Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim

Chapter Six - The Principle of Resurrection


I. Definition of Resurrection

1. To Be Dead According to Man's Point of View
2. To Be Dead According to God's Point of View
3. To Be Alive to God One Must Have Obtained Five Conditions
4. The Meaning of Resurrection from the Dead

II. Resurrection Must Pass Through Three Orderly Stages of Growth

1. Formation Stage
2. Growth Stage
3. Perfection Stage

III. The First Resurrection

1. Significance
2. Qualification of Participants
3. The Number of Participants

IV. Resurrection of Spirit-Man in the Spirit-World

1. Process of Resurrection
2. Form Spirits to Life Spirit Stage
3. Life Spirits to Divine Spirit Stage

V. Effect of the Activities of Evil and Good Spirits

1. All Spirits Descend from the Spirit-World
a. Good spirits form a correlative standard
b. Evil spirits are easy to contact
2. Reincarnation, Viewed as Descent of Spirits on Earth

VI. Unification of All Religions

1. Descent of Spirit Saints to Christianity
2. Descent of Spirit Saints to Other Religions
3. Entire Spirit-World Shall Mobilize


Modern fundamental theologians as a whole believe that at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ there shall be a resurrection of the body and a reunion of the physical body with the soul from which it has been separated. They say both the just and the unjust shall have part in the resurrection. To the just it shall be resurrection unto life and the body shall be like Jesus Christ's, but to the unjust it shall be resurrection unto condemnation. Furthermore, those who are living at Christ's coming shall receive spiritual bodies without passing through death.

Two objections have been raised to the orthodox doctrine of resurrection.

The exegetical objection rests on the scripture:

I Cor. 15:44 "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual, body."

The scientific objection states that a resurrection of the particles of the body at death is impossible. It also states that resurrection of the former dead body, having such a remote physical connection with the present spirit body-cannot be recognized by the former inhabiting soul, or by other witnessing spirits as the same as that which was laid in the grave.

I. Definition of Resurrection

1. To Be Dead According to Man's Point of View

The term "to be dead" or "to die" from the viewpoint of man is the separation of the physical body from the spirit when the physical body returns to the earth. This is the traditional and common concept of man today, but from God's point of view the term death, or to die, has an entirely different meaning.

2. Death, According to God's Point of View

Throughout the remainder of this chapter we will call the soul, or spirit, the spirit-man. Let us find the meaning of death according to a deeper theory following God's divine principle. Let us consider the spirit-man which is the spirit entity living within the physical body.

Gen. 2:17 "But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shall surely die."

Yet according to Gen. 5:5 Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years. Obviously, this death is not literal physical death, but death of the spirit-man or spiritual separation from God.

The physical body is the soil in which the spirit-man grows, as we see in:

Gen. 3:19 "... till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."
Job 34:15 "All flesh shall perish together, and man shall turn again unto dust."
Ecc. 12:5-7 "... Man goeth to his long home, (spirit-world) . . . then shall the dust (body) return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."

When man's physical body dies, he discards it because the physical body was not created to last or live forever. God made the soul or spirit-man to live forever. The physical body is like a man's clothing: when worn out it is no longer useful and must be discarded. The physical body is merely a house, a shell, or a covering for the spirit-man. When the physical body dies, the spirit-man goes into the spirit-world. Scripture tells us this is true. The spirit never dies, but the flesh is laid away in the earth. If the physical body had been created to live forever on the earth, there would have been no need of creating the spirit-man within the physical body. There would have been no need for the spirit-world where the spirit-man lives forever. Christians would not go to Paradise to be with Christ. The Bible tells us the spirit-man returns to God in Heaven and the body returns to the earth.

Therefore, death, according to God's Divine Principle of Creation, is not separation of the spirit from the body -- man's concept of physical death. The laying aside of the fleshly body is not death in the sight of God. To God's eye it is death of the spirit-man which lives within the physical body -- the separation of the spirit-man from God.

Eph. 5:14 "... therefore he saith, Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light."

