Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 16 - The Reality of Spirit World [Part 3]

Cooperation of the Spirit World

Spiritual beings can be activated only if someone on the earth initiates their mobilization. We have to seek and knock before God can answer. The spirit world is standing by to help us accomplish restoration, but if we don't move, they will be forced to continue standing by and nothing will be achieved.

The fastest way to activate spirit world is to express love for God and True Parents. A deep and sincere love will accelerate and project spiritual power which propels the spirit world into action. Love is the key; the amount of love we have for God determines our distance from Him. Those who are close to God and True Parents are surrounded by literally millions of spiritual beings.

Since love is the language of the spirit world, you command spiritual beings when you manifest love. When you show compassion and love for people, you naturally activate spiritual energies.

There are many people on earth today who can testify to the existence of spirit world because spirits have manifested to them personally.

There are people who give lectures and demonstrations on astral projection, as well as many other kinds of spiritual phenomena. Yet Father discourages us from delving too deeply into such experiences.

Although he tells us that this is not the time to focus on cultivating spiritual experiences, he does stress that we should have a basic understanding of the existence of spirit world. He urges us to develop a strong prayer life, knowing that such a vehicle will bring us into contact with spiritual beings such as Jesus and other high spirits. If we really follow True Parents and act according to the laws of love and the Principle, spirit world will cooperate with us. But we must be careful not to waver spiritually; if we are constant in our faith and in our love, we can move all of spirit world.

In their ignorance, some people think they cannot communicate with spiritual beings, while others believe they can order spirits to fulfill their every wish. It is only when you are totally united with True Parents and the Principle and do not compromise the standard they teach, that you will be able to command spirit world.

If you maintain a strong prayer life, you may often feel your ancestors around you. Activate them. Talk to them; encourage them to cooperate, to study the Principle, and to assist you in your mission. If they continue to help you, they will also grow spiritually.

You have the right to direct your ancestors. The problem is that too often you do not believe that they are willing, ready, and able to collaborate with you. But they are alive. In fact, they were the ones who worked to bring you to your present position; they must love you deeply. And you return love to them by instructing them. When you do and they cooperate with you, they will resurrect and grow toward perfection. But you can direct them only if you activate yourself at the same time. They have no way to move along with you if you stand still. Remember that good activity and the cooperation of spirit world help you advance.

It is not just a question of mobilizing the spirit world. It is a question of mobilizing the right spirit world. If we are not careful, we may summon the evil spirit world. We may feel that if we begin our day with God, many good spirits will naturally surround us. Yet if we make one little mistake or create a single negative base, Satan might already have invaded even though we believe the good spirits are still with us. often we are not sensitive enough to perceive what has happened. We feel that the good spirit world must automatically stay with us because we are God's children and we invited Him to spend the day with us. Unfortunately, we are often ignorant of the laws at work in spirit world.

The spirit and angelic worlds are both under our command; We have to activate spirit world or they will stand at attention like an army waiting for a command from the general. We need to involve them. It is especially important that we stimulate our ancestors to move. In order to do this, we must be clear in our relationship with God and united with True Parents. However, we must realize that we can do this only on the basis of Father's victory.

If you are really a child of God and move forward with that confidence, you will automatically have hordes of spirits around you. It will not even be necessary for you to call upon them. If you are active, they will be active. But if you compromise, they will withdraw. If you take the easy way out, they will lose trust in you. You must make sure that you are always unchangeable in your faith and attitude toward Father.

If we are attuned to spirit world, we will definitely be tipped off when danger is forthcoming. Since spiritual beings realize we work for God and are aware of our position and endeavor, no matter what we do and where we go, they will definitely cooperate with us, help us, prepare things for us, and even warn us when it becomes necessary.

When we missionize through witnessing and fundraising activities, many spirits cooperate with us. Our personalities sparkle throughout the spirit world and we appear like shining lights wherever we go. The problem is that we often forget this. We feel we are alone and don't visualize or feel that actually a heavenly host of friends encircles us. Sometimes we may feel that we are surrounded by God but in reality it is the presence of many good spirits.

When Unificationists receive the Blessing, they become new people. But they continue to struggle with their fallen nature. Deeply embedded within us are certain traditions we inherited from our ancestry. These may be positive elements or obstacles. We are the culmination of all history; we are the final link in the chain and we have the task of connecting our ancestors to God and True Parents. It is imperative that we grow spiritually in order to free our ancestors. We are the gate through which they will be able to enter Heaven. If we fail to fulfill our responsibility, they will accuse us. Yet if we persevere and work hard for God at this time, once we arrive in spirit world thousands of our ancestors will bow before us with tears in their eyes. Even our relatives on earth that persecute us now will eventually all bow before us in tears, thanking us for continuing our life of faith.

