Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 23 - About the Author

Reverend Paul F. W. Werner was born in Germany.

In 1963 Reverend Werner be came a member of the Unification Church, studied Unification theology, and on October 15, 1966 was ordained as a minister. In Austria, Germany, and Canada he has been president of the Unification Church and other related organizations.

For over thirty-three years, Reverend Werner has lived in the following foreign countries: Poland, France (four years in a forced labor camp as a prisoner of war), Austria, the United States, and Canada. His travels have been extensive and taken him around the world several times.

He and his wife, Christel, are the parents of one son.

Reverend Werner is the author of three books entitled, Heaven Down to Earth, In Harmony with the Eternal, and Tapping the Unlimited Reservoir.

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