Paul, in speaking to the Church at Ephesus, was saying to the congregation, "You are dead! You people must find a spiritual awakening. You can find life in Christ."

Rom. 6:11 "Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord."
I Tim. 5:6 "But she that liveth (physically) in pleasure is dead (spiritually) while she liveth ..."
Luke 17:33 "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it."

One who lives only for the material and physical things of life will lose his spiritual life. The spiritual growth is fulfilled only by those who seek for a spiritual life centering in God.

When the five conditions to be alive are not fulfilled in man, then man is dead and we find:

First. God's word is incomplete in the individual.
Second. Man has no communion with God. Man cannot be the temple of God.
Third. Man does not possess deity.
Fourth. Man is imperfect and is not under God's direct control.
Fifth. Man is dead to God when he is incapable of receiving God's direct and perfect love.

"To be dead" means to be cut off from God and His Love. Because of man's failure and fall, man must be resurrected and be restored, to receive God and His Love. In God's Principle, death is the opposite of life (to be alive).

3. To Be Alive to God, One Must Have Obtained the Following Five Conditions.

First. He must be the consummator of the Word of God. (Adam did not obey the Word of God "not to eat" and fulfill the blessing of "dominionship of the universe", so Adam and Eve could not be the communicator of the Word of God in the Garden of Eden.
Second. He must be the temple of God.
Third. He must possess deity.
Fourth. He must be under God's direct control.
Fifth. He must have perfect love for God and oneness with God.

4. The Meaning of Resurrection from the Dead

Let us consider a new theory on resurrection which explains many facts which have in the past been a mystery to man.

Resurrection is the transitional process by which the fallen man, who is under the control of Satan, is returning to the original stage where perfect man is able to have direct communion with God, possesses deity, and is under God's direct control. Man should then receive God's direct love.

God is now completing the resurrection of the individual to his original state of "being alive in relation to God," whereby man shall live in perfection with God forever.

There is no outward change in the physical body after complete resurrection. After complete salvation, which is resurrection, there is no change in the physical body, but the spirit-man is perfected. There were no outward or physical changes in the physical bodies of Adam and Eve. Before the fall and after the fall, their physical bodies remained the same. The death was of the spirit-man.

There is no difference in physical appearance between regenerated saints and robbers, thieves, pickpockets, or murderers. There was no physical or fleshly difference between the human body of Jesus and the human bodies of His brothers and sisters. There was no outward physical difference between Jesus and His physical followers, or sinners, but a great inward spiritual difference. He looked like an ordinary man. But Jesus' spirit-man was not the same.

Likewise, there will be a great inward difference in the spirit-man after the resurrection. It is the spirit-man which must be perfected in am while living on earth. After complete resurrection:

1) man feels joy
2) man has oneness with God in divine heart
3) man receives divine love and shining light
4) there is absence of any condition to give Satan a chance to invade or accuse and
5) there is the absence of fear ... the absence of sin.

Resurrection of man is an inward spiritual phenomena changing the fallen depraved spirit-man to a restored and beautiful spirit-man in the sight of God; then only can the spirit-man became God's image and reflect beauty, joy and love to God.

What then, is God's Providence of Resurrection? Salvation means to salvage, or save, or restore mankind. Salvation has the same meaning as restoration; restoration is re-creation. Re-creation is also the resurrection. When this is understood we can see that salvation is actually the process of resurrection. So:

1. Salvation = 2. Restoration = 3. Re-Creation = 4. Resurrection

There we two groups subject to resurrection. First, the resurrection of men who are living on the earth in a physical body, and seconds the resurrection of the spirit-man now living in the spirit-world; or those past saints in the old Testament and New Testament ages who had left their physical bodies before attaining perfection of the spirit-man while on earth.

