Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 19 - Public-Mindedness

Our commission is to embrace the whole world. One way to begin this overwhelming task is to stop shedding tears for ourselves, and instead weep for the whole world. The tears we cry for ourselves are satanic, but those shed for others and for the higher purpose are pure and divine. -

Become public-minded. If you are driven by the love and spirit of God, you will think only of others and will naturally consider what is important for the public purpose. Rather than centering on yourself, ponder the problems of God, True Parents, and the world. You will discover that if you are self-centered and primarily worried about your own cold feet, hands, or head, you can never become selfless enough to care about others. If you are egotistical, you segregate yourself from the source of all energy and love. By giving everything in your heart to other people and sacrificing yourself for all of humanity, you will come to possess amazing spiritual power. As well, God and the spirit world will recognize you, and the people who confront you will at least begin to perceive your value.

Being public-minded broadens your sovereignty; as you subdue your own desires, you gain the freedom to give yourself away. When you do, the window overlooking the universe opens for your perusal.

I believe everything in the future world will be done with the primary intention of praising God and pleasing humanity. We are the ones laying the foundation for the erection of that world, therefore even now our every action, feeling, and thought should always be projected in the public direction.

An individual's ambition will automatically be satisfied when he works to achieve the public purpose. Many of us make the mistake of desiring to realize our personal goal first-wanting to reach perfection, overcome our own problems and struggles, and set up our own families before we think of the nation and world. Our thoughts and attitudes must blend with our sincerity as we advance toward the fulfillment of the higher purpose. The church or national objective must be more predominant than goals we establish for the family. Our main aspiration is to erect "one world under God -- the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Problems arise when you revolve around yourself. Of course no one wants to get hurt, but if you make yourself the focal point of your life, you become overcritical and are easily offended. The solution is to become public-minded. Think of everyone else but yourself.

If you think in a public way, you will see God in the faces of other people. You will perceive their suffering and an overwhelming feeling will surge through you as you also begin to fathom God's anguish. Publicness is also a powerful sensation; it is love that emanates in huge waves and then envelops the recipient. On the other hand, self-centered love is extremely sharp and shoots little arrows toward people.

My concept of a person who has tremendous personal strength is someone who can willingly give his life for another human being. If we are not able to do this, at least let us give our lives for God, True Parents, our nation, and family. This is the standard expected of us; we should prepare ourselves because we may be asked to do just that.

We have to become absolutely pure. In order to do so, we must concentrate upon the purpose of the whole. We should think of and pray for the world situation and embrace this universe with our tears of compassion and empathy.

At one time I was only thinking about becoming a financial success. Today my former aspirations no longer hold much importance. Since I learned the Principle, I have come to understand that in spirit world every person will reap the benefit of what he sowed during his physical life. In the years to come, the goals and concepts you hold today will probably pass away and be replaced by new ambitions to keep the hope of your tomorrow alive and in focus. As a Unificationist you may become so public-minded that you will forget yourself altogether. You would then dream publicly, think publicly, and feel publicly. While in today's society this attitude may be considered atypical, God considers it an admirable quality. If you live only for yourself, when you look into a mirror, you will discover that what you see is what you get! Yet when you are public-minded, you hold the whole universe in your pocket; all that belongs to God is yours.

Deny yourself and embrace the whole world. Jesus directed us to negate ourselves and follow him. He told us that whoever wants to save his own life will lose it, but that the person who gives up his life for God's sake will gain the whole world. Sometimes we place Jesus' words outside the periphery of our personal lives. However, since they reveal the attitude of public-mindedness, we should espouse and become one with them.

If we insist that our life is solely for ourselves, God's desire to abide with us will wane. On the other hand, if we work toward accomplishing deeds for the good of God and humanity, He will happily dwell with us. Both the spiritual beings and angels will cooperate with and assist our efforts.

Don't lose this precious day wallowing in self-pity or view with miserly eyes the gifts God has given you. Be public-minded and bestow upon others some gifts of your own. You are charming and charismatic only when you share yourself with others. It is a beautiful life when you live it with God and for the sake of others. Become philanthropic.

The world of today is satanic, full of corruption and cruelty. Many people are egotistical and greedy. Satan uses and manipulates people to further his own cause; his method is to sacrifice everyone else rather than himself. In the course of restoration however we must do the opposite. The fall ensued because Adam and Eve coveted love for themselves. Restoration though involves distributing love to everyone.

When you actively work toward restoring the dilemma of the human heart, you desire nothing more than to give to others. The fall was caused by selfishness. It brought an "I" and a "me" problem for the world. Restoration has to become a "you" solution.

If a person is self-centered and absorbed by so many personal problems that he only thinks of himself, how will he have time to think about God? That is the obstacle. The old self is saddled with a terrible predicament. The greatest battle in our spiritual lives is with that formidable enemy, "self."

Satan will fill our ears with all kinds of reasons why we should not do the will of God and why we cannot fulfill our responsibility. Recognize them for what they are: they are nothing more than the excuses he himself has been using for thousands of years. Self-centeredness is reflected in everything a person does and says. In order to become public-minded, it is necessary to become a servant. You can be assured that you will never compete with Satan for that job; he stays as far away from service as possible.

If you are dominated by personal problems, pray for someone else and your own troubles will vanish. Any worry about yourself-your pain, feelings, or inferiority complexes-diminishes you. The emotions that accompany such an attitude can weaken and drain you of power; they might even make you ill. If you feel anxiety or grief, go out and serve someone. Lift him up with positive and optimistic thoughts; they will rub off!

Publicness cannot be separated from personal integrity. Before you give of yourself, you need to become a loving person. The ability to love is one essential attribute detectable in every loving individual. But I must warn you that it takes courage and willpower to love yourself enough to unshackle your personality from the chains of selfishness and become a universal human being. I'll let you in on a secret: God has warehouses with shelves packed full of the valor and volition you need. Why don't you ask Him to supply you with some?

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