Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim

Part II - Introduction to the Principle of Restoration Providence

I. Human History Records God's Providential Restoration

1. The Need for Restoration
2. God uses the Principle of the Heavenly Unit
3. God uses the Principle of Indemnity and Restoration
a. "4" number
b. God's restoration is accomplished through man

II. Restoration is Accomplished According to the Law of Indemnity

1. Definition and Process of the Law of Indemnity and Restoration
2. Basic Formula for Indemnity Condition of Restoration
a. Equal value indemnity condition
b. Lesser value indemnity condition
3. Method of Restoration
a. Four examples
b. Specific indemnity requirements

III. Human History Can Be Classified in Two Categories

1. Based on Responsibility Point of View
2. Based on the Law of Indemnity and Restoration Point of View

IV. God's Word Reveals His Plan for Restoration

I. Human History Records God's Providential Restoration

1. The Need for Restoration

God's plan since the fall of man has been to restore this sinful world to His original, ideal, sinless paradise on earth. God is fulfilling His plan according to the Principle of the Providence of Restoration, which is based on the theory of restoration by means of the number "4" and the Law of Indemnity.

Human history is actually the history of God's providential restoration of the sovereignty of good on the earth. God, the Creator, originally made the world good, but because of the human fall, this world travails under the control and yoke of Satan and is now under the sovereignty of evil. This world became an Earthly Hell after the fall instead of the Earthly Kingdom which God had originally planned. God has been working for 6,000 years from the fall until the present day to restore this sinful world to the original ideal world of goodness.

God created man after His own image and likeness; God has the responsibility in His principle for the creation of man. Since God created man to be perfect for eternity, God can not abandon or erase him from the earth even though man falls. God's plan, therefore, is to restore fallen mankind to the perfect original man of His creation. Man will then live in the Earthly Kingdom under God's sovereignty of righteousness. This plan is called "God's Restoration Providence."

God created a world of principle to function according to Divine Law and Harmony. Our ancestors in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, unfortunately brought about the non-principled world in which we now live by committing the sin of adultery, having a blood relationship with Satan. While God has original possession of man on earth, Satan also has a condition to claim and possess man because he brought about the fall of man. Satan has illegal possession of mankind. He is the prince of this world. (II Cor. 4:4)

2. God Uses the Principle of the Heavenly Unit

Because of the fall, God's ideal pattern of the Earthly Kingdom, centering in the Heavenly four-position foundation, was lost. The four-position foundation should be centered in God with perfect Adam, perfect Eve, and sinless children. This four-position foundation and the law of Indemnity are the means through which God's Restoration Providence will be accomplished.

Instead of the Heavenly Unit of the four-position foundation, Satan's four-position foundation was set up, because of the fall of man, centering in Satan, sinful Adam, and sinful Eve, with sinful children. All humankind has formed a false four-position foundation centering in Satan as we see by the following diagram:


Although He has the power, Almighty God must not restore rebellious, fallen man to His side until man sets up certain conditions of Faith and Obedience to God. Disobedience and lack of faith opens the door for Satan. In this delicate situation, how will God restore fallen man to His side? Fallen man is in a sphere between God and Satan which can be called a buffer-zone. God requires that fallen man set up an indemnity condition, by himself, before God will fulfill His Restoration Providence toward man.

3. God Uses the Principle of "Indemnity and Restoration"

a. The "4", number reflects God's aim at the Heavenly Unit. To God's eye, human history is the history of the Indemnity and Restoration of man through the number "4" in order that God might restore the sovereignty of good on the earth. God's Providence throughout the ages has been for the purpose of restoration of the Heavenly Unit -- the "4" number centering in God. Even minor details follow the number "4". There are many examples of the use of the "4" number in the Old and New Testaments:

40-day, flood judgment of Noah's time
1,600-year period from Adam to Noah (40 x 40)
400 years from Noah to Abraham
400 years of slavery in Egypt
Moses spent 40 years of his life in Pharaoh's palace,
40 years in Midian, and
40 years in the wilderness leading his people to Canaan.
40 days were spent spying out Jericho
King Saul, King David, and King Solomon each reigned 40 years
400-year period of the Judges

Especially important in God's Restoration Providence were the:

40 days of fast and prayer by Moses on Mt. Sinai
40 days of prayer by Elijah on Mt. Horeb
40 days fast and prayer of Jesus in the wilderness
40 days after Jesus' resurrection before ascension

These examples of the use of the number "4" in man's earthly history reflect God's basic unit for Heavenly Restoration Providence for man.

b. God's Restoration is accomplished through men. When we look at past history in God's Restoration Providence, we see the foundation of faith has not been fulfilled because of man's failure throughout the ages. Still, the heart and the desire of God for Restoration continued and has continued up to the present time. God must use man on earth to restore man on earth. This diagram will give the general picture of the Providence by the number "4":

When man fails, God transfers His plan to another man but God's plan does not change. When God loses one man, God chooses another man and continues His Restoration Providence. God's plan is fulfilled by man on earth.