II. Resurrection Must Pass through Three Orderly Stages of Growth

According to the Principle of Creation this re-creation (resurrection) must pass through three orderly stages of growth. These stages we can call Formation, Growth and Perfection. The following diagram shows the three stages of growth of the spirit-man within the physical body:

1. Formation Stage (Old Testament Age)

The first stage, or Formation Stage of resurrection is the Old Testament Age. It began in the period from Adam to Abraham which is God's foundation period for the process of resurrection of men while living on the earth. In the period from Abraham to the time of Jesus, God gave His Word in order to re-create or resurrect man. Through the Mosaic Law, the Old Testament saints were justified to God and accomplished the resurrection of their spirit-man to the first stage while living on the earth. In the Old Testament age the saints on earth attained approximately thirty percent of their spiritual growth, which can be called the Form Spirit Stage.

2. Growth Stage (New Testament Age)

Second is the Growth Stage of Resurrection. From Jesus to the Second Coming God has given the word of re-creation through the New Testament. At this time each saint on earth can attain approximately sixty percent of the growth of his spirit-man. The New Testament saints are justified through faith in Jesus Christ, and can accomplish only 60% of the resurrection of their spirit-man while on-earth. They are resurrected to the stage of Life Spirit and live in Paradise with Jesus.

When we reach the highest level of the Growth Stage, we who are already in the new age and all saints are automatically the agents for the Second Coming, the ministry of the Universal Lord. We are in the position of John the Baptist to prepare the way for the coming Lord.

Peculiar spiritual phenomena happen when people attain resurrection to the highest level of the Growth Stage where Adam and Eve fell. We are then in a position to restore the lost position of Adam and Eve. This lordship over all things was not attained by Adam and Eve; they lost their spiritual growth when they fell. Therefore, to certain people, God gives the revelation, "You are the lord", "You are the bride", which means they have grown to the stage in which Adam and Eve fell, and this comes to inspire them to accomplish great work for the coming Lord.

There are three mission fields for those who receive this revelation:

First, those who are responsible for the local or state level become agents for this work area or mission field.
Second, those who are agents and are responsible for the second area on a national mission level.
Third, those who are responsible for the third area; and are agents for the coming Lord on an international level.

These persons must be humble and cooperate with one another. Those who are responsible for the local and state level must be willing to be guided or led by those responsible for the national level. Those on the national level must cooperate with those on the international level. Only by guidance and revelation can all these persons fulfill their respective missions that they may receive their blessing from the Lord through the Second Coming Ministry.

Because of symbolic or complicated revelations which will be given in the last days, men and women will become confused. When spiritual confusion comes into being, many people regard one another as Satanic or heretic. They must use wisdom and realize each person must fulfill a different mission field. In each field that individual only can accomplish the specific work assigned by God. God reveals "you are the lord" to stimulate each one to a more diligent effort. Gradually all these people will be united by the Ministry of the Second Coming.

3. Perfection Stage (Complete Testament Age)

The third and final stage is the Perfection Stage of Resurrection. The word of re-creation in the third stage of Resurrection is the Complete Testament, and will be accomplished through the Ministry of the Second Coming. Testament means promise. The Complete Testament will be the completion of the promises which God gave in the Old Testament and New Testament.

Men who, in this third and final stage, have reached perfection spiritually on earth, while in the physical body, shall after leaving the physical body, go to the Heavenly Kingdom into the spirit-world. Only the perfect spirit-man can go into the Heavenly Kingdom of God.

Complete Testament saints will attain 100% (or perfection) of spirit-man's growth and they will form Divine Spirit, or become luminous beings. God originally created man and woman to become perfect in spirit and body, to live in the Kingdom on the earth as perfect beings in this earthly life, and after physical life, pass into the Heavenly Kingdom in the spirit-world as perfect spirit beings. This will be realized only as God opens the way through the Second Coming. The Kingdom must be realized first upon the earth. This is why the Second Coming will appear to man on the earth.

God has given His Word in three different stages. Man lost this perfection in the beginning by disobedience to the Word of God. Mankind has entered and is now under the third and final stage of God's Restoration Providence. This resurrection providence is the process of restoring fallen mankind by the Word. The Earthly Kingdom will be established by God and the ideal of the Heavenly Kingdom win be realized, but the perfect ideal kingdom must be realized upon the earth first. When man attains the Divine Spirit, by completing growth in the third stage, the Perfection Stage, this will establish the Earthly Kingdom on the earth.

