Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 13 - Suffering

Have you ever met a person who lived behind the Iron Curtain? Have you ever considered how much the inhabitants of such nations have suffered and longed for God? Were they to share their testimonies with you, I am sure you could not help weeping. They suffer because they do not have the freedom to worship God. Yet the majority of people throughout the rest of the world are no longer interested in glorifying Him. They are fed up with God. They have kicked Him out of their lives and then turned around and brazenly questioned His existence. However, there are people in many communist nations who do have profound appreciation for God. They know the power of prayer. They have been able to live rather than simply endure their circumstances because they have breathed the breath of God. They have experienced something of the power of God and willingly desire to give their lives for Him.

The blatant contradiction is that thousands of those people are confined to the prison camps of Siberia because they proclaimed their faith in God. Yet here in the free world, anyone can hear the word of God with no suffering or danger involved. Here we have to beg people to listen to the word of God. We offer people the bread of His truth and love, but they turn away and opt for something they feel will satisfy them more. But the time will come when mankind will realize who their Parent is, what kind of power He has, and the history of His suffering. That is the time they will all bow before Him in repentance. That is the moment they will recognize Him and come to also respect True Parents. And that time is not too far away. Father will forgive them unconditionally; we will do the same because unconditional love is one of the qualities emanating from God's heart through us. He is longing to end their suffering, as well as His own.

Millions of innocent people were killed in the last world war. We lost many millions in Germany alone. When I was only seventeen years old, I myself dug up countless slimy, burned bodies after the bombing of Dresden. We were forced to burn them to avoid an epidemic. It was mostly the women, children, and the elderly who had died. The men and boys were fighting on the front. Those of us faced with that task looked at the bodies and asked why. Looking at such a situation, a person might wonder if there is a God. And if there is one, how could He let something like that happen?

A combination of factors led to such a tragedy. It was the result of the accumulation of sins throughout history, and this was a culmination point. A certain amount of indemnity is necessary for restoration to take place.

Indemnity must be paid because billions of people throughout history have sinned; wars contribute to the remuneration.

God always sacrifices the best. God sacrificed Jesus and because Jesus' heart was unconditional, the offering of his life could be accepted by God as well as Satan. That is why many innocent people were sacrificed during wartime. They were not evil people and because of their relative goodness and purity, their deaths paid a tremendous price which allowed history to move forward so that humanity could eventually meet God.

Some of you may say that you have suffered. But it is "suffering" only in the sense of not being able to overcome your self-centeredness. You cannot truly serve God and humanity without some amount of suffering.

Look into history for a moment. Try to see that the greatest amount of suffering has been perpetrated because of sin. Billions upon billions of people have suffered and agonized. And God has heard the splashing of tears from myriads of people; in fact, His own tears often joined theirs. Tears have been induced due to disappointments in love; they have flowed because people were hurt. Everybody has been in pain at sometime. Everybody has resentment about something. Since the beginning of humanity, this situation has never stopped, and still continues today.

Can Unificationists wipe away the tears of humanity simply by putting on a Blessing ring? Those tears have left stains which cannot easily be scrubbed out. But how can we pay for the tragedies of mankind and improve the situation from this point on? Can Unificationism stand above Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion in terms of suffering? Can we Unificationists actually proclaim that we have suffered more? Can God declare that we are His children because we suffered more than all other religious people put together? We know the truth about ourselves. God has granted us many blessings. Compared to many other people in history, we have not really suffered.

So often we have an allergic reaction to suffering or indemnity. We fail to see how much God needs us to willingly tolerate some amount of misery in order for the providence of restoration to move forward.

Real suffering begins with the display of a public heart. The question is, what is the cause of your suffering? Do you suffer because of your own inner discrepancies and your inabilities to cope with the world? Or do you suffer as a result of your total heartistic involvement with God and humanity? Saint or sinner -- attitude makes all the difference.

The best course of action is to go away from ourselves. Since we have to suffer anyway, we might as well suffer for the higher purpose because by doing so, we will receive a much greater benefit. Therefore, we should always attempt to veer away from personal problems and instead become deeply involved in the situations of others. When we suffer for the nation, the world, the universe, and for God instead of lamenting about our own problems or the problems of our families, God will regard our suffering in a very different manner.

