Individual Preparation For His Coming Kingdom

by Sang Chul (David) Kim


In the spring of 1961, the author completed the lecture series, which is presented in this book. The series consists of 18 lectures and were delivered to regular meetings of laymen Christian groups at St. Helena and Portland, Oregon.

The present task of the author is to present the core of our Master Teacher's instruction and direction for the New Age, and for His Coming Kingdom so that western-minded people might read and more easily digest our Master Teacher's message and apply it to their daily lives.

Publication of this book has been delayed several years, first by linguistic difficulties in conveying expressions of ideas and exact meaning of new terms and concepts, which originated from the Orient and are quite new and fresh to the western mind. This is, of course, the difficulty with the translation of any original manuscript into similar foreign expression.

Another factor delaying this publication was the author's status as a foreign student in a state universities and that the author's studies toward an advanced degree required most of his time. There was an intentional delay while the author spent a long period of time constantly observing and studying various aspects of higher educational curricula including the modern tendency of theology, philosophy, and exegetics of the Bible. The author found that some extreme fundamentalists and liberals would not shed their theological shells, prejudices, old ideas and established doctrines when the new message was presented to them. Some rejected the new message for fear of losing the domination and control of their followers. Others would not listen because of intolerance toward this new layman Christian movement and its now concepts. The attitude at this time is the same as it was when Jesus Christ introduced and taught a now message for the new age for His Kingdom. Although He concentrated on Jewish leaders, scholars, scribes, and Pharisees who thought they were real worshippers and servants of God in observance of the Law, they rejected Jesus and labeled His teachings a cult against the Law and heretic. Then finally they killed Him, not knowing He was the Messiah for whom they had long waited. Only a humble and open-minded, constant seeker can be the person who will accept this message.

The sources of materials used in this book must be mentioned. The main contents are from our Master Teacher whose name the author is not even worthy to speak. Supplementary information was contributed by Master Teacher's loyal followers, using their lecture outlines which are presented to the public daily in the author's mother country, and their own research work based on Master's teachings. In addition, the author included theological and Biblical knowledge to make the contents more easily understood and more meaningful.

In this book, you will note that at the end of each chapter in Part I, a concerted effort was made to summarize carefully each main thought discussed in that chapter. Detailed subdivisions of the lectures were made in Part II, with supplementary explanations to enforce the original ideas and expressions from theology, psychology, and other related subjects that are taught in the universities at present. For effective lecturing to the public, this book includes diagrams and charts to complete conveyance of the original thought and emphasize our Master Teacher's motto and concept, "God's Heart of Restoration." At the beginning, this book was planned to set up "Discussion Questions" and "Reference Readings" in each chapter, but time and space do not allow; therefore, we have left them for the next edition.

About our Master Teacher:

Several followers have referred to Him in their writings and preaching materials, in both English and the mother tongue, but for the reader's benefit, the author leaves the matter for individual research and inquiry. The author warns anyone who is ignorant of God's Will not to make snap Judgments on His Will and man from God or His Prophet without the reader's deep study of the contents of this message, and not to criticize and oppose merely because the revolutionary ideas and concepts differ from their own. He who does this will be making the sane mistake made by the Jewish people when Jesus' new message was regarded by them as heretical and blasphemous, although He was the very Messiah and Savior. Anyone not knowing the relation between God and our Master Teacher must inquire further. If one should oppose the lecture series, it is better that he should reject the work itself rather than to mistakenly oppose the chosen Man of God.

We have hope for the future in the contents of this book, as it contains certain laws and principles God uses in the creations of universe and man, embracing all things. It reveals the basic principles regarding the cause of world chaos, trouble, and suffering. This book has explained logically, scripturally, and systematically, not from man's point of view, but from God's point of view, that which is revealed to chosen people in the author's country who are preparing for the Second Coming of Christ. Theology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, natural sciences, etc. are covered. Many mysteries, which have never been solved by past saints, philosophers, scientists, theologians and Bible scholars are boldly and bravely dealt with in this book.

Scientists are just now finding out the laws, theories, and principles God had from the beginning. The author believes that the true scientist is the true worshipper of God because as he searches more, he learns more of God's creative mysteries and recognizes God as the Creator. For the true scientist there is no other way to acknowledge God as the Creator of the visible and invisible worlds, and finally he has to admit man is God's image performing creatively in order to find truths, laws, and principles in the universe. Modern advancement of science is the manifestation of God's Providence to bring about the Ideal World that He planned for all mankind in the beginning.

