The Healing of the World - June 4, 2009

Part 4: The Completed Testament Age

Return to Homeland

By 1988, Reverend and Mrs. Moon had completed the forty-year wilderness course. With myriad followers of all races, nations and religions, the Unification Church was firmly established and could be used by God as the instrument of world salvation. Reverend Moon then began the next phase of his mission.

In 1990, Reverend Moon organized a major meeting of government and media in Moscow. This fulfilled a pledge he had made in 1976 that one day he would organize a "great rally for God in Moscow." During this conference, on their thirtieth wedding anniversary, Reverend and Mrs. Moon embraced President Mikhail Gorbachev. Through several interviews, televised and in print, they gave a message of hope to the Soviet people, urging them to turn toward God.

A crucial step for the establishment of world peace is the reunification of North and South Korea. Risking his life, Reverend Moon traveled to North Korea in December 1991, and met with President Kim 11 Sung, under whose regime he had been tortured and sent to a labor camp. His purpose was to seek ways to bridge the gap between the two countries. But deeper than that, this was the providential meeting of Cain and Abel on the worldwide level. The North Korean ruler, who had suppressed religion for forty years, completely welcomed Reverend and Mrs. Moon.

On a tearful yet joyful day, Reverend Moon returned to his hometown, to the house of his birth. He put flowers on the graves of his parents, who had died during his long wilderness course. He was welcomed with tears of joy by his surviving relatives.

The Ideal of Woman

In 1992, Reverend and Mrs. Moon inaugurated the Women's Federation for World Peace. The Divine Principle teaches that the unity of brothers (Cain and Abel) restores the mother's position, who then brings the family back to God. Thus the end of the Cold War offers the opportunity to heal the world based upon a new women's movement. On April 10, Mrs. Moon as international president of the Federation initiated this movement at a rally of 150,000 in Seoul. In the months that followed, she spoke to more than one million people in over 120 cities and twelve nations.

The Women's Federation brings women together to take action for the moral education and healing of our families and society. By nurturing the pure root of true love between husband and wife, the women of the world will bring harmony and blessing to their families. This in turn will lead to societies, nations and a world of peace.

True Parents

On August 24, 1992, Reverend Moon completed his forty-year wilderness course. At a gathering of 1,000 world leaders at the World Culture and Sports Festival, Reverend Moon declared that he and his wife are the Messiah and True Parents of all humanity. This marks the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. Mrs.. Moon has given a fitting description of the meaning of the Messiah and the True Parents.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the Messiah? The Messiah is the True Parents of humankind. God's original plan was to establish perfected Adam and Eve as the true ancestors of humanity. Satan, however, invaded this ideal, and God, ever since, has been working toward the emergence of ideal True Parents through which all humankind can be restored. As true fathers and true mothers ourselves, we must vanquish Satan, liberate humanity and build the kingdom of Heaven on earth. As God's sons and daughters we must inherit God's love, life and lineage. Moreover, we must also inherit True Parents' love, life and lineage. Then we will have achieved unity between heaven and earth, vertical and horizontal, and mind and body. This will be the starting point for the eternal world of peace.

The following year saw an even greater activism on the part of Mrs. Moon, as she delivered the address, "True Parent's and the Completed Testament Age" in 44 cities in America, 27 cities in Japan, on 40 university campuses in Korea, and 41 nations around the world. This monumental achievement included such notable venues as Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the United Nations in New York City, the Kremlin, and congressional buildings in Japan, Korea, and Canada.

With absolute faith, hope and love, Reverend Moon has dedicated himself to the call of Jesus. Through God's power and Principle, despite persecution, he has accomplished the work which Jesus called him to do. First, after a long search, he discovered the teachings of the Divine Principle: God's ideal for humanity, the root of evil, and the formula to restore the ideal. Next, he tried to explain his insights to the established Christian churches, but when they rejected him, he began the lonely and difficult path of a prophet in the wilderness. For over forty years, amidst persecution and ridicule, he established a church reaching out to people across the globe.

Tens of thousands of Unificationist families, sanctified by God's blessing, are practicing a quality of love which transcends all racial and national barriers. Organizations founded by Reverend Moon in education, the arts, science, communications and international affairs show how every aspect of human life can be centered on God's true love. Reverend Moon has emerged on the world stage to demonstrate God's true heart by loving and embracing his enemies, the leaders of North Korea and the Soviet Union, who once had imprisoned him and sought to kill him. He has brought together the leaders of warring religions.

True love has now triumphed over evil. All the satanic barriers have been broken down. The Completed Testament Age has dawned. God's true love, which was lost at the fall of man, has made its triumphant reappearance in the world. This love is the power of new life for all individuals, marriages and families the world over. We pray that this brief testimony to the providence of God will inspire the reader to study further, and to make a personal commitment to building the kingdom of Heaven on earth. 

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