Whenever you look at a world map, I am sure that your mind is filled with pictures of the suffering of countless peoples throughout the world. Hunger, thirst, marriage breakups, lack of love, loneliness -- the list of reasons would fill page after page. But those people live, suffer, and then they die. Each is a single unit of humanity which existed at sometime, somewhere in the universe. Yet if we view their lives, we have to question whether or not their suffering served a purpose. Their suffering might ultimately have been the result of sin, but generally little good for humanity has come from the suffering of the average person.

There are other people however who willingly offer their lives to God. Can you understand how much value giving your life to God has? Can you imagine how happy this makes God? God feels ecstatic when anyone sincerely proclaims, "Heavenly Father, I give my entire life to You. I want to do anything -- suffer in my heart, suffer physically, give all my time to help restore this world back to Your domain. Please accept my offering."

The important thing to discern is what the suffering is centered upon. Is it for a selfish or a public purpose?

In prison camp I was little more than skin and bones. It may be hard for you to truly understand hunger if you have never been famished or undernourished, yet every day I and the other prisoners faced hunger as surely as we faced the sunrise. However, the system in our prison camp allowed each prisoner to take a turn scraping out the big pot in which they made our meal every day. It was only on that day that we were allowed to have a larger portion of the usual potato and water soup. Once the potatoes got cold they stuck to the walls of the kettle and became one solid mass. In fact, the substance reminded me of glue or paste.

I waited weeks for my turn to come. When the day finally came and after everyone had eaten, I literally dived headlong into that pot. I shoved down my usual ration because I knew more was coming. It was warm and it tasted good. Once everyone was served, I quickly scraped the kettle and found I could fill two gallon cans with what remained on the bottom and sides. I took them and ran to my bunk. My spoon in hand, I attacked my treasure and shoveled in the first gallon; it was still lukewarm and it went down with a fair amount of ease. Afterward, my stomach was bloated and stuck way out. But I was so hungry that without rationale, I started eating the second gallon immediately. By this time the glue-soup was cold which made it much harder to swallow, but I didn't care and simply pushed it down my throat as fast as I could. My heart began to pump fast and my eyes nearly popped out. I became so sick that I almost died.

This experience taught me a lesson about suffering as well as human nature. A person should be given only as much as he needs at any given time. I should never have forced myself to eat so much at one sitting. I should have had a little chunk of butter with perhaps a bit of sugar. Even a double portion of soup would have been fine. But I had two extra gallons one of which was ice cold.

You can kill people with too little or too much food. You can kill people with love. Be cautious about how much you give out at certain times. Use wisdom. Learn to understand people -- their anguish and sorrow. Learn what physical and spiritual hunger is. With such knowledge, you will be able to perceive what and how much to feed an individual -- both physically and spiritually -- so that you do not damage any organs or even cause death.

If you become keen in your perception of peoples' suffering, you will be able to fill their needs in such a way that you can alleviate their hurt rather than inflict more.

At this time in history, people throughout the world are learning about the plight of Ethiopia or Sudan. Many segments of society are discovering that half of Africa is starving. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures which flash on television screens or are published in newspapers and periodicals show people from a variety of countries. Unlike people who appear in advertisements, these people are not in three-piece suits or designer dresses. Unlike the super-thin models who wear scanty clothing to promote a certain brand of swimwear, these people can afford no more than rags to cover their protruding bones. Insects may crawl in and out of our homes, yet insects crawl in and out of their eyes. But what we must not forget is that they are people just like you and me. Perhaps the color of their skin is a different shade, but it is still beautiful. What is the distinction between them and any of us? What should be so different about Ethiopians, Sudanese, and anyone living in a developed country? We are all human beings. Depending upon faith or ideology, many people would recognize that we are all created by God. Yet millions of people in some countries are starving to death. We are all created by the Almighty, but certain incongruities do exist between some peoples. His love is unconditional toward each of us; it is we who stop the flow of that love among ourselves when we don't treat others equally.

A great part of the world's population is presently forced to live under the bondage of communism. People continue to suffer under this form of government. Some people in the free world hate the ideology of communism because they have either been exposed to its tactics or they have read enough to be frightened by the threat of this system. Yet there are millions of people who simply do not know the terrors of a government which would enslave them. Their complacency contributes to the perpetuation of the communist system as well as the continuation of suffering by those who are forced to live under it.

