A History Of The Unification Church In America, 1959–74 - Emergence of a National Movement

By Michael L. Mickler

Dedication: To My Parents



Chapter One: Beginnings

Miss Kim Joins the Movement -- The Mission to Oregon -- Flight to San Francisco

Chapter Two: To The Bay Area: 1960–63

The Community -- Visa Problems -- From Community to Corporation -- Improving the Text -- Friends and Foes -- Spreading the Word -- Bay Area and Beyond -- The Newsletter -- Circuit Rider -- Training Session Crisis -- Success

Chapter Three: Exodus : 1964–65

Local Changes -- Prediction of Economic Collapse -- Sir Anthony Brooke -- Community Style -- Rev. Moon Visits America -- The World Tour -- Back to the Bay Area

Chapter Four: The Re-Education Foundation: 1966–71

Mr. Choi Joins the Movement -- The Mission to Japan -- Early Days in San Francisco -- The Re-Education Center -- International Exchange Press -- The Principles of Education -- Founding the International Ideal City -- The International Re-Education Foundation -- The International Pioneer Academy -- International Friendship Banquets-Final Success

 Chapter Five: A National Movement Attempts To Emerge: 1966–71

A National Movement Attempts to Emerge–The Berkeley Center -- Rev. Moon's Second World Tour -- Reconsolidation -- United Faith, Inc.

 Chapter Six: A National Movement Emerges: 1972–74

The Third World Tour -- One World Crusade -- Mobile Fundraising Teams -- First ICUS Conference -- Meeting the Politicos -- A National Movement Emerges -- Madison Square Garden -- The Time Bomb Is Ticking -- Success in San Francisco -- The Oakland Family

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