II. Restoration is Accomplished According to the Law Of Indemnity

1. Definition and Process of the Law of Indemnity and Restoration

In order to restore fallen mankind, God follows the Law of Indemnity: man makes indemnity, then God restores. What is the definition of Indemnity-TAANG-GAAM-? When an original position or condition is lost, a corresponding position, as a condition, must be set up in order to restore the lost position or condition.

Since man sinned against God, his original position and intrinsic value have been lost. It is utterly impossible for fallen man to restore his own lost condition. Therefore, God established certain requirements so that man may set up an indemnity condition and restore his lost position or condition. If man fulfills the required condition, his lost position or condition is restored. This process is called "Indemnity and Restoration"--TAANG-GAAM BOK-KGWI-.

2. Basic Formula for Indemnity Condition of Restoration

How can a person find the condition which he must meet to be restored? We will find there are two types of indemnity conditions. The formula whereby the indemnity condition is set up is based on a condition of the equal value and, or one of lesser value than the one lost.

a. First, let us discuss equal-value indemnity. In this case a condition of equal value to that which was lost must be set up for restoration. An example of this is found in:

Exodus 21:23-24 "And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot ..."

A good example of this indemnity condition is found in society today in criminal law. A person who commits murder or other crime, does not receive mercy and immediate pardon but must, by fine or imprisonment, pay for his crime. In the same way, only by setting up a condition to God, can fallen man be restored to God.

b. Let us discuss the lesser-value indemnity condition. Restoration through a condition of lesser value than the one lost, is the second type of indemnity condition. In this case, a condition of lesser value is required to be fully restored to God. As sinners, we are all useless to God. But we can be restored to God by faith in Jesus; by believing in the message of the cross, which is a condition of lesser value indemnity than the one of suffering and death paid by Jesus. This is the indemnity condition Christians pay to be justified to God, and is the indemnity condition through which they must pass to be restored.

Baptism is a good example of lesser value indemnity. Through this ritual we make a condition to receive God's grace and forgiveness. Mankind, at Noah's day, was already dead to God's eye. The universe was cleansed and brought to life again by the flood judgment. Every man to God's eye is a sinner and deserves to be drowned under the flood judgment of Noah's day. But all mankind can be cleansed mid brought to life by God through baptism, as a lesser value indemnity condition.

Another example of lesser value indemnity is Holy Communion. We eat the bread -- or body -- and drink the wine -- or blood -- of Christ. This eating and drinking is an indemnity condition of lesser value than the original condition required of Jesus' actual body and blood which was sacrificed on the cross.

Matt. 26:26-28 "And as they were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, 'Take, eat, this is my body', and he took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, 'Drink ye all of it for this is my blood'".

A fourth example is circumcision which was necessary in the Old Testament days. It was an indemnity condition of lesser value to eliminate the blood of death. Circumcision symbolized the separation of that man from Satan's blood and his restoration to God. The uncircumcised would be cut off from God and Israel, according to Genesis 17-10-14.

Man must set up indemnity conditions to be received by God -- whether it be an offering, faith in Christ, baptism or communion, or circumcision. As God's Providence progresses, we see that God requires man while he is living on earth, to pay a price or fulfill a condition to be restored to God.

3. Method of Restoration

a. The method God uses to set up an indemnity condition is the reverse of that which caused its loss. Let us look at four examples of this.

(1.) Why did God forsake Jesus on the cross? This is an indemnity condition. Adam betrayed God. Jesus, the second Adam, should set up an indemnity condition of not betraying God, even facing death on the cross, even though he be forsaken by God.

Matt. 27:46 "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

(2.) As a second example let us examine the indemnity condition for mankind centering in salvation through the cross. The crucifixion was caused by the disbelief of our ancestors. We, the descendants, have to set up an indemnity condition of believing in Christ and loving Him which is the reverse of our ancestors act of disbelieving and rejecting.

(3.) Thirdly, our ancestors betrayed God and gave Him much sorrow and grief. Our indemnity condition is loving and pleasing Him.

(4.) A fourth example of the method of indemnity is this: Our ancestors caused Jesus, the chosen one, to pay with His blood. Therefore, those who wish to be his disciples, saints, and followers must also endure an indemnity condition of personal persecution, suffering, and perhaps death.

b. There are specific indemnity requirements to be restored. Specific indemnity conditions must be set up by fallen man to be restored to God. The first indemnity condition required is faith. The second is an Adam-type person, who must be chosen by God. The third is the restored "4" number and the fourth indemnity condition is the restored "10" number.

1.) Let us explore the reasons why these four conditions must be setup. The faith condition is necessary because our ancestors, Adam and Eve lost faith in God. Thus, the descendants must set up an indemnity condition of having faith to be restored to God.

2.) Why must an Adam-type person be chosen? Because Adam failed by lack of faith, God requires another Adam-type person who must succeed by faith, and become the "Father of Faith". Thus the foundation of faith is formed on which the Messiah must come.

