Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 8 - The Kingdom of Heaven

Christians talk about the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven, but generally never speak about building it here on earth. They claim that it is going to be a spiritual Kingdom. Like Christians, Unificationists also advocate the erection of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the difference in viewpoint is that we proclaim it must be built on earth before it is constructed in the spirit world. Yet our claim must be backed up by a formula or blueprint from which we can physically create a new world. Through gathering many groups of professors, scientists, and other professionals Father is formulating such a plan. Those individuals have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to discover the solutions to the inevitable problems anyone will have in creating this Kingdom. God cannot magically wave His hand to erase all the evil or eradicate the sicknesses which are rampant throughout this world. God absolutely needs man to create His Kingdom.

So much emotion must well up within the heart of God whenever He thinks of re-creating this world which has been lost to Him for so long; the Kingdom of Heaven has been in the heart and mind of God for millions of years. But it can never be created in the spirit world until it is built here on earth. According to Father, God's timetable dictates that the time to do it is now. And we are the ones He is counting on!

Heaven will definitely become a reality, but we must pay the necessary indemnity before it can be erected. We have not yet stepped into Heaven because we are still involved in restoration. There is no other way to enter Heaven than by first treading through hell. Yet it is best if even at this time we can already sense something about it. Doing so may develop within us a stronger longing for Heaven and push us even deeper into hell to bring people out. The greater our exposure to the satanic world, the greater our longing becomes for personal salvation as well as the salvation of all mankind. The more exposed we are to the suffering of mankind, the more intensely we will long for the relief, salvation, freedom, peace, and healing we know will be part of God's Kingdom.

We must consider that many years ago Father was all by himself. Even though he is just a human being, he received the mission to virtually turn the world upside down. What must he have thought? He came from a small village in Korea and at that time had not seen the world. If he would have been in America and known people from different national backgrounds, he might have had a different perspective of his mission, but thus far had only lived in a country which had not made many technological strides and had been isolated from the world for numerous years.

On his own, he had to learn to perceive the will of God and the significance of what had to be done. How could he cope with such a mission? As I look at Father's enormous task, I feel the only way he could survive was by clinging to God. Father himself has talked often about how God became substantial to him. After clearing this hurdle, Father extended the intimate relationship he had made with God to a vast number of people. His foundation expanded continuously to this present day. But in one very real way, we are the result of the decision Father made several decades ago. All we have to do is gain the same conviction, develop a substantial relationship with God, and continue to make tangible offerings to Him. Doing so indicates our willingness to leave Satan and is the process to turn the world around.

The years we are now passing through could be termed as a period of transition; as Father has mentioned to us, we are presently at the crossroads of good and evil. We should understand that ours is not a part-time job. We have been given a lifetime mission to work alongside God and True Parents, assisting in the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Yet our relationship with them cannot remain abstract. We cannot continue to talk to someone we cannot see; God has to become more real to us. Each one of us must re-create ourselves, incarnate the truth, and thereby spiritually and physically manifest the spirit of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not fictitious. It is not a dream or a Disneyland, neither is it a fairy tale. The Kingdom of Heaven will eventually be substantialized here on earth. People in many parts of the world may dream about going to the United States of America, equating it with the Kingdom of Heaven. Contrary to their dreams, the streets in the United States are not paved with gold. However, she definitely seems to have all the physical advantages-abundance of commodities from food to furniture, sophistication in the arts, and leadership in the world power struggle. Through technology and science, the knowledge she has accumulated is continuously refined; the physical environment for the Heavenly Kingdom basically exists there. Although the know-how exists, the physical environment as well as each advancement must be restored and purified. Communication and transportation systems to unite all people are already in existence and networked to many nations. Yet despite the possibility of using these wonderful aids, Unificationists must face the prospect of helping to uproot the evil within the heart and mind of each person. We must attempt to sufficiently make them realize that God wants to create His Kingdom here on earth and that they are meant to be its citizens.

We must help others, but simultaneously purify ourselves. We do this by denying the physical self, changing ourselves internally, and working for the fulfillment of the purpose of creation. To do this, it is necessary that we become the true sons and daughters of God.