III. The First Resurrection

The first resurrection which will be accomplished on the earth, through men on the earth, shall take place at the time of the Second Coming. The book of Revelation is the futuristic prophecy of the Second Coming.

Rev. 20:6 "Blessed and Holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years."

1. Significance of the First Resurrection

For the first time since human history began there shall appear men on earth who shall have original sin removed. This will be accomplished through the Second Coming Ministry. For the first time men and women will become true sons and daughters of God, not adopted children as Paul tells us we now are.

2. Qualifications of Participants in the First Resurrection at the Second Coming

1) They must be men on this earth.
2) They must be those who have completed resurrection to the stage of Divine Spirit, which is the perfection of the spirit-man while living within the physical body.
3) They must have no original sin.
4) They must be those who are attending on and serving the Lord in the Second Coming work.

How will people know where this Second Coming work is being carried out? They must find the place where the work of the Second Coming Ministry is being fulfilled. All persons must watch and prepare.

3. Number of Participants

How many will participate in the First Resurrection at the time of the Second Coming and attend on the Lord? As we read the following verse we must realize that it should not be interpreted literally. This was a futuristic revelation, a vision and it is spiritual and symbolic.

Rev. 14:1 "And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with Him an hundred forty and four thousand having his Father's name written in their foreheads."

This is not an exact number. It is symbolic of a complete number. The number one hundred forty four originates from the number three which symbolizes Heaven, (see chapter Two) and the number four which symbolizes the earth (see Chapter Eight). The perfect action between heaven (God) and earth (perfect man), is three times four which equals twelve. The multiple symbolizes the completion of God's original purpose in heaven and on the earth. The multiple twelve times twelve is 144 and again multiplied by 100 it reaches 144,000. This shows the act, between two complete numbers to fulfill the divine providence for Restoration and the First Resurrection. This represents the gathering or multiplying of His Saints at the Second Coming. This is not a literal number but the symbol of a "certain number" who are the first ones to receive His seal, a number which will complete the first phase of the fulfillment of Second Coming work. In the next stage of the, Second Coming Ministry many others will follow and receive His Blessing. But the most blessed are those in the First Resurrection, in the group who are first to recognize His Ministry, follow His Ministry, love and serve Him.

IV. Resurrection of Spirit-Man in the Spirit-World

1. Process of Resurrection

What is the process of resurrection in the spirit-world? The spirit-saints In the Old Testament and New Testament ages who have died, are in their spirit bodies in the spirit-world. They could not accomplish perfection of the spirit-man on the earth, while living in the physical body. They can progress and accordingly their resurrection in the spirit-world by their descent to saints on earth. By cooperating with saints on earth they advance or raise their spiritual level.

According to the Principle of Creation, the spirit-man is able to grow to Perfection only in the soil of the physic al body. All spirit-saints have gone to the spirit-world after taking off their fleshly body (physical death) before the Completion or Perfection of their spirit-man while living on earth. All these spirit-saints shall descend to the earth and must cooperate with persons on the earth. By cooperating with persons on earth, these spirit-saints receive benefit to supplement their unfinished spiritual growth. In this way they advance. They progress or attain resurrection in the spirit-world. Many ministering spirits try to stimulate and inspire the saints on earth. Spirit-saints in the spirit-world cooperate through persons on earth by the following methods:

1) By speaking unknown or known tongues.
2) Through prophesying.
3) By giving inspiration.
4) By dream revelations.
5) Holy Fire.
6) Physical help (extraordinary strength in times of need.)
7) To be forewarned and avert disaster or accident.
8) Extra sensory perception.

Many other manifestations of spiritual gifts are the result of cooperation by the spirit-saints in the spirit-world with the saints on the earth.