3.) There were 10 generations from Adam to Noah, and 10 generations from Noah to Abraham, plus Isaac and Jacob making the 10 number the same as the 12 number, the symbol of perfection. The number 12 is derived from the multiple of 3 (the heavenly number) times 4 (the earth number), 3 x 4 = 12); therefore, 12 is the symbol of a complete number. The number "10" symbolizes the perfection stage. The "10" number must be restored. If there had been no fall, Adam and Eve would have been perfected after completing the three orderly stages of growth (on the 9 + 1 = 10, basis). By the fall of Adam and Eve, the "10" number and the perfection of man were lost. In returning to God, man must pass through these 10 stages of growth to attain perfection.

There are three stages of growth. Each stage consists of 3 subdivisions. Adam and Eve fell at the highest level of the Growth Stage. To regain the spiritual growth which Adam and Eve lost, and go on and attain perfection, man must pass through these total 9 substages of growth. No human being has ever passed through the 10th stage to complete their perfection. Therefore, the lost number "10" must be restored.

4.) The fourth indemnity condition is the restoration of the "4" number. 'Why must the "4" number be set up? God employs scientific methods and divine principles to establish system and order. The number "4" is used throughout God's Restoration Providence in order to restore the original four-position foundation lost by Adam.

III. Human History Can Be Classified in Two Categories

There are two classifications of human history from the point of view of God's Restoration Providence: based on Responsibility Point of View, and that of "Indemnity and Restoration".

1. Based on Responsibility Point of View

God has at least a partial responsibility in human history for the accomplishment of His Restoration Providence. God created man to dominate all things including the angelic world, but because of the fall Satan controls humankind and humankind lost the Lordship of all things. God has been waiting, since the fall, for the time when man is perfected through the Providential Course and is able to control and conquer Satan, God's enemy and ours. Knowing that man will someday be able to conquer, God has been continuing His Restoration Providence to restore the world from the enemy, Satan.

The work to be accomplished is subjugation of Satan. There are three periods of responsibility in human history in the subjugation of Satan. The first period of responsibility is through God and the prophets. The second period is through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; and the third is through the saints on earth.

Although the responsibility for the human fall is man's, the responsibility for the original creation of man is God's; therefore, the primary responsibility to subjugate Satan is also in God's hands.

Moses' dispensational course of life shows God's primary responsibility. God was responsible in this period and worked through the prophets who directly received instructions from Him. This Old Testament Age is the first period and is the responsibility of God and the Holy Prophets.

The secondary responsibility of subjugating Satan was in our new ancestor, Jesus Christ. Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been responsible for subjugating Satan in the New Testament Age, the second period of responsibility.

As a third responsibility, the descendants of Adam and Eve have to subjugate Satan because man himself is responsible for the fall. All saints on earth should be responsible for subjugating Satan in the third period which can be called the Complete Testament Age. The saints on earth are responsible in this period.

2. Based On the Law of Indemnity and Restoration Point of View--TAANG-GAAM BOK-KGWI

God's Indemnity and Restoration Providence covers the 6,000 year period up to now.

First is the period of the Foundation for the Restoration Providence covering 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham.

Second is the period of the Restoration Providence covering 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus.

Third is the period of the Prolongation of the Restoration Providence covering another 2,000 years from Jesus to the Second Coming. The actual providence of the restoration course was extended 2,000 years because of the crucifixion of Jesus and this period of Prolonged Restoration Providence brings us to the present day.

God always chooses a group or a people as a central race to fulfill His Restoration Providence, as we see by the following diagram:

Before Christ, God chose first Israel, the Jewish people. They were responsible for carrying out God's Will for the restoration of mankind and the preparation for Christ.

After Christ's crucifixion, second Israel, or Christianity, was chosen. Christianity is responsible for the preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.

Christ's followers will form the third Israel through the Ministry of the Second Coming. They will be chosen and be responsible for the completion of God's Restoration Providence and will establish the Kingdom with Christ.

IV. God's Word Reveals His Plan for Restoration

What historical materials can be used in finding God's Restoration Providence? Secular world history, such as that of Egypt, the Roman Empire, or China will not give us the answers. We must use the Word of God to prove the works of God. Bible history reveals God's Restoration Providence. The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments contain God's Word. In this scope we find God's plan revealed.

The 4000-year history of first Israel in the Old Testament reveals God's Restoration Providence centering in the Jewish Nation and the Messiah.

The four main divisions in the Old Testament correspond with those in the New Testament and reveal that God's Restoration Providence is prolonged after Christ's crucifixion. The history of Christianity is the continuation of the Book of Acts to the present day and reveals second Israel.

We have, in the following series of dynamic lectures, a complete picture of God's 6000 years Restoration Providence. There are 3 periods consisting of 2000 years each. We will show how God has followed the same pattern in each period.

Human history is the unfolding record of the fulfillment of God's work for the restoration of man on earth. When we study this divine pattern, step by step, we can plainly see how God works through mankind to accomplish His Divine Purpose. God is directing human history to accomplish His Divine Will and God's original plan will be completed through the Second Coming.

Dispensation is a system of principles, promises and rules ordained and administered by God for a respective age toward mankind. Let us discuss respective dispensations in human history. 

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