Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim


Individual Preparation for His Coming Kingdom
Interpretation of The Principles


Preface for Revised Edition

Part I



I. The Principle of Creation

How God Created Man and the Universe

1. How Growth Begins In Each Individual Creation

2. Significant Use of the Three Number

How Can God Directly Rule the Universe and Man?

1. What is Perfection?

2. What Relationship Should There Be Between God and Creation?

a. Divine Essence in God's Creation
b. Universal Prime Power Causes Action of Give and Take
c. Proof of Universal Prime Power

Relation of Invisible Spirit-World to Visible Physical World

The Spirit-Man Within the Physical Body

1. How the Spirit-Man Grows

Why God Created Man and the Universe

1. Love to God's Eye

2. Beauty to God's Eye


III. The Purpose of the Messiahs Coming and Necessity for His Second Coming


Salvation is Restoration

God Created Man to Become Perfect in Nature

1. There Would Have Been No Original Sin

2. There Would Have Been No Need for Desperate Prayer and Repentance to Communicate With God

3. No Savior Would Have Been Necessary

It Was God's Will that Israel Should Believe in Jesus

1. God Sent John the Baptist

2. What Was John's Mission?

3. How Did the Jewish People Regard Jesus?

4. How Did Israel Look at John the Baptist?

5. Jesus Witnessed for Himself

6. How Do We Interpret the Prophecy of the Suffering and Dying Lord?

7. When Jesus Learned of His Coming Death He Taught His Disciples That They Too Must Suffer

8. Jesus Prayed In Gethsemane

9. It Is Finished

10. The Greatest Tragedy Is the Tragedy of the Jewish People

Physical Salvation Was Lost Until The Second Coming

Prophecy of the Christ as Lord Of Lords and King Of Kings

1. Scriptures on His Kingdom

2. Comparison of Two Lines of Prophecy

Man's Responsibility In the Fulfillment of God's Divine Plan


IV. Predestination

God Is Predestination of His Will

1. God Predestines Only Good for Man

2. God's Plan Widened to Include Man's Restoration

3. Man's Restoration Is Dependent on Faith

God's Predestined Will Includes Responsibility for Man

1. God Predestines Ninety-five Percent (95%), and Man's Responsibility Is Five Percent (5%)

2. What Type of Individual Is Chosen by God?

a. There are five qualifications involved
1) Divine position of a nation
2) Deeds of ancestors
3) Natural endowment
4) Accomplishment after birth
5) Aptitude of time
b. There we two requirements a man must meet
1) Complete obedience
2) Ability to use wisdom

Orthodox Interpretation of Predestination

1. Romans 8:29-30

2. Judas Iscariot

3. Romans 9:21

4. Romans 9:11-13

5. Acts 13:46


V. The Principle of the Fall of Man

Section One - The Fall


Satan's Secret

1. Questions and Opinions of Theologians Concerning the Fall

2. What Are the Two Trees, the "Tree of Life" and the "Tree of Knowledge," Which Were In the Garden of Eden?

God Has Revealed the Secret Significance Behind this Peculiar Story of Adam and Eve

1. What Does the Tree of Life" Symbolize?

2. What Does the "Tree of Knowledge" Symbolize?

The Motive and Process of the Spiritual Fall

1. What Is the Angelic World? What Are Angels?

2. God Appointed the Archangel, Lucifer, As Chief of the Angels

3. What Is the Serpent in the Gardon of Eden?

4. Angela Sin and Have Physical Contact With Men

The Motive and Process of the Physical Fall

1. Eve's Fall

2. Adam's Fall

Forbidden Love-Relation Causes Spiritual Fall and Physical Fall

Scriptural and Other Proofs to Indicate the Original Sin is Adultery to God

1. Indemnity Condition - Circumcision

2. Indemnity Condition - Jacob's Thigh

3. Sanctification or Purification

4. Abraham's Offering

5. Immorality

Section Two - Relation Between Satan and Fallen Men on Earth

Satan's Four-Position Foundation

How Satan Controls Man on Earth Through Give and Take

The Power of Love is Stronger Than the Power of the Principle

1. How Did They Deviate From the Principle?

Man Cannot Fall Because of Freedom (or Freewill)

What is the Standard of Good And Evil?

The Fallen Nature of Man

1. Jealousy

2. Pride and Arrogance

3. Defiance, Anger and Hot-blooded Temper

4. Shifting the Blame to Others

Section Three - Why God Allowed the Fall Of Man

Three Reasons For Non-Interference By God

1. God's Plan Was Absolute and Perfect

2. God Alone Is the Creator

3. Lordship Is Man's Responsibility


VI. The Principle of Resurrection


Definition of Resurrection

1. To Be Dead According to Man's Point of View

2. Death, According to God's Point of View

3. To Be Alive to God One Must Have Obtained Five Conditions

4. The Meaning of Resurrection From the Dead

Resurrection Must Pass Through Three Orderly Stages of Growth

1. Formation Stage

2. Growth Stage

3. Perfection Stage

The First Resurrection

1. Significance of the First Resurrection

2. Qualifications of Participants In the First Resurrection

3. Number of Participants

Resurrection of Spirit-Man In the Spirit-World

1. Process of Resurrection

2. Form Spirits to Life Spirit Stage

3. Life Spirits to Divine Spirit Stage

Effect of the Activities of Evil and Good Spirits

1. All Spirits Descend from the Spirit-World

a. Good spirits want to form a correlative standard
b. Evil spirits are easy to contact