True Father has often talked about the dangers of communism. He has even offered a critique of it and a counterproposal to it. He is asking Unificationists to become well-versed in both the theory of communism as well as this counterproposal, so that we will become busy enough to activate the spiritual world to work in the iron curtain nations in order that the new world can be built there as well. True Parents are aware of how much the suffering heart of God grieves every day this form of government is allowed to continue. They know how much agony He feels as He perceives how Satan encourages those in power to take up the whip and daily scourge the backs of His children during their enslavement.

What value does your personal suffering have? What does it accomplish? Why do you suffer? Out of ignorance? Are circumstances such that you have to suffer? Are you called to suffer because you inherited either certain characteristics or deficiencies? Suffering done for God and humanity has value. However, it is not the only kind of suffering that is valuable. All other suffering may help season and strengthen you. It will toughen your skin so that you are more able to cope with life.

Jesus went through the greatest suffering. Death is the ultimate sacrifice. Because he offered his life, his suffering then had the greatest and eternal value. He did not worry about the severity of his suffering; he thought of the price it would pay for humanity.

We are able to learn a great lesson from the kind of suffering Jesus underwent. From it we are able to see that it does not make much sense to center on our own suffering. Rather, we should suffer for God and humanity. By such a statement I am not saying that God is not with the suffering person. He is. When the bums on the street hurt, God sympathizes with them. In fact, God has never stopped suffering since the tragedy in the Garden of Eden. Each human being is endowed with an original mind; that small pulse is the connecting point with God. All the experiences that the drunkard or underprivileged person has, God also feels. He experiences everything that happens to every person through this connection.

How can we begin to alleviate the hurt which God has to endure every day? Value is determined by the level of sacrifice. When a person can accept the suffering entailed in sacrificing his life for God and ultimately the world, his offering can be evaluated as possessing the highest value.

Thirty years ago when I was in Cambridge, Ontario in Canada, the temperature was often way below the freezing point. I worked in construction and even in that kind of weather, I shingled roofs. After everybody else went home, I still stayed on the job. I was ambitious; I wanted to survive and get ahead. I needed money for my family so I continued to sit on the roof all alone and drive in nails. I was frozen stiff and I felt chilled to my bones. It was so cold I almost died. After several hours I couldn't work anymore. I went home and it took hours and hours to unthaw. I felt pains and cramps in every inch of my body. Tears continued running down my face.

In the summertime, I stood in a hole cribbing foundations and pouring cement. It was over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and there was no relief in the form of wind or breeze. I remember that the sun was so hot and searing, I eventually could only see stars in front of my eyes. When I wanted to hit the nail, I hit everything but the nail. One worker after another fainted from exhaustion and I was by myself again. But I kept on working. I became so hot that I put a water hose in my mouth and just let it run. I thought that would ease the scorching dryness. However, through that I eventually suffered kidney problems.

Today whenever I see or even think of people doing construction work, these memories come back to me. Through personal experience I know what these people feel and I can comprehend their suffering.

So many nations and peoples throughout the world have endured affliction and pain. Massacres still go on -- whether fought with sword or bullet, or experienced through famine. People are dying by the millions. That is suffering. People in countless countries are literally experiencing the I lend of the world." They die right where they are, powerless to move and unable to change their suffering circumstances.

The highest value is attached to the suffering of the Messiah and the sons and daughters of God because they offer their lives for God and humanity. This does not mean that we should not empathize with people who are depressed and live through calamities or suffer in any number of ways. Of course we should help them. But much suffering is self-inflicted. We need to be able to see the difference.

We Unificationists feel a certain desperation to be connected to God. As a result, our suffering may be transformed into joy once we understand its value and the reason behind it. We know that suffering with the correct attitude does create positive value for restoration. A seven day fast may not constitute a tremendous amount of suffering, but it does have certain virtue. We do it gladly if we understand that it may not necessarily help us, but does merit the cause. We know conditions of Tang Gam such as fasting and prayer do create positive energies and assist the outcome of restoration. Anyone who knows the reason behind the suffering can endure it more easily.

We often promote the attitude that we are marching into battle and ready to give our lives. If we are constantly confronted with depression and suffer as a consequence, we should begin to overcome such a problem by strengthening our faith in God, and then continue by centering all that we do -- even our suffering -- upon the restoration of humanity. When we can do that, God can look upon it as having value. But when we fail to do that, we will be in anguish just like the multitudes of people who contain their suffering to the small worlds they have constructed for themselves.