The following diagram will show the three stages of resurrection in the spirit, world:

2. Form Spirits to Life Spirit Stage

The Form Spirits in the Formation Stage -- Old Testament Age, were resurrected to Life Spirit, the second stage, in Jesus' Day -- New Testament Age. All saints on earth, from Adam until Jesus' ministry, passed into the Form Spirit stage in the spirit-world. All Form Spirit-saints in the spirit-world descended to cooperate on the earth and help the ministry of Jesus. They cooperated with saints on earth who would enter Paradise by their faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Jesus' ministry completed the second stage of Resurrection.

The followers or saints on earth who served Jesus while living on the earth were automatically raised, or resurrected, through faith in Christ to the second stage, or Life Spirit Stage, while still living on the earth. Therefore, when their physical body passed away their spirit-man advanced into the spirit-world. Having attained the Life Spirit Stage, they automatically go to the second stage -- Paradise, in the spirit-world. The spirit-saint who cooperated with that person was, at the same time, lifted or resurrected from the first stage or Old Testament Age, in the spirit-world, to the second stage, New Testament Age -- Paradise, in the spirit-world, because of his cooperation with the saints on earth through Jesus' ministry. The spirit-saint in the spirit-world cannot advance until the person on earth dies and his spirit is elevated to a higher plane in the spirit-world. Spirit-saints must wait for the advancement of saints on the earth.

Heb. 11:39-40 "And these all, (the Old Testament saints) having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect."

Let us remember, the spirit-saint does this for his own growth or benefit, not for the benefit of the saints on earth. This work is the only means by which spirit-saints can complete their spiritual growth to obtain the privilege of the age and advance to a higher level in the spirit-world. This is the process of resurrection in the spirit-world, the Resurrection of the Dead.

After Jesus' resurrection, this witness or revelation was given of the resurrection of spirit-saints in the spirit-world:

Matt. 27:51-53 "And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many."

This was the resurrection or promotion of the saints who had died, from the Old Testament Age, who were in a lower stage, the Form Spirit Stage. They were resurrected to the Growth Stage or New Testament Age through Jesus' ministry. Resurrected of those past saints to a higher level in the spirit-world was accomplished by their cooperation through descending to saints on earth in Jesus' Day.

Only the spirits were resurrected (raised) to Paradise, not the physical bodies. If the physical bodies had appeared, everyone would have believed in Jesus' resurrection and His teachings and would have no doubt as to the physical resurrection of Jesus or these dead saints. There would have been no persecution of the followers of Christ, but this phenomena was seen only by spiritually gifted persons at that time.

3. Life Spirits to Divine Spirit Stage

The resurrection of the second stage Life Spirits in the spirit-world to the third stage of Perfection, Divine Spirit, or luminous beings, will be during the ministry of the Second Coming. We apply the same theory to the resurrection of second stage Life Spirits to Divine Spirit -- or the Perfection Stage, as we have just used for the resurrection of Old Testament saints -- Form Spirits to Paradise and Life Spirit.

All the Life Spirit saints in Paradise shall descend to men on earth who will complete their spiritual growth to Divine Spirit while on earth by ministering unto the Lord of the Second Coming. Later when those saints on earth die (leave the physical body) they go to the Heavenly Kingdom as a perfect spirit-saint, a Divine Spirit. The Life Spirit saints living in the spirit-world, who cooperate with the followers of the Second Coming on earth will be resurrected to the number one Heavenly Kingdom. Thus, by cooperation they may complete their resurrection from Life Spirit to Divine Spirit, but only through the Second Coming Ministry.

Jude 1:14, "And Enoch also, the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied of these saying, 'Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousand of His saints.'"

This refers to the Second Coming of Christ, and is the descent and cooperation of the spirit-saints who will minister to men on earth at the time of the Second Coming. God is sending thousands of saints in the spirit-world to help and cooperate for the completion of God's Restoration Providence.

Matt. 18:18, "Verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven."

