How I Ran Off to Sea and Became a Moonie - Dagmar Corales - 2003

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How I Ran Off to Sea and Became a Moonie - Dagmar Corales - 2003 - Whole Book in paf

Contents - Some thoughts before telling these stories - Cover and Back (pdf)

Part One Paul the Great - Why would one join the Unification Church? - Dinners with Paul - The Mystery of his Sleeping Arrangements - This Character of his (pdf)

Part Two Doing it the Italian Way -- How we all started -- The Sisters in the Team -- Sleeping Arrangements -- The Sea in Italy -- The Elizabeth Tales -- Karl Leo's Visits -- Fundraising in Florence and the Cities -- The Gold-digger Island - An Unusual Visitor (pdf)

Part Three The Workshops -- Singing -- Acting -- Praying -- Lectures -- Fellowship (pdf)

Part Four Hibernating in a Big City -- Eveline's Team -- The French Connection -- Our Man for All Seasons -- Swimming in the Olympic Stadium -- The Difference between a Good Result and a Good Average (pdf)

Part Five Traveling around with the Van -- A True Christian Soul -- "Raiding" Hospitals -- Meeting in Camberg for the Holidays -- The General Experience of Camberg -- The Seven-Day What? -- How I entered Switzerland without a Passport -- All around the River Rhine -- My Experiences with Jesus (pdf)

Part Six Forty Days and Forty Nights -- Forty days all alone? -- The Son of Man has no place to rest His Head... -- Sleeping Outside (pdf)

Part Seven Matchmaker, Matchmaker... -- Waiting -- The Real Man (pdf)

Part Eight The Blessing -- How we all Ruined a Beautiful Building -- All Veiled Up With No Place to Go... -- Being Wined and Dined (pdf)

Part Nine Bavarians -- You've just got to love them -- The Undisputed Godfather -- "The Police are standing in front of the door" -- Antonio the Handsome -- Clever Elena -- Street Preaching, or How I was shouting all over the Pedestrian Area -- "Hell, No (pdf)

Part Ten Onward Bound -- The Land of Unlimited Possibilities -- Doing It All a Second Time (pdf)

How I Ran Off to Sea and Became a Moonie
Dagmar Corales

ISBN 1 932077 66 9

Athena Press
Queen's House, 2 Holly Road
Twickenham TW1 4EG
United Kingdom

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