If you pray for and think of the suffering world, or if you have personally seen many parts of the world and can remember the faces of the people in agony, it is easy to recall your memories in a split second. But if you are more innocent and still protected by blinders of naivete, you will naturally have a more difficult time to connect with the kind of suffering that goes on in countless nations of the world.

How do you relate to the people in Africa, Asia, or those in iron curtain countries? How do you suffer along with them? It is not easy. Yet I think someone who did have a certain amount of life experiences has a different capacity, a greater reservoir of feelings, and a much broader scope to be able to encompass and share the suffering of other people.

This is one reason that you have to train yourself to have as many experiences with people as possible. You cannot feel compassion in an instant. God has so many aspects, so many facets, so many faces. He lives in all people and all situations. If you have primarily seen morally upright and healthy people, you will never know what the rest of the world is like or how God sympathizes with the thousands of His children in Africa who are starving and dying.

How can you understand people if you have never had any pangs of conscience or suffered either in your heart or in a physical way? How will you ever understand the third world nations?

Intellectually, we know that Father went to prison and for many years suffered in labor camp. It is a fact that our mind absorbs, but at the same time, it is unreal to us. Our heartstrings are tugged when we listen to stories about that time, but on the other hand, we can never really understand the misery such words describe. We hear that millions of people are still in labor camps in China, Russia, or other nations, but the concept does not settle within and move our hearts. How can we understand the totality of the heart of God if we miss a certain fragment? One part of His heart lives with those suffering people. How can we understand Him if we have never suffered at all?

As members of a certain society, nation, or ethnic group, a great many people suffer the result of collective sin. Those who do not know the Principle may find it hard to understand that millions and billions of people suffer as a consequence of the mistakes such as those made in the Garden of Eden or the events surrounding Jesus' death. If Jesus would have erected the Kingdom of God on earth during his lifetime, restoration would have been accomplished through the next generation. But since that did not happen, satanic forces gained more and more power and since Jesus' death, spread throughout the world. And this increase of Satan's strength has inflicted great suffering on all humanity.

When eighty of our foreign missionaries left from Germany in 1975, I wondered what suffering they would encounter. Young, inexperienced men and women marched out to the jungle. They didn't know the language, they had little life experience, but they did have one thing: they believed in God and True Parents. Their trust in God saw them through times of suffering. They became heroes. They became one with their culture, their nation, and even their suffering.

They experienced hepatitis, malaria, even cholera, but they are close to God. They met God in the jungle; they met Him in their suffering.

Although we often make sacrifices, we do not only pray and fast. Another kind of sacrifice is the suffering we sometimes feel as a result of being distant from God. Even when we feel Him close by, we can still put ourselves in the position of other people far away from God. The stories of the prophets of the past are easy to recall. Perhaps we do not understand the "why" of their predicaments but God allowed them to experience trouble; He even permitted them to feel that He would no longer be with them. They felt cut off from God and might even have cried, "God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" He placed them in the depths of hell for a reason; He wanted to see their level of faith and commitment. The suffering that many of them felt no doubt strengthened their allegiance to Him. There were many who remained as constant in fidelity as Job; the tears of their suffering must have been sweet and consoling to God.

This is a different time and perhaps the kind of suffering we bear today may feel quite remote from the distress contained in those tales from long ago. However, because Unificationists have been given the gift of the Principle and can begin to comprehend the two sides of suffering, we should also come to realize that the way we view the suffering we must go through is important to God. Through our attitude, we have the power to either console or dismay Him.

Despair is not an altogether unfamiliar emotion to bear when you are faced with difficulties. Knowing the adversities that have continued to cross the path of God's dispensation, it is quite normal to wonder what keeps Him going. I believe that His hope and anticipation of the forthcoming fulfillment of the purpose of creation has helped Him to sustain the agony of the scenes that His eyes cannot help but scan every day. In light of the original desire of God, the thousands of years which have passed are filled with tragedy. But He knows that since the law itself is predestined to be fulfilled, that will be the eventual outcome.