The present conflicts among ideological, philosophical, political, and economical thoughts are nothing but God's planned course to bring about one world. Specific and basic ideas in various fields of discipline, which will, to a great degree, contribute to both physical and behavioral sciences, shall be presented in the chapters of this book. This will be especially helpful to the younger generations, Christian and non-Christian. Parents have lost their traditional power and authority to guide the younger generation and they cannot prevent the changing social power, which does not indicate a clear direction or clear cause. Furthermore, they lack new tools to predict and control the effect of this change upon the youth. Who is going to lead the next generation when this world is becoming more and more filthy minded, ungodly, immoral, and unethical, Many of our young people have no specific goals for living; they have lost the guidance from church, home, and school. This, together with the increase of broken homes, the hatred and conflict among peoples and nations, shows external signs of the end of the world. There must be new approaches to this problem, and new tools with which to work. This lecture series has those tools, and the author has firm convictions that the contents of this book will help the various disciplines toward further advancement in the physical and behavioral sciences, because this book truly does contain "The Principles Regarding the Universe and Man."

If our present world leaders were to study this message and know God's plan which He is directing toward mankind and the nations, and God's plan for man's destiny, they would rapidly bring their nations together and mould contribute to world peace and the welfare of the whole of mankind. This message is a new move, a new stimulus and guidance, a new awakening bell of liberty and a new way of life for all humankind, for this is the message of individual preparation of all mankind in this New Age. If this book awakens the sleeping Christian churches, religious leaders and stimulates the declining Christian nations to bring about the revival of ethical and moral standards which are lost, influence world leaders, political as well as religious, if this book helps the future to see the heavenly time, the Christ's Second Coming, and to individually prepare for the Day of Glory and Honor, the time of God's Ideal Kingdom to come through new economical, political, and social systems centering in the Lord of the Second Coming, then this book will have accomplished its purpose. Because of the dynamic power and contents of this work, it is vital that this be printed quickly and given to this country and the world. It cannot be hidden or isolated in any one place for this is a universal blessing and must be shared with all mankind.

Our United Faith Movement for the preparation for His Coming Kingdom started November, 1959, at St. Helens, Oregon, was proclaimed in the United States in 1963, and did not escape the common formula of receiving hardships, false accusations, ridicule, opposition, persecution, and rejection. But despite local hindrances and oppositions from false teachers and hypocrites who think they are loyal servants of God and true preachers of the Christ, this book is now presented to the public. This new work, which is totally from beginning to end, the production of layman Christians, is spreading rapidly in the United States, centering in Portland, Oregon, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, California, and spreading even to England and Europe. At present, after await four years, fifteen states have our chapels, churches, and centers for lecturing and Bible study groups, using the contents of this book as the study source. This includes the weekly broadcast of these Principles through "The United Chapel Hour" on radio station KLIQ, Portland, Oregon. This radio broadcast began two years ago and is now about to be joined by similar broadcasts in other states.

We now have our kinship family of the United Faith in various parts of the world, but we urgently need training and preparation for our workers so they can adequately fulfill their part by teaching, lecturing, and broadcasting over radio and television in order to awaken the public with a warning of the Second Coming of Christ. We mast train the now students who follow the United Faith, for they will be our future leaders.

In organized churches throughout the world, people who sincerely believe in God are dissatisfied and are desperately searching for deeper understanding and Truth. However, the organized churches do not know the methods necessary to bring new spiritual life to their people.

Finally, it is solely through the efforts of laymen Christians that this publication was possible. In particular, the author gives special recognition to Mrs. B. Eileen Welch and Mrs. M. Chrystine Hilts who, along with many loyal members of the United Faith, dedicated themselves and stood firm under suffering and persecution. They helped the author and protected him in every way from the attacks of dogmatic indoctrinated religious leaders who, because of doctrinal conflicts, harassed and persecuted the author and this new work for almost four years. In some cases, well-meaning families brought great pressure to bear upon their loved ones by instigating court proceedings intended to destroy this work. Mrs. Welch, especially, as a pioneer missionary worker in this faith, has given her finance and time to set up chapels and study centers in various cities of the United States. Mrs. Hilts' contribution is great; she has spent tremendous time working with the lectures in order to make this publication possible. The author also gives thanks to the college and high school students in Seattle who helped in many ways.