The earth is the center of activity. A person must gain Divine Spirit on earth, or he will not enter the Heavenly Kingdom as a perfect spirit. If one loses his chance to attain spiritual life or does not advance spiritually on earth, he will go into the spirit-world in whatever state he has attained while on earth. We must obtain spiritual perfection, or attain Divine Spirit while we are yet living upon the earth.

V. Effect of the Activities of Evil and Good Spirits

1. All Spirits Descend from the Spirit-world

In order to obtain the privileges of this age, all spirits descend from the spirit-world. In order to receive spiritual benefits, all spirit-saints must have a connection or correlation to make a base with saints and men on earth. To receive benefit there must be action of give and take between the subject and object to accomplish a specific work or mission.

Heb. 11:39-40 "and these all (Old Testament saints) having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect."
a. Good spirits want to form a correlative standard with good people on earth to receive the spiritual benefits of the age. It is not easy to have give and take relationship with good spirits.
b. Evil spirits, however, are easy to contact. They form a correlative standard with persons on earth that they might receive spiritual benefits of the advancing age.

In the latter days, many people will experience contact by evil spirits, resulting in mental illness or insanity caused by these evil forces. Every year in the U.S.A. alone, evil forces are partly to blame for the great number of mental patients, suicide cases, and murders by normal, law-abiding people. If the medical profession were willing to accept this point of view, much could be done to alleviate the situation. Among the most vulnerable to attack by these unseen evil forces will be the intellectual young people, particularly those with the highest education. In the latter days this type of spiritual phenomena will prevail throughout the world, uncontrolled, because people do not understand the spirit-world and cannot fight these unseen forces of evil. We must understand the spirit-world or we cannot fight in this latter "last day." The reader must not misunderstand; all murders, suicides and all crimes are not entirely caused by the operation of evil forces. We cannot tell at the moment what kind of relationship exists between man and these evil forces, but we need further research.

Ephesians 6:10-12 "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

2. Reincarnation, Viewed as Descent of Spirits on Earth

God accomplishes His overall purpose of the Restoration Providence by calling individuals to specific missions according to their ability to fulfill His Divine Will for that specific mission. After the death of that person, or if a person gives up his mission, God succeeds or continues the mission with another person who has the same type of character and ability in order to accomplish, step by step, generation after generation, the fulfillment and completion of the Restoration Providence.

The limit of a mission is accomplished from an individual level to a national, to an international, and to the universal level. For example we see the restoration was accomplished on an individual level by Jacob, on a national level by Moses, on an international level by Jesus. The universal level will be accomplished through the Ministry of the Second Coming.

Spirit-saints, all people who have died, come down from the spirit-world and find the same type of mission saints or persons on the earth. These persons can be regarded as the second persons of those saints from the spirit-world. Those saints in the spirit-world cooperate only to raise their own spiritual level to Perfection.

To many people this looks like the reincarnation, or rebirth of past saints. For example, Elijah the prophet descended to John the Baptist to help him complete the unfinished work of Elijah. This is not reincarnation, but the spiritual phenomena of spirit-saints descending to the saints on earth, or cooperation from the spirit-world to accomplish their mission, and fulfill God's will.

The new insights are explored in the theory of reincarnation which we practiced by religions other than Christianity. We do not have enough space to allow further comment and criticism an this, in this section.

VI. Unification of All Religions

God will accomplish the unification of religion by means of the descent of all spirit-saints to men on earth.

1. Descent of Spirit-Saints to Christianity

Just as the spirit of Elijah descended to the earth to help John the Baptist as a forerunner to witness before Jesus Christ, many spirit-saints will descend to the earth before the Second Coming, to work through followers, who will witness to the Seemed. Coming.

All the saints in Paradise know the place of the Second Coating, the time of Christ's Coming and who He is, so they descend to saints in their faith or denominations helping and guiding them to gather around the saints or places where the Second Coming will come and minister. In order to complete or perfect their spirit growth to the Divine Spirit level, all spirit-saints in the spirit-world and all the Christian followers on earth must pass through the Second Coming.