It is difficult to endure the way of suffering before certain conditions are fulfilled. However, God endowed the essence of endurance to the quality of love, whether or not a response is offered. That element of unconditional love is deeply embedded within His heart which makes His suffering far greater when we do not acknowledge His attempts to penetrate the walls surrounding our hearts. Yes, we do suffer when we feel distant from Him. However, the, intensity of anguish which He feels cannot be comprehended or measured by our limited perception.

Have you ever been really hungry? I am not referring to the kind of hunger you may feel after fasting for seven days. Although you are surely hungry after fasting, you know that after you complete your condition there will be plenty of food for you to eat. In wartime, there are no such assurances. There is never enough to eat during a war. In my own experience, I remember being racked with hunger. During the time I was a prisoner of war, I ate mostly soup. People got tuberculosis because they were so undernourished.

Being constantly hungry is a definite suffering. If you find yourself in that situation, you can become so desperate that you begin to eat the bark off a tree. You can become so frantic to fill your stomach that if you find some vegetable which you know is spoiled, you eat it anyway. That is real hunger; that is real suffering.

Talk to people who have gone to Siberia or those who have spent time in Vietnam. Talk to anyone who has been involved with communist labor camps. Their testimonies of suffering will probably open your eyes wider than you can imagine. Perhaps you should kneel down and apologize to God that you have not suffered yet. Of course you can be thankful that you haven't had to undergo such difficulties, but on the other hand, you have also missed out on collecting a unique treasure for your life.

The least we can do is to recognize the fact that the world is suffering. On behalf of humanity we can do some fasting now and then. We can at least empathize with their plight. And absolutely we should pray for them.

There are many aspects to suffering. But one of the worst forms is manifested by people who are tormented by evil spirits and driven by Satan. They may not even realize what is happening to them because Satan does not want people to recognize the subtle ways in which he works. Being distant from God is actually the greatest suffering. Of course even religious people often feel the chasm between themselves and God, but it is much more evident when we see possessed people who mutter to themselves and sometimes even curse or shake their fists into the air. Passers-by may feel such people are crazy. But actually it is evil spirits that surround those tormented in such fashion; they are absolutely powerless to cast away the spirits because they do not consciously distinguish between the voices of physical and spiritual people. If we begin to investigate the moral crimes of society and then research such phenomena in light of the Principle, we could discern that Satan is actually the master criminal who imposes the suffering.

Nothing can compare to the misery you feel when you go deep into prayer and really connect with the suffering heart of God. When you enter the realm of God's heart, you are able to see with His eyes. You comprehend all that happens in the physical world and even though it is a mere fraction of the total agony He constantly endures, you experience the sharpness of pain God Himself encounters. Then you will know what suffering is. If you really touch the heart of God in prayer, you will not need to ask for spiritual experiences.

If you do not know much about suffering, you should at least listen to those who have experienced it. Accept what they say, and then take action to alleviate the pain.

Look at the suffering people of this world with the eyes of God. If you can feel with your heart and unite with a person and his suffering, then you have already become a part of it. That is something each of us can do.

In viewing something through God's eyes, I want to mention the necessity of extending yourself to the whole world and all of humanity. In order to do this, it is important that you no longer cling to your personal problems. It is when you are exposed to the tragedies of the world that you will sense the suffering which accompanies them, and it will be much easier to forget your own difficulties. If you have to fight for your life, you will forget that you have no shoes or shirt to wear.

As you engage in battle, it is essential to put suffering in a proper perspective; if your suffering becomes tinged with bitterness and resentment, realize that you are again using your own eyes instead of God's.

Many people have prayed and suffered for their religious beliefs, but they never knew the word "indemnity" or the significance of why they had to suffer so much. Unificationists are lucky, we know the purpose.

You experience great relief if someone suffers along with you. The worst thing is to suffer alone. Being supported by other people who share your misery is uplifting and consoling. Never forget that your emotions reflect God's and that what you feel, He feels.

Unificationists can be proud of one thing in the future -- how much we personally suffered for God and humanity. If we do not know what suffering is or how to connect to it, in what will we be able to take pride? External achievements, fame, and financial success are only temporary and earthly accomplishments. They will not pave our way to Heaven. Tears of humility and suffering will bring you to the door of the pavilion God has ordained as yours.