Angels have appeared tangibly throughout the history of restoration. Their function is to assist mankind. Even though it happens in the world unseen, their help does have a substantial effect. It is the duty of the angelic world to praise God and serve humanity. Through them, God expresses one of the ways He serves the whole universe.

According to the Bible, angels look like human beings. The only difference is that they exist only in the spiritual dimension. Throughout the stories recorded in the Bible about appearances of angels, people were overwhelmed and impressed by their glory. But Paul says, "Do you not know we are to judge angels?"

The passed-away saints definitely work with us. They understand that God's Kingdom has to be established on earth before it can manifest in heaven therefore they look for people whom they can unite with. Yet they are extremely disappointed when we are coarse, unspiritual, and insensitive. Even though thousands of spirits are presently in our midst, we do not perceive them. If our spirituality is so undeveloped that we don't even know they are with us, how is it possible for us to entreat their assistance? They try desperately to cooperate with us so that Father's mission can be fulfilled, but are able to work much more effectively when we recognize their existence.

Spiritual beings have special talents just I like we do. Encourage them to use their skills as they work with you. The law of attraction definitely plays a role. If you specialize in music, literature, drama, sculpture, dance, or other art forms you will automatically draw the great artists now residing in spirit world to come and teach you.

When you go fundraising or witnessing, spiritual beings who are skilled in the art of communication will come with you and support you. You will find the spirit world that surrounds you depends upon what you are. The more authority you gain for God, the more well-known you will become in spirit world and the greater the number of spiritual beings will accompany and assist you.

If you consciously invite spirits to come, make sure you are aware they are there. You may even feel them tangibly at certain times. But if you doubt the existence of the spirit world or their cooperation with you, you will feel very alone even though you may be surrounded by thousands and thousands of spirits.

Instead of trying to command the spirit world, I encourage you to be a good example, drive yourself, and pray without ceasing. You can invoke the assistance of spiritual beings and your ancestors, but be careful in giving orders because you must remunerate for everything which you receive. Yet you must be sensitive to the spiritual beings and not act like a general commanding his regiment; talk to them lovingly and in a normal tone and they will respond.

People who are spiritually open may be irritated by the cooperation and influence of the spirit world. They may be deluged with experiences that some people consider to be memories of their former lives. A great many people believe in reincarnation because it explains away this phenomenon, however in reality, it is spirit cooperation. High spirits do not want to "reincarnate" into us; they only want to help us become perfect. They are not completely knowledgeable about True Parents and the Principle, therefore they want to learn from us; they want to be elevated through us and eventually resurrected. We are in command -- not the angels, not the spiritual beings. It is only through cooperating with us that they will ultimately be able to reach God. But we must understand clearly that they themselves are not gods.

Spiritual beings have been granted the task of serving God and humanity. Unificationists are united with the True Parents who have created the foundation for the spirit world to cooperate. Yet in order to activate the spirit world, we must be absolutely centered on the True Parents. On the basis of total commitment, we may command them to move. In fact, once we come to that point, we will not even need to say anything; they will automatically cooperate.

Anyone who has had spiritual experiences can attest to the fact that spirits can do miracles and their energies may appear in many forms which can be used for God's providence of restoration. But if those of us living on earth do not understand that we are in the subject position, the negative forces in spirit world may take over and in extreme cases, possess us.

Some people who have had frequent spiritual experiences say they are guided" through revelations. However, if these disclosures are contrary to the Principle, they are a result of temporary spiritual possession.

Think big. Reflect upon God and encompass the whole world in your mind, especially when you find yourself in difficulty. The spirit world will then be able to come from all sides and help you. If you are narrow-minded, you exclude most everyone from your life, and few spirit beings will be attracted to help you.

So many phenomena originate from the spirit world such as spiritual healing, prophesy, and speaking in tongues. There is so much spiritual power available; we merely have to tap it. How can we really be effective in our mission if we do not elicit the resources accessible from the spirit world? If we disregard them, how can spiritual beings assist us?

Perhaps you have a real zeal and determination to be creative and successful; many spirits think and feel likewise. You only need to call upon them to evoke a response. As long as you keep the attitude of wanting to be a champion for God and not for yourself, those spirits will stay with you and block any low spirits from interfering.

Spirits are invisible to the physical eye. Therefore, you may see only the effect of their help. You cannot necessarily perceive the result of their work if you still cannot see things from an historical perspective. Although you may not totally fathom the minute details involved in God's work or the foundations which are being created, it nevertheless continues to happen.

When you pray for a person, you help to create a heavenly atmosphere around him. In other words, you combat satanic forces and move the negativity away from him. You banish the evil spirits, giving the good spirits their chance to surround him. Therefore when you pray for him, send many good spirits; their influence will help him make good decisions. If you pray very strongly, the good spirits who are attracted will chase away the evil spirits from him. He will feel better and break free of the doldrums, even though he is unable to understand why.