2. Reincarnation, Viewed as Descent of Spirits on Earth

Unification of All Religions

1. Descent of Spirit-Saints to Christianity

2. Descent of Spirit-Saints to Other Religions

3. The Entire Spirit-World Shall Mobilize


VII. Doctrine of the Last Days

Re-Creation by the Word of God

Meaning of "The Last Days"

1. Noah's Day

2. Jesus' Day

3. The Second Coming

Phenomena of the Last Days

1. Destruction of the Earth

2. Fire Judgment

3. Resurrection of the Living and the Dead

4. The Falling of Sun, Moon, and Stars

5. Catching Up of the Saints In the Clouds

6. Pouring Out of God's Spirit Upon All Flesh On the Earth

Restoration of the Tree of Life

Outward Signs of the Last Days in This World Today

1. All Mankind Is Seeking Liberty from Suppression

2. Demand By Women for Equality With Men

3. Protection of Human Rights

4. Spiritual Hunger and Thirst

Separation of Good from Evil

1. Democracy Versus Communism

2. Crossing Point of Good and Evil

Direction of Human History In Terms of Science


VIII. Christology


Union With God

1. The Value of God's Original Man, the First Adam

Our Relationship With Jesus Christ

1. First Adam and Jesus from the Viewpoint, of the Tree of Life

2. First Adam and Jesus from the Viewpoint of the Logos Doctrine

3. The Logos from the Viewpoint of God's Two Essentialities

The Differences Between Jesus And Fallen Mankind

1. Fallen Man Possesses No Deity

2. Jesus Is Not Almighty God, the Father

Regeneration From the Viewpoint of God's Restoration Providence

1. Three Four-position Foundations

2. Restored Perfect Adam Capacity

3. Holy Spirit - Restored Perfect Eve Capacity

The Trinity

1. Orthodox View on the Trinity

2. God's Viewpoint of the Trinity

a. God's original ideal of a trinity form
b. Satan's trinity
c. Restored Spiritual Trinity
d. God's Original Trinity Perfected


Part II

IX. Introduction to the Principal of Restoration Providence

Human History Records God's Providential Restoration

1. The Need for Restoration

2. God Uses the Principle of the Heavenly Unit

3. God Uses the Principle of "Indemnity and Restoration"

a. "4"number
b. God's Restoration is accomplished through men

Restoration Is Accomplished According to the Law of Indemnity

1. Definition and Process of the Law of Indemnity and Restoration

2. Basic Formula for Indemnity Condition of Restoration

a. Equal value indemnity
b. Lesser value indemnity

3. Method of Restoration

a. Four examples
b. Specific indemnity requirements

Human History Can Be Classified In Two Categories

1. Based on Responsibility Point of View

2. Based on the Law of Indemnity and Restoration Point of View

God's Word Reveals His Plan For Restoration

X. Dispensation for the Foundation of the Restoration Providence

Dispensation Centering In Adam's Family

1. Offering As Indemnity Condition

2. Who Is Responsible for Giving the Offering?

3. God's Basis for Assigning Cain's and Abel's Representation
a. Reversely trace the fall

b. Two results of relationship determine the positions of Cain and Abel

4. Determination of God's and Satan's Claims

a. Abel to God; Cain to Satan
b. Cain's opportunity to come to God
c. Cain's jealousy results in murder and nullifies God's plan for Adam's family
d. Lost conditions by Cain's act

5. Lessons to Be Learned

a. God cannot interfere with man's responsibility on earth
b. Anyone in the position of Cain is able to approach God but only through someone who is in the position of Abel

The Dispensation Centering in Noah's Family

1. Four-Position Foundation

2. The Significance of the Flood Judgment

3. The Significance of the Ark

4. Prophetic Acts of Noah

5. Foundation of Faith

6. Sin of Han

7. Result of Ham's Act

8. Lessons to be Learned

Dispensation Centering in Abraham's Family

1. Abraham, Is Chosen

a. Four-position Foundation
b. Foundation of Faith in symbolic offering
1) Meaning of offering
2) Symbolism in division of offering
c. Lesson to be learned

2. Isaac Is Chosen

a. Separation of Satan through Isaac
b. Abraham's faith and obedience
c. The origin of the three-day period
d. Lessons to be learned

3. Jacob Is Chosen

a. Birthright
b. Jacob's four-position foundation
c. Esau's mission
d. God of three generations
e. Lesson to be learned
f. Jacob's life is a model course for subjugation of Satan

XI. The Restoration Providence

The Bible Historical Synchronization Chart and Explanation

Dispensation Centering In Moses

1. Moses Is Chosen

a. Four conditions
b. Three signs to prove his call
c. Four-position Foundation
d. Indemnity Condition