Father has definite knowledge of what the Kingdom of Heaven is supposed to be like. He works to instill within us that same vision by outlining God's master plan. Father sees with the eyes of God and feels with the heart of God. Father has begun the formidable task of sharing that blueprint with all levels of society. There are many things that Father has already done to unite groups of scientists, journalists, theologians, and those in various other fields. Unfortunately, we are too often blinded by our own personal problems to notice how deeply Father is involved in this task and how much he has prepared for an inevitable breakthrough.

We are often short-sighted and cannot discover the recent developments in the ongoing projects we may have just heard about. We don't know what strides have already been achieved in the physical world or in the spirit world, but just lament that we cannot find our way out of the desert. We recognize that we are in the wilderness yet fail to see anything apart from the sand and calamities, which of course are plentiful. But the word is that eventually we will walk into Canaan.

What does the desert feel like? Terrible? That's normal. Yes, we are still in the midst of the desert. But God has prepared a land toward which we are supposed to move. In order to give God a foothold in this world, a physical nation must be restored. The only question is: how do we overcome the satanic world?

By itself, religion cannot bring the Kingdom of Heaven. It serves only as the springboard. The essential point is that we must clean out and purify our hearts. And this internal process of restoration must take place before we can restore our own environment and ultimately the rest of the world. Religion is the starting point; everyone has to embrace the precepts of some faith. Within its structure a person can be taught how to subjugate the physical self and rind a way back to God. According to God's plan for worldwide restoration, eventually all people in the world must go through this process in order to be granted total salvation.

As Unificationists it is not merely our task to further our personal spiritual growth, we have been commissioned to erect the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter how small our church community may be, we fellowship together as well as embrace other congregations to expand our knowledge about God-sharing our tangible experiences or dreams of Him. Our desire should simply be to glorify Him more. At the same time, thousands of spirits who also hear the tenets of our faith in turn teach others. They are then inclined to cooperate with us. By observing God's laws and further loving Him and humanity, we and the spirit world can mutually glorify Him and gradually erect the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus declared that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He was not referring to the ignorance, behavior, or naivete of a child. He meant that it is necessary to depend upon our Parent, God, just as a child relies on his parents. Therefore, in order to enter God's Kingdom, we must find our parents and develop the humility of a child.

Since we live in a world that is very real yet at the same time quite abstract, we may find it hard to know a great deal about its creator. Even though we may feel a certain security within the structure of this church community, whenever we rub shoulders with the people of society, we are reminded that the world itself is full of hatred and devoid of God's true love. People do their best to simply survive. But even though billions of people have survived for thousands of years, the Heavenly Kingdom which God originally desired to create is still not yet established. Even though mankind has tried for thousands of years to erect this Kingdom and has not yet succeeded, does not mean that it will not happen. In the past, many people gave up. They questioned whether we need religion at all. Many people became convinced that religion was not necessary, then helped to create a world without God, and finally proclaimed that He was dead. But seeing how rebellious these children are toward their Parent might evoke our awe that God still desires to reform this world to be the place where He can abide.

We may be impatient and desire to simply push a button to create a new world instantly. Yet we cannot forget one important thing. Despite the fact that God's patience has been tried over and over, He never abandoned us; it was mankind who left God. Our distance from God is not His fault but ours. In order to return to God, we must offer to pay Satan who took us away from Him. However, for leading a wrong and sinful way oflife, we must also repay our debt to God. God needs to test and regain trust in us. When we convince Him that He can indeed have faith in us, He will pour out all His love. And when we can perceive His true love, we will automatically receive the responsibility to share this love with our neighbor and help God and the Messiah restore this world to become that Kingdom which He has desired for thousands of years.

Is it possible to experience Heaven amongst ourselves at this time? Have we ever considered what Heaven should be like? The early Christians built Paradise and millions of people have been able to come to God by entering this beautiful realm. We are doing something similar. We are using our own hands to build the Kingdom of God. But Heaven is not yet here. We are the ones who have to work hard and sacrifice our lives to create it for all mankind. Therefore, it is natural that we will not always be happy or joyful, but we shouldn't be upset that we are not always in ecstasy.