The author wishes to state that the benefits the reader gets from this book are from our Beloved Master, not from the author, who is nothing but the guide and conveyor of the original thoughts into the foreign. That is all! The author has tried to be loyal to the concepts and ideas using the closest expressions of the original. any misunderstanding or errors found are from the author, for which the author takes full responsibility. Any criticism and comment will be welcomed and appreciated, and the author promises another volume for continuation and addition of further truth, as our Master Teacher reveals more to His followers through preaching,, teaching, and private conversation.

Sang Chul Kim
August 15, 1964
Portland, Oregon

Preface for Revised Edition

The United Faith movement has made tremendous progress in every conceivable respect in the two-year period since the first edition of this book in 1964.

Our Master visited the United States with His Disciples, arriving in this country on February 12, 1965. During His visit here, many questions were raised among the leaders of this movement and laymen members in chapels and centers throughout the nation. A great deal of expounding and elaboration on The Principles brought about many satisfactory answers to questions. Those who had an opportunity to see Him and talk with Him were literally transformed by His presence. His endless source of Heavenly Wisdom is almost unbelievable. During the latter part of His visit, a momentous historical event which took place was the 45-minute interview with former President (General) Eisenhower. One of His disciples, Bo Hi Pak, among the first 3 pioneer missionaries of the United Faith in the U.S.A., acted as interpreter on this historic occasion, which occurred on June 25, 1965 (the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War in 1950). Three important issues were discussed by the religious leader from Korea and the prominent political leader from the United States: (1) How to conquer prevailing communism in the world; (2) Coping with the problem of the moral decay and corruption of the younger generation; and (3) The necessity of uniting all religions to One, leading to a now and dynamic religious movement centering in God for the specific purpose of redeeming the entire world. In the interview, Our Master emphasized the United Faith movement throughout the world, even showing General Eisenhower pictures of the group Sacred Marriage of 124 couples which took place in Seoul, Korea several years ago.

Generally speaking, the author wishes to point out that, although we are living in the greatest scientific age of all time, the age of space travel, even hoping to achieve a landing on the moon (whether or not this will prove to be of value) all mankind is in a terribly confused emotional state. We are groping for some solutions to fundamental questions like why must we have war in Vietnam and "Where is God?" There is even a movement toward atheism among the young theologians of today who are asserting that "God is dead" In the midst of all this unrest, the author believes this book may well serve to help solve problems on an individual basis as well as many complex problems affecting the nation and the world. New ideas and now concepts based on the so-called "Principles" are valid now and will continue to be valid in the future, providing a source of inspiration and hope for those who recognize their value, especially in the younger generation.

The author is elated to see indications of western civilization leaning strongly toward oriental concepts of philosophy and religion which are based on a more total search for truth and which are more concerned with fundamental questions regarding human life and its problems. The western approach to the search for truth is to reason by analytical research on the part of the totality. A recent tendency in psychology and psychiatry in the behavioral sciences, and even in medical science, indicates that problems are being approached from the totality viewpoint. One of the most illuminating examples of this viewpoint is the popularity of the "team approach" which is being adopted by various disciplines in this country. Religion and religious counseling in mental hospitals and in general hospitals are occupying a stronghold on research in human behavior, and as time goes by, more and more emphasis will be placed on this phase as we gain greater insight into the fact that religion and science are not really contradicting each other, but are actually complementing each other. The information contained in this book may help to provide this insight for future research and development.

The recent prevailing study on ESP (extra-sensory perception) and other research in the field of parapsychology are giving greater consideration to "the unseen forces within an individual." Many scientists have recently come to the conclusion that certain individuals have an innate capacity to obtain information without having used sight, touch, smell, taste, or hearing. Leonid Vasilyev, a Russian scientist, believes the discovery of the unknown energy of man that explains ESP will equal in importance the discovery of nuclear energy. Einstein and other prominent physicists have long recognized the importance of studying so-called psychic phenomena which, though they cannot be explained scientifically as yet, are considered, as a result of many research findings, to be true findings in this field. In the United States, some segment of public opinion strongly feels that instead of spending such an astronomical amount of money on research in the science of space travel and aeronautics, a good percentage of those dollars could be put to better use in research on human dynamics, human relationships, education and other behavioral sciences in order to improve communication through better understanding of our fellow man. This would be far more effective in bringing about a lasting peace on earth. Before we attempt to conquer space and the universe, doesn't it make more sense to concentrate first on the research necessary to understand the individual human being? The problem of mankind today stems from within the minds of men on earth, and is not in the realm of scientific advancement or atomic energy, which can still be controlled by man.