2. National Restoration Providence

a. Foundation of Faith
b. Breaking tablets of stone
c. Spying out Canaan
d. Striking the rock twice
e. Foundation of faith lost

3. Jesus Follows Moses' Course

4. Lessons to be Learned

a. Although Moses was chosen
b. God could not interfere
c. Belief In God would have
d. Because of disbelief
e. For every hardship

Historical Synchronization In Preparation for the Messiah

1. The 400 Years of Slavery in Egypt

2. Judges In the Next 400 Years

3. The 120-Year Period of the United Kingdom

4. The Kingdom Was Divided 400 Years

5. The Jewish Exile of 70 Years

6. The Returning Period of 140 Years

7. The Period of Preparation for the Messiah's Coming (400 Years)

Dispensation Centering in Jesus Christ

1. Foundation for Jesus' mission

a. The four conditions
1) The "4" number
2) The "100 number
3) The faith
4) The Adam-type person
b. Foundation of Faith through John the Baptist
c. Jesus' three kinds of temptations by Satan
1) To recover 3 conditions
2) Why were three kinds of temptations necessary?
3) The significance of the temptations by Satan
4) Foundation of Faith accomplished and destroyed
d. The significance of the Cross
1) Satan's victory is defeat
2) God's defeat is victory

2. Spiritual Foundation Of Faith

a. The 40-day resurrection period before His ascension

b. Spiritual Foundation accomplished

c. The necessity of the Prolongation of the Restoration Providence

XII. Prolongation Of The Restoration Providence

Historical Synchronization In Preparation For His Second Coming

1. The 400 Years Persecution of the Church by the Roman Empire

2. The 400 Years of the Church Patriarchs

3. The 120 Years of the United Christian Empire

4. The 400 Years of Divided Empires

5. The 70 Years of Papal Exile

6. The 140 Years of Returning and Renaissance

7. The 400 Years of Preparation for the Second Coming

Meaning of the Separation of the Three Powers, Viewed From the Principles

The Inevitability of World Wars Viewed From God's Restoration Providence

1. Satan Must Attack Against the Heavenly Nations to Maintain His Sovereignty of Evil Continuously on Earth

2. The World-Wide Indemnity Conditions Must Be Paid in Order to Restore God's Three Great Blessings to Mankind, Which Were Lost by First Adam

3. In Order That Mankind Might Pass Through Three Kinds of Temptation by Satan, in the World-Wide Scale, There Must Be Three World Wars

4. In Order to Establish God's Sovereignty of Good Which Was Lost, There Must Be Three World Wars As the World-Wide Indemnity Condition

5. What Are the Criteria to Decide Which is a Heavenly Nation and Which is a Satanic Nation in Relation to the World Wars?

Time of Appearance of the Second Coming in Relation To The World Wars

1. World War I Set Up the Formation Stage Foundation of Indemnity Condition

2. World War II Set Up the Growth Stage Foundation of Indemnity Condition

3. World War III Will Be An Indemnity Condition In the Perfection Stage

XIII. Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ

His Second Coming Will Be A Factual Event

The Events Which Are To Take Place Before His Coming

The Time of His Second Coming

The Present Day And The Day of Jesus Christ, Viewed From Me Synchronization Theory

Several Theories as to the Manner of His Coming

The Place of the Second Coming

1. The Nation Should Establish the National Foundation According to the Principle of Indemnity and Restoration

2. The Nation Must Be God's Front Line and, at the Same Time, Satan's Front Line

3. The Nation Must Be the Objective Position of the Heart of God (Who In the Subjective Position)

4. The Nation Should, as a Chosen Nation, Have Spiritual Proofs From God

5. All Past Civilizations Must Culminate in the Chosen Nation

What Are The Purposes Of His Second Coming?

1. To Consummate God's Ideal Creation of Man and the Universe

2. To End the Dominion of Satan Over the Earth and the Spirit-World

3. To Complete and Fulfill the Prophecies of the Old and New Testaments

4. To Restore All Conditions and Important Individuals That Have Been Lost to Satan Since the Beginning of God's Restoration Providence

5. To Bring One Faith to Mankind by Uniting the Scattered Christian Denominations and All Major Religious

6. To Bring One Language on Earth

7. To Receive All Things as the Lord of the Universe and to be Received by All Mankind as Their Father

How Can We Be Ready For His Second Coming?

1. Our Hearts Must Not be Weighed Down with Dissipation and Drunkenness and the Cares of This Life

2. Our Daily Life Must Be Godly, Sober and Righteous, and We Must Constantly Be Looking Forward to the Blessed Hope Described in the Bible

3. Our Hearts Must be Ready for New Ideas and New Truths Which Will Change the Old Ideas

4. We Must Be Watchful

5. We Must Battle Satan by Constantly Battling Satan and Searching for the Hidden Truth in the Bible

6. We Must Occupy 10 Pounds Till He Comes


Introduction to the Declaration of the United Faith

Declaration of the Articles of United Faith

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