Compared to what exists today, our movement had such a limited foundation when Christel and I joined. We thought of little else but God and True Parents. It has been a lonesome course for Father and the early disciples, riddled with disappointment and difficulties. But Father kept persevering because he kept the vision of this Kingdom and knew that eventually the foundation would widen. Those who join even at this time are still considered early members and pioneers. A new member may say that the life of a Unificationist is little more than incredibly hard work, tension, indemnity, and the undeniable "must" to overcome that element we call fallen nature. While his feeling is true, it is important for the new member to realize that at this point we are in a similar position to the early Christians. We are now fighting evil forces in order to create the foundation for the whole world to return to God, and our work is to lay down the carpet on which all peoples of the world can eventually step into the new Heaven.

The work already done has bridged so many territories and broken down numerous barriers; the new Heaven we are creating is quite different from the old heaven. But for this reason we must pay incredible indemnity at this time and lead what some may consider a miserable life. Yet once the foundation is established, we will walk free and clear over the hill and enter Canaan; the most wonderful thing is that by paving the way we are making it much easier for many others to accompany us.

If this seems like a foreign concept to you, why not meditate and pray about it. God may want to open your eyes because you cannot clearly see the reason behind the conditions we fulfill either as a movement or individually. The reason should be clear: we are creating a new world. When pioneers came to the new world, they had to work the land with effort, and using some "elbow grease," dig into the soil with their shovels. Sometimes they found sand or water, yet sometimes they discovered gold. The plows they had were only pieces of wood. There was no modern machinery in their day; they were little more than workhorses. Yet as the first ones to work this land, those pioneers hold a special place in history. Their efforts and small successes were often documented.

Similarly, we are now developing things so that those who come after us will have a much easier time. But as the early pioneers, it is our task to work hard. We are the ones who have to develop the tools and know-how. We have to map out the uncharted land of this new world. By tilling the soil, we may sometimes find sand or water. Yet we may unearth a hidden deposit of gold and strike it rich! Only True Parents and a few other individuals have tasted what life will be like in this brand new world. It is a unique situation for us if we view our position with the right attitude. The undisclosed territories are waiting for us and beckoning us to feel the spark of adventure in our hearts and travel there.

A new day is approaching -- a day when humanity will know with certainty that Father is the son of God. For two thousand years, millions of people have suffered and sacrificed themselves. They prayed and sang songs to Jesus. The heartfelt longing in their hearts could not be stilled and they had to express how much they love their Lord. Similar songs will glorify our True Parents in the future. Just as Jesus' disciples were glorified, we will also be regarded with great esteem, but much more so because we are still alive. The difference is that we are presently working to build the Kingdom of Heaven. We are not just developing individual spiritual relationships to the Messiah and only concerned with our own salvation. The work we are doing is the substantial creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

In order to build the new Jerusalem, we must investigate how to do it. It is obvious that people must be assigned to different tasks- buildings, roads, homes, traffic plans, and the like. Skilled technicians in architecture, engineering, construction, plumbing, and so forth will be needed. Some people will have to work underground putting in all the sewer pipes because they too are necessary. Those appointed to that task may become disgruntled and irritated that they are stuck working in such a difficult area. They may wonder what their contribution really has to do with building the glorious city of the new Jerusalem. Yet those putting in the sewage and waste disposal system fulfill a most necessary task. The ones who chisel out the marble statues or put the golden roof on the main building of this new city may feel they are doing the greatest work, however, golden roofs and streets lined with pearls will become tarnished and dirty without the work of the street cleaners and chimney sweeps. The best attitude for each worker to have is appreciation for everyone else's job; it takes all kinds of people performing a multitude of jobs. Once everyone is finished with his work, new Jerusalem will be completed and then everyone can enjoy its beauty.

