significance of the Flood Judgement
3. Significance of the Ark
4. Prophetic Acts of Noah
5. Foundation of Faith
6. Sin of Ham
7. Results of Ham's Act
8. Lessons to be Learned

III. Dispensation Centering in Abraham's Family

1. Abraham is Chosen
a. Four-position foundation
b. Foundation of faith in symbolic offering
1) meaning of offering
2) symbolism in division of offering
c. Lessons to be learned
2. Isaac is Chosen
a. Separation of Satan through Isaac
b. Abraham's faith and obedience
c. The origin of the three-day period
d. Lessons to be learned
3. Jacob is Chosen
a. Birthright
b. Four-position foundation
c. Esau's mission
d. God of three generations
e. Lessons to be learned
f. Jacob's life is a model course for subjugation of Satan

I. Dispensation Centering in Adam's Family

The 2,000 year period from Adam to Abraham is the period of the Foundation for the Restoration Providence. Let us discuss the Dispensation Centering in Adam's Family. How can the mysteries surrounding Adam's family be solved? What is the significance of the positions of Cain and Abel and their offerings? We shall look at Adam's family from a new point of view.

Man has been in a position between God and Satan since the human fall. God has the right to face man because He created man at the beginning. But Satan, also, is in a position to claim and face man because Satan caused the fall of man by having a blood relationship with him when Satan tempted and seduced mankind. Therefore, man may either return to God or go to Satan's side. The fate of man or possession of man is decided according to each man's fulfillment or failure to fulfill his responsibility toward God. If man fulfills his responsibility toward God, he belongs to God; if not, man belongs to Satan. Faith is the condition man must set up to determine this.

1. Offering as Indemnity Condition

In Adam's family the condition by which man could setup the foundation through faith was an offering or sacrifice. We wonder why man should give an offering? All things in the creation are closer to God than fallen man because they are in the position of perfection. Thus, in Adam's family, obedience in the offering of an already perfected object became the condition of faith needed to obtain blessing from God.

2. Who is Responsible for Giving the Offering?

Why were Cain and Abel responsible for the offerings instead of Adam? Bible scholars have never found an adequate solution for these incidents in the Bible. However, there is deep meaning and significance here.

According to God's Principle of Creation, man should be in God's image and likeness. Man is created to serve and face one Lord -- not two lords or masters. If God faces Adam after Adam has sinned and Satan is, also, able to face Adam because of his claim through sin, Adam would be serving two Lords. This situation does not follow God's principle. God cannot enforce or allow His providence to continue in a non-principled way. Therefore, God took the step to separate Adam's sinfulness from him by giving him two sons, Cain and Abel, and putting them into two separate positions: one to represent God's side and the other to represent Satan's side. By this separation, God had each son "face" an individual Lord. Thus, God would decide or settle the possession of man through the offering.

3. God's Basis for Assigning Cain's and Abel's Representation

a. Reversely trace the fall

Here another important question arises. Since Cain and Abel are both sons of Adam, which one should represent God's side and which one should represent Satan's side? On what basis will God choose Cain and Abel who must be put in two separated positions?

Trace back the process of Eve's fall in the beginning. The fallen act of Eve came into being by two kinds of immoral love. First is the spiritual fall caused by unrighteous, unlawful desires of the immoral love relationship with the Archangel, which was not sanctioned by God. Second is the physical fall caused by the untimely, therefore illegal, love relationship with Adam. The second act came through Eve's desire to return to God after realizing her sin with the Archangel, Lucifer. Both acts causing the fall are sin and adultery in the sight of God. Eve had already repented of the fall with the Archangel and her act of the fall with Adam originated from the motive to return to Adam, her future principled husband-to-be. Also, this act of the love relationship would, indeed, have been blessed and sanctioned by God after Adam and Eve had reached perfection of body and spirit. They would have been blessed in marriage as the perfect parents to fill the earth with sinless children.

b. Two results of relationship determine the positions of Cain and Abel.

The two sons of Adam, Cain and Abel, are the fruits of the untimely, therefore, immoral, love relationship between Adam and Eve. Cain is the first-fruit of the first love relation between Adam and Eve. God put Cain in the position of the Archangel, representing the first love, the spiritual fall between Eve and the Archangel. Therefore God let Satan claim the first son. Abel is the fruit of the second love relation between Eve and Adam, or the physical fall of Adam and Eve. If God is going to consider the degree of their sin in order to give mercy, the second act of the fall is lesser. This put Abel closer to God and therefore in a position for God's side.