One of the biggest problems is that this generation has never suffered. The greatest understanding of the heart of God is generated when you understand the concept of suffering through personal experience. If you have really suffered in your life, then you will have compassion for people. You have never been in prison, so how do you know what prison is like? If you have never really been hungry, what do you know about hunger? If you have never slept in a hole, how can you sympathize with the people who live in slums? It is not possible to perceive the suffering of a slave if you have never been one. In order to overcome these barriers, develop a more intense longing to understand God's suffering and the woes of the world.

You can see throughout history that God has always sent those most beloved to Him to fight and even to die. The prophets He called were great people and each one had to suffer. God even sent His son Jesus to the place of suffering. Knowing that he would face certain adversities, God also sent Father to North Korea.

By entering the arena in which he would face the ultimate confrontation with Satan or his representatives, Father pays the supreme price. If we follow the pattern of True Parents and put our own lives down on the line, we will never be accused by God, True Parents, or anyone from the past, present, or future history.

Suffering is definitely a consequence of sin. Each of us harbors sin within ourselves -- original, personal, collective, and hereditary sin. Yet in order to overcome this sin, we have to struggle. In other words, we have to pay indemnity in order for a transformation to take place. Satan will never give any of us back to God without a payment. He demands certain conditions and each of us must pay. Other people are able to assist us. The Messiah especially can give us a great deal of help. But even with his effort, we are not exempt from all of our payments. We must atone for our sins and consequently, struggle to subjugate the evil within ourselves.

There are so many facets to overcoming sin and suffering because Satan appears in so many ways. Anything that goes against the will of God exemplifies our fallen nature -- from jealousy to sins of omission. Everyone has to struggle and suffer in order to return to God.

Consider that you are a person in society and you have a deep desire to be saved. You are one among billions of people who are searching and longing for something which you cannot quite discern. Couldn't that be considered suffering?

We Unificationists are often loners; this is the result of a separation process which took place spiritually. Our desire for salvation is something which we can discern; we know that to follow the path that will lead us home to God, we will need to sacrifice ourselves and experience suffering.

During World War II millions of people had to run from East to West Germany, fleeing from the Russians during a very frigid winter. Millions of people, nearly frozen to death themselves, took their loved ones and ran to freedom. Some of the older people had already died but were carried along on their horse-drawn wagons anyway. And during this exodus, the Russians kept shooting at them. Thousands just perished by the roadside, they did not make it. They simply froze to death. Each one of the many millions of Germans who moved from East to West Germany in the dead of winter experienced such suffering.

Yet there are many kinds of wars. If you travel to Africa, you will see millions of people fighting a new kind of war. You cannot hide your eyes from their suffering. Have you ever seen the effects of a drought? With no water, animals are unable to move and they just die where they are. People have no hope and nothing to eat. Children are nothing but skeletons. That is suffering.

There is so much suffering in this world; because of this, America is accused by almost every nation. God intended the wealth He gave her to be part of the foundation for the Messiah to use to reach the entire world. Yet so many Americans have lost their humility before God. They feel they are the smart ones and, that the wealth and glory of America is all for them. There are countless millionaires who live it up, so carefree, so careless. How great is the sin of the Western world. One rich man alone has enough money to feed an entire country like Uganda. Somebody has to alleviate this problem. There is so much needless suffering going on in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, a great deal of it is caused by man's inhumanity to man.

I have been in so many nations in the world. It is the same everywhere. Poverty smells the same in New Delhi, Hong Kong, or Lima. Many of the jungles and even some parts of the cities are rank with the stink of undernourished and uncleaned flesh. Children live like rats in the slums. The smell and the suffering is the same worldwide-oppressive and unnecessary.

The people who are subjected to life in the ghettos are human beings as much as those living in mansions that cost five hundred thousand dollars. However, a person who lives in a single room in the ghetto does not carry much weight in the eyes of the world.

It is heart-warming to see the response of today's musicians who want to raise money to help the plight of these people. But it has to be a constant effort and the hearts of thousands more people must be moved to help. Right beside the shacks and polluted water holes filled with more than an adequate supply of garbage, luxury hotels complete with swimming pool and saunas are erected. A person who stays there may throw around thousands of dollars on himself, but then may slap the face of a beggar boy who happened to get in his way. Both are God's sons, and actually both of them suffer. They do not have the power to resurrect themselves from their situations and their attitudes. Isn't it possible that such suffering can actually end someday? What kind of world is this, so filled with vast discrepancies? Don't we need a new one? 

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