In other words, the problems of the United States and the world are not to excel in science and atomic energy, but are ideological, religious and philosophical. Until the absolute truth comes from the Absolute Truth or Universal Intelligence, not from the finite human brain of men through their reasoning and so-called scientific methodology, the roots of human sorrow and problems cannot be properly diagnosed for complete treatment and cure. Let us take one of the few factual data on American campus surveys by various social scientists in this country who indicate that the key problem of colleges and universities is the pitiful lack of wonderful and thrilling idealism which had formerly predominated on campuses throughout the country. The younger generation of the richest nation on earth, and heirs of Judaic-Christian heritage and democracy, have lost the joy of being young and have lost youthful zeal, vitality and the initiative to be the leaders of all nations. Instead, they are in despair; hopelessness and confusion about the true meaning and purpose of their lives are all too evident in their attitudes, characterized by sullenness typical of the American collegiate culture, as a prominent religious thinker recently pointed out in this country. Here, again, this book can help to provide answers to some of the problems from the Principles that Our Master is giving to the whole world and especially to the younger generation for the New Age. It can be stated simply that in order to destroy the root of the problems, we must first restore the proper relationships between the mind and body of the individual, then proper relationship between man and his fellow man, and finally, the proper relationship of man to God, the Creator of the universe and mankind, whom He made in His image of two essentialities. This can be achieved only by the Lord of the Second Coming through His plan that will serve as a guide to lead all mankind to His Kingdom on earth.

It was for this purpose that Our Master and His Disciples embarked on the historic visit to the United States, covering every state on the mainland. By performing unique ceremonies, sacred and solemn in the true sense of the words our Master and His Disciples blessed 55 Sacred Grounds scattered throughout the United States and covering every state on the mainland. These Sacred Grounds can truly be claimed by God for the first time since the fall of man. The first Sacred Ground blessed is in Twin Peaks, San Francisco, and the last is Hendrickson Park, Eugene, Oregon. They completed this meaningful task within a 40-day period. Truly, only Our Master, Himself, knows what the Heavenly Father wants to restore from this world, which is under Satanic dominion; and only He can fulfill the necessary requirement God set up for the New Messiah.

Following the visit to the United States, Our Master and His Disciples then set out on their world tour, visiting nearly 40 nations including the Holy Land. He visited, consecutively, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, fulfilling His duties with the Heart of God, Our Father. He blessed Sacred Grounds throughout the world, bringing to a total 120 Areas of Sacred Ground which have been blessed by Him, including 15 Areas of Sacred Ground in Korea.

The sequence of events which began with Our Master's visit to the United States and the following world tour with His Disciples and culminated with establishing these 120 Sacred Sites on Earth is a portent of great spiritual significance in setting up a cornerstone on the Earth as a foundation for the fulfillment of God's Restoration Providence both spiritually and physically. These events will also serve to restore the conditions which were lost by the first Messiah when He did not fulfill His Mission, and have been left unfinished until the Lord of the Second Coming shall effect completion.

In this revised edition, nothing now has been added to the first edition except three (3) lecture supplements. The author has eliminated much of the detailed theological discussion that is not necessary for those young people who are not oriented to religion. Generally speaking, this revised edition is the result of editing the first edition for better expression, good grammar, and clearer phraseology, so that the new students of The Principles may find them easier to understand, and may derive greater benefits from them. Though the Korean revised edition was published this year (1966), there are not many changes as far as the contents are concerned, because the author was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of the manuscript for translation before the publication of the revised Korean edition; thus, the original edition of this book contains everything included in the Korean revised edition.

Finally, I would like to thank one of the now era of the United Faith Family in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Sarah Witt, whose dedication to what she considered her part in the Restoration Providence has made possible the revised edition of this book. She has re-edited the book and prepared the revised copy for this second edition. She is talented in many fields, and the author sincerely thanks God for sending her to this United Faith as a prepared vessel, at the proper time and place. There we no words to adequately express appreciation for her dedication. She has given me now stimulus, courage and strength to further launch the vessel of the United Faith Movement in this country as well as in the entire world.

Sang Chul Kim
November 15, 1966
Clearfield, Utah

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