Pray for the person until he is spiritually strong enough to take some responsibility himself. Unless you do, the evil spirits may again try to invade him. We often fail to understand the power of both good and bad spirits and that our frame of mind and attitude attracts either one kind or the other.

How can you be subject over spirit world if you cannot even control yourself? If you cannot govern your own spirit, spiritual beings have little basis to respect your direction. Your spirit should pilot your physical body, not vice versa. Once you maintain a harmonious relationship between your spirit and body and your spirit is healthy and strong and in its rightful position, you will be able to inspire spirit world to cooperate with you.

If you receive inspirations from the spirit world and your heart is not refined enough to initially sort things out, measure them by the Principle.

In order to activate the spirit world, we must have the highest love for True Parents. A spirit living in a high realm can perceive the degree of love we have for God and True Parents; when they see our sincere desire, they will naturally want to cooperate with us and express the same kind of love. They know that they will be elevated by cooperating with us. The Principle explains that it is impossible for them to resurrect without a physical body; since they discarded theirs when they died, they can receive the benefit of resurrection if they work with you.

Spirits are able to assist you once you create a condition for them to come. Fulfill your part one hundred percent and have the right attitude. Pay indemnity in any way possible; by such action, you simultaneously activate high spirits who will stay with you because they see you live an exemplary life of faith.

What is the purpose of maintaining a spiritual connection? Your motivation is wrong if you want spiritual power in order to be respected and envied. If instead you ask for spiritual experiences for the sake of God, humanity, and the mission, spirits will cooperate with you. Whatever you desire to become, your attitude should reflect that you are working for God and humanity, not for yourself. Whatever powers you may receive from God are not solely for you; they should be used for the good of others.

One way to determine how close you are to God is through the amount of spiritual help you are endowed with to fulfill your mission, or the degree of spiritual power you are given to lead people. This does not come from within your brain or heart; it comes from God. God will supply you with spiritual power based on what you have done so far and how much you commit your life to Him.

The world of spirit is not an abstract world; it is not a fantasy. Although we presently live in this physical world, we live a life of faith. What we actually convey is spiritual. We are concerned that we project the essence of godliness and divinity and that the words we speak could be instrumental in helping people become divine spiritual beings. Our further hope is that once they do, they would naturally want to work to bring an effect upon this earth -- on themselves and their physical environment.

Spiritual power is derived from a strong prayer life. If we dash out the door in the morning without offering a proper prayer, what will we have to extend to the people we meet? How can we expect to activate spirit world if we can't even seem to open our eyes by the time we start our work? Morning is the time to recapture the momentum which will stay with us throughout the day. Our first thought and vision should be of God and True Parents.

Perhaps we are greatly burdened with all kinds of bad habits. Yet if we throw our arms in the air and give up trying to overcome them, we would surrender a great deal of precious time. Ultimately, everyone must reach perfection, but why prolong it for either ourselves or our ancestry. We all began Principle life with the yoke of our ancestors' merits and unrighteousness. In order for God to select us, some of our ancestors must have been relatively pure and virtuous people. A great many of them must have worked incredibly hard so that we could be here today. Some of them even died for their faith to bring us to this point. If we have an abundant number of good ancestors, we will find it easier to cope with sin and Satan. Yet we may continue being weighed down by the actions of immoral or corrupt people from among our generations of ancestors. We have no choice; we must pay for their sins.

We may be chosen to lead a business, a church community, or perhaps a national church. We must remember that the mistakes made in the history of that industry, society, or even nation then rest upon our shoulders. Unless we indemnify those errors, restoration will be delayed thus compiling more personal suffering and misery for our ancestors, and also affecting the lives of many others.

The spirit world's intervention is capable of creating miracles in a positive sense, but can also inflict accidents, illnesses, and other phenomena. For some time already the forces of heaven have been released and spirits have been working on earth, but their influence is becoming stronger and stronger as more barriers are removed through the conditions True Parents make. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are also evil spirits descending to the earth.

Satanic angels were thrown down to the earth with Lucifer because of the conditions made through the fall. They became Satan's helpers and have been working on earth ever since. Many millions of people have either knowingly or unknowingly united with Satan and become his slaves. Whether we accomplish many things or not, the satanic angels still exist and they can work through us if we make a base for them to do so. The unfortunate thing is that so many people are ignorant of this fact. They deny the existence of Satan and amazingly many religions do not even believe evil exists.

On the other hand, God has sent many good spirits to assist us, even without our asking. They have the task of working with people in a positive direction, but if we really want to do something great in our mission, we must work to activate heaven.