In this diagram we will show the descent of spirit-saints and the unification of Christianity through the Second Coming:

Finally, all denominations shall be united under the ministry of the Second Coming by means of the descent of spirit-saints to the earthly saints. Only the Second Coming will unite Christianity. The cooperation of spirit-saints and earthly saints will bring unity to Christianity in one faith, one Christ, and one God. There can be no unity without divine intervention. There can be no peace or harmony between denominations until they all submit to the one authority, Christ, and stand as a people to face God.

God's purpose in the creation of man is that all humankind will go to the Heavenly Kingdom after the completion of their Divine Spirits while living on earth. This is the reason why all humankind needs the Second Coming. Without the Second Coming man cannot attain the stage of Divine Spirit.

2. Descent of Spirit-Saints to Other Religions

What of religions other than Christianity? Are they lost in the sight of God? All conscientious religions that lead humankind to the direction of divine conscience are founded in the Will of God in order to accomplish a certain purpose for the Restoration Providence in a specific age in specific places for different races. The final goals of all conscientious religions are identical, to find the Almighty One. The desire for peace, harmony, the brotherhood and freedom of all humankind, is the hope of all.

God has used Christianity as the central religion to accomplish the purpose of God's Restoration Providence; thus, Christianity is the legitimate religion to God. We may compare them as follows: Christianity is the central government while other religions can be called auxiliary, subsidiary or social organizations to help the government locally or nationally.

According to the theory of the descent of spirit-saints, all religious founders in the spirit-world will come down to earth; they must guide their followers to surrender to saints where the Second Coming Ministry is taking place. They must find the place where the Second Coming Ministry is being fulfilled, in order to obtain benefits of their own religion before God. All religions must come through Christianity to receive the Christ and the blessings of the Second Coming of Christ.

As such, all religionists shall gather in one work. All religions must cooperate and by the descent of spirit-saints there will be a great work fulfilled, and they shall gather in one place, united for one purpose.

In the following diagram we see how the religious founders and their spirit-saints in the spirit-world descend and cooperate with saints on earth for the unity of religion:

3. The Entire Spirit-World Shall Mobilize

Not only Christianity, but even the non-religionists and conscientious people will receive help from the descent of spirit-saints and all shall gather in one place. By the power of God, and the witness of the spirit-world, there can be unity of the people and nations of the world.

Satan witnessed that Jesus was the Son of God. Evil spirits and Satan knew Christ and His mission.

Matt. 8:29 "And, behold. they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?"

All the spirit-saints, angels, Satan and his followers, the entire spirit-world will witness to the Second Coming Ministry. There shall be the resurrection of the spirit-world and the physical world, There shall be harmony, love, joy and peace between the two worlds. Jesus told us to pray for the Kingdom, of Heaven on earth.

"Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."
"I will be their God and they shall be my people."

Chapter Six -- Summary

1. We have presented a new theory of resurrection which is different from the Christian point of view. According to God's viewpoint, death is the separation of the spirit from God. To be alive to God, man must have obtained the following five conditions or requirements:

1.) Man must be the consumator of the Word of God.
2.) He must be the temple of God.
3.) He must possess deity.
4.) He must be under direct control of God.
5.) He must have perfect love for God, and oneness with God.

2. There are two kinds of resurrection: man on earth and spirit-saints in the spirit-world. Resurrection from the dead is spiritual restoration. To be re-created or resurrected, one must pass through three orderly stages, Formation, Growth, and Perfection, following the Principle of Creation. The First Resurrection which will take place at the Second Coming will be the restoration of the living saints on the earth today. Resurrection of the spirit-man in the spirit-world is the advancement they attain by cooperation to restore men on the earth. Spirits descend from the spirit-world for their own advancement and their own benefit. Although it is quite difficult to have give and take with good spirits it is easy to contact evil spirits.

3. The theory of re-incarnation by other religions is explained as the spiritual phenomena of the descent of spirit-saints on earth.

4. Finally, unification of all religions, as well as unity of all Christian denominations, will be accomplished by the descent of all spirit-saints to men on earth.

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