Thus, God separated Cain and Abel into two opposite positions in order to decide possession of man through the separated offerings to God which can only be given through Faith. In other words God used the faith of each man as the determining factor in possessorship. If they prove their faith to God, they will belong to God. If they have no faith and fail, they will belong to Satan.

There is proof in scripture for this theory of the separation of Cain and Abel for the purpose of God's Restoration Providence. The first son is, in many instances, in Cain's position -- a symbol of Satan's side, while second sons are in Abel's position -- a symbol of God's side. While first son held the right to blessing, second sons often were the ones to receive it.

Mal. 1:1-3 "Saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob (a second son), and I hated Esau (a first son) ..."
Exodus 12:29 "the Lord smote all the first-born in the land of Egypt."
Gen. 48:20 "In thee shall Israel bless, saying, God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh: and he set Ephraim (the second son) before Manasseh (the firstborn son)" -- when Jacob blessed them.
Deut. 31:25 "the Levites (in Abel's position) which bare the ark of the covenant of the Lord." All the other tribes were in Cain's position.

4. Determination of God's and Satan's Claims

a. Abel to God; Cain to Satan

The Bible states when Cain and Abel offered sacrifices, God accepted Abel's offering and rejected Gain's offering.

Gen. 4:2-5 "And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering. But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect."

Abel's offering was in a position to be accepted by God, and was accompanied by faith: therefore, God received it. This means God will at any time accept an offering if a proper and acceptable condition is set up. The reason for non-respect of Cain's offering is that Cain is in the position for Satan's claim. If Cain is going to return to God's side, Cain, himself, must set up an indemnity condition through which he might come to God from Satan's claim. He could have done this.

Gen. 4:6-7 "And the Lord said unto Cain, Why are thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door ..."

b. Cain's opportunity to come to God

There were indemnity conditions which Cain must set up to be accepted by God. The Archangel, Satan, departed from his own position and habitation next to God and fell from God's love and grace. The Archangel was not able to love Adam and Eve as God loved them.

Cain in the position of the Archangel represents the Archangel. Therefore, Cain should (tracing reversely) love Abel who represents Adam's original Position in order to make indemnity and restore the position which the Archangel lost. So, in God's Restoration Providence, Cain (who is representing the archangel position of derailment) must pass through Abel (representing Adam's original position of acceptance to God) to set up an indemnity condition which would restore the Archangels' position to it's original state. The Archangel reversed the heavenly order and dominionship by dominating Eve and Adam. Therefore to make indemnity and restore the Archangel's lost position, Cain should again reverse the situation and surrender to Abel. He should obey Abel and submit to Abel's control, because Abel represents God's side. Our human ancestors, Adam and Eve, betrayed God and fell. In order to make indemnity and restore them to God, Cain, who is in an abandoned and forsaken position from God, should repent and return to God through Abel who is representing God's side.

c. Cain's jealousy results in murder and nullifies God's plan for Adam's family

Not knowing God's Heavenly Providence to restore fallen mankind centering in Adam's family, and submitting to evil emotions, Cain slew Abel. This was the first murder case in human history.

Cain did not fulfill the providence of the restoration of Adam's family. Cain's act of murder fully exposed the fallen nature of man. Instead of restoring the family, Cain repeated a non-principled act (the act of the fall by his parents was also non-principled.)

God continued his Restoration Providence by giving another son to Adam. The third son, Seth, replaced Abel.

d. Lost conditions by Cain's act.

The conditions of Adam's family, lost by Cain's failure through his murder of Abel, are as follows:

1) Faith--Just as his fallen parents, Cain lacked faith in God and His command.
2) Adam-type person was lost (Abel).
3) The planned 4-position Foundation centering in Adam's family was nullified, thus, Adam's family was not restored to God.
4) The "10" number (equivalent to the "12" number) -- the symbol of perfection was lost.