You create your own spiritual environment through your attitude; you magnetically draw spirits. If you make a base to invite depressed spirits, you will feel downcast until you chase those spirits away. If sleepy spirits are attracted to you, you will always be sleepy. However, if you sincerely want to be happy, you attract spirits who have the same desire.

You have to become a personality known to spirit world so they will respond if you call. If you become known in spirit world as a great personality and a known fighter for God, then benevolent spirits will want to work with you. You must build up legions of spirits who will reply whenever you call. If you live without much assistance from the spirit world, you will automatically be limited in what you can achieve.

You have to attune yourself to the happenings in spirit world. It is a question of control. Some people desire to constantly delve into the mysteries of the spirit world. But since you live in the physical world, it is best to concentrate on working to create miracles here. There must be a reason God is hiding the spirit world from the eyes of fallen mankind at this time. If you constantly dwelled in the spirit world, you would find it so much more pleasant than earth that you would not want to live in the physical world any longer. But this is the time to focus on the mission you must fulfill on earth; it won't pay to "play hooky" from the school of life.

Sometimes you may feel that the feelings of laziness and apathy you have are merely your own. This is not the case; spirits who characterize a number of emotions can influence you to inherit their feelings. You must recognize their presence, but be assured that they do not have the right to tamper with your life in such a way. Separate yourself from them and you will be free to move forward. Unless you do, they will constantly stay with you and inject you with many thoughts and feelings that aren't yours. If someone is strongly influenced or possessed by evil spirits, he cannot clearly discern whether his behavior is his own or affected by the influence of spiritual beings. His own spirit may be crying out for help, but spiritual beings may already have taken over his physical body.

By serving God here on earth and continuing to live an exemplary life, once we get to spirit world we will have a much broader base to convince our ancestors to become like us.

The time will come to return to our home towns and do home church. We will then have the chance to serve our own parents and relatives, yet we should keep in mind that our Unification lifestyle and our brand of service and love may seem strange to them. They might feel jealous or mistrust our motivation in serving them. Once they realize that such behavior will last more than a day because we desire to be continuously divine, they will accept us.

But this is the moment when we can prove to our ancestors that we really mean what we say and that we sincerely want to devote our lives in service to God and erect His Kingdom. Constancy in life of faith will convince our ancestors to surrender any selfish motivation they may still harbor, and then assist us.

Any evil spirit that may be around you will leave when you pray. Although they may be around as you initially begin to pray and may try to fill your mind with many unrelated and worldly thoughts in the hope that you will stop, if you really push through this barrier and offer powerful prayers, they have to disappear.

If you are around some people who are constantly depressed, you can almost see the weight of negative spirits. If you speak about the truth, you lighten the environment and those spirits will leave.

Some of our ancestors want to help us, while others become obstacles. The latter ones can really be a burden and hamper our spiritual development. If they begin to severely limit our progress, we can order them to leave us alone. Their understanding has not developed and matured, therefore for their sake as well as our own, it is better to chase them away. After we have advanced to a higher state, we will be in a position to help them grow more quickly. Yet if we allow them to continue to hold us back, they may give us all kinds of problems and eventually drive us away from God and the True Parents.

Go forward; become internally strong and spiritually healthy. This is the best way to influence your ancestors and any other spirits who are working with you. Many Unificationists suffer because they allow their ancestors to command them instead of the other way around. Even though the members may act like themselves, they could have a hard time being personally motivated because they are misguided by spirits. But they cannot recognize that the voices they hear compelling them to do one thing or another are actually the influence of spiritual beings. They believe they are acting completely on their own. Unless they become free of that and begin to direct those spirits, they will decline.

Is this your situation? You can't recognize the problem but know that you just aren't growing and developing spiritually. You get into moods that aren't really your own. Perhaps you have already become a rebel or are on your way. If you are not careful you may find yourself an outsider, leaning on the fence rather than participating in life. Realize that if you have a quick change of mood or temper that overtakes you in an instant, or if you become rebellious for no reason, it can be the influence of spirits.

Perhaps you feel you are above and therefore exempt from spiritual possession by evil spirits or your own wicked ancestors. Possession does not always entail raving madness or require a professional exorcist. "Spiritual possession" actually indicates influence or control by spirits. Realize that evil spirits would never want you to recognize them; they hide behind the label of "fallen nature" and speak to you so convincingly that you believe the bad thoughts and rebellious nature are from you alone.

No person is free from spiritual influence; it happens to each of us all day long. Humility before God will invoke the presence of and domination by good spirits; negative thinking lays a base for manipulation by evil spirits. Believe this and defend yourself by becoming spiritually strong. Once you do, any negative spirits may either straighten up or torment you more. But if the latter happens, realize that you are in the position to control them; you can free yourself of these wicked influences through faith and action.

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