5. Lessons to Be Learned

We can learn two very important lessons from Adam's family.

a. God cannot interfere with man's responsibility on earth. The offering of Cain and Abel was the indemnity condition to restore the fallen Adam and Eve to the original position before the fall so that God might fulfill His purpose for the Creation of Man and the Universe. Whether the offering would be successful or not would depend entirely upon man's fulfillment of his responsible part. God can not interfere just as He could not interfere and pre-vent the fall of Adam and Eve.

b. Anyone in the position of Cain is able to approach God but only through someone who is in the position of Abel. Let us use some illustrations to prove this concept.

The relation between the mind and the body reflects the Cain and Abel position. The mind controls the body; the body must surrender to and obey the mind or it corrupts and destroys it. Rom. 7:22 "I delight in the law of God after the inward man ..." The inward man, the spirit, is in the Abel position while the body is in the Cain position.

There should be perfect action of give and take between the mind and body. Harmony of action, Oneness of spirit, joy and happiness are generated.

Fallen man in the Old Testament Age was supposed to approach God through an offering. Why was this?

Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked .."

The offering, which is closer to God, is in Abel's position and mankind is in Cain's position. Wicked man must approach God through another channel and can not come directly to God.

A person of weak faith (Cain's position) must come to God through a person of strong faith (Abel's position). In fact all humankind is in Cain's position and must come to God through Abel's position which is Jesus Christ. Two verses in the Gospel John expressly state this fact:

John 3:16 "Whosoever believeth in him (Jesus) should not perish, but shall have everlasting life."
John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me."

If Cain had surrendered in meekness to Abel, there would have been harmony and oneness and both Cain and Abel would have received God's abundant blessing. They should have brought harmony and oneness to all mankind. They failed. God wants to give all mankind abundant blessing; but blessing can come only when Cain's position surrenders to Abel's position following God's law and will.

This relation of Cain's and Abel's positions is reflected in every relation of mankind today. Let us compare the "descendants" of Abel and the "descendants" of Cain to the present day through the following diagram:

First, the individual position must be restored. A good or righteous person is in Abel's position to God's eye. The person who is separated from God, or the evil person, must pass through Abel's position to be received by God; he must take upon himself the nature of the righteous person to come closer to God.

In a family situation, a husband who is close to God is in Abel's position; his wife and children are in Cain's position and must surrender and obey the husband. Likewise, if the wife is close to God, she is in Abel's position and the non-believing husband and children must pass through the wife. And again, if the children are in Abel's post, next to God, non-believing parents are in Cain's post and can approach God through the believing son or daughter. Also, the family who believes in God is in Abel's post, while the family who does not believe in God is in Cain's position, so the latter must love and surrender the former to approach God.

Let us look at the church position. There are many churches in Cain's position who can be blessed by God only if they have the wisdom to find the church or group in Abel's position. When those churches or groups in Cain's position surrender to the church, or group selected by God at the time of the Second Coming, there will be a unification of religion. All will be United in one faith or United Faith for God through the coming Christ.

The society which is alien to God and in Cain's position must pass through the society which is close to God and in Abel's position.

The same is true for nations. For instance, God chose the Jewish nation to be in Abel's position, and all other nations were in Cain's position as Gentile nations. At the time of the Second Coming God will bless a nation which shall be in Abel's position. The nations which do not believe in God are in Cain's position and must pass through the nations who believe in God.

On the world level, Cain's position is reflected in Communism. The Communist world is in Cain's position to God's eye because the purpose of Communism is to conquer the entire world in opposition to God, any faith, or religion. Communist leaders are anti-God and anti-Christ.

Democracy, generally speaking, is in Abel's position because most democratic nations are free to worship God, and recognize the rights of the individual. Communism must pass through the channel which God provides. God will give Christianity a deeper truth, a greater ideology with which Christianity, in Abel's position, must overcome and subdue Cain's position in God's final and ultimate struggle in this world. In each of these situations, of individuals to the worldwide situations, Cain's position must be humble enough to pass through Abel's position. Cain must surrender to Abel and become obedient to God.

Jesus' teaching on meekness and humility is explained by the lessons found in Cain's and Abel's offering. Only by meekness and humility can mankind come to God ... through Jesus, the Christ. Jesus called fallen man to follow him, the person in Abel's position, and be restored to God's side.

If Cain had been meek and humble and followed his conscience, he would never have slain Abel and would not have nullified God's Restoration Providence Centering in Adam's Family.

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