A person who plasters walls may be inside all day and not able to see what is happening outside. He may come to feel as if the surrounding walls are closing in on him. The person who puts in heating systems and insulates the roofs could get Fiberglas in his face and angrily mutter that his job has nothing to do with the building of the glorious city of gold and pearls and diamonds. But what if he were to quit? The new Jerusalem would be a cold place without his efforts.

As we are in the process of building the new Jerusalem, Unificationists may have similar feelings. Such emotions are understandable, but must be seen with the correct perspective. Each of us is doing something to construct this new world, and even though the jobs in the sewer, on the roof, or inside may become tedious and even routine, they are all necessary if we are to complete this project. Each of us is fulfilling his part in the creation of this Kingdom. The best thing the pipe layer can do is to continue to work in the sewer and pray for those working in different areas. All of us should pray that each person does a good job and has the power to finish. If we harmonize with all our co-workers and get rid of the jealousies and power struggles, it can be done.

Yet in order for the project to be brought to completion, one master builder has to conduct and supervise all activities. He must be the one who assigns the jobs and then directs their completion. People on the planning committee can help him and make suggestions or direct specific areas of the construction site. Father and other leaders ask that certain people fundraise but assign others to witness, work in certain departments or businesses, and the like. Yet each of us must see that we are fulfilling an important role; when we all willingly fulfill our missions, the new Jerusalem will finally be completed.

At this time in history, we are not merely attempting to create a foundation; we are working to restore the old world and develop a new one. The basic principle in the new world is dependence upon God; without solidifying our individual vertical relationships, our families cannot become God-centered. If our vertical relationship with God is lacking, we will not be able to adequately provide the necessary spiritual bread and butter for our families. Loving God enough to trust and depend upon Him and then developing the courage to follow His will can help create a world so different from the "I" and "me" world Satan has built.

The struggles which exist in our lives today are tiring and unnecessary; we so often reach one arm up to hold God's hand but at the same time we still stand on Satan's turf. Yet none of us want to struggle forever. In the secret corner of our minds, penetrable only by God's sunlight, lives the hope that a new society and a world no longer filled with evil will someday exist.

Even though the words "The Kingdom of Heaven" might make us envision buildings and palaces sparkling like the Emerald City in the land of Oz, in reality such a society would probably look similar to our modern cities with homes, buildings, roads, bridges, and so forth. We will not be on a permanent vacation and we will still have to work in order to put food on the table. We will still face problems. The difference is that the world will be governed by God; His love and truth will provide her guiding forces. Children will be educated by God-centered teachers. Governments and businesses will be run by the principles of God. Even the many fields of entertainment will be purified and threaded with God's code of morals and standards. The many things which society has to offer today will remain and then develop in many directions. The difference is that mankind will consider God first, not themselves, and all of us will live for the benefit of the whole. The fear that our own purpose will not be satisfied will simply vanish. When we secure that reliance on God and fasten the bindings of our love for Him, He will protect us and make sure that we are fulfilled. That is the basic rule of His Kingdom which has only been alive in His heart and mind during the thousands of years He has been incarcerated. We are the fortunate ones to help Him leave prison.

God has a purpose in unifying all branches of science; His idea is that through cooperation, they should develop solutions for the problems of the world and assist in creating the Kingdom of Heaven as quickly as possible. We are His voice, His hands and feet, spanning the world's territory to extend the foundation for His Kingdom. Yet in order that we are effective as His instruments, we must first comprehend the will of God and His true intention and plan for mankind.

You fantasize about and can create many things in this world. But you will also be able to be creative in the spirit world. The painter who wants to create a painting must first have a vision of it in his mind. He may work day and night to finish the picture or else he may lose part of his vision. The snatch of a tune may enter someone's heart and it may later become a symphony -- the alphabet, color chart, and musical system include all the symbols, forms, and shapes that exist in our vision and knowledge. When we can comprehend and work with what we know, we are able to create all kinds of kingdoms in our dreams and vision. This is one way to accumulate building stones for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through your vertical connection you will be able to discern the urgency of this time. God is engaging in His last major confrontation with Satan, and everyone in heaven has been thrown into a state of emergency. You will feel the strain of this emergency if you really relate to God and spirit world through prayer and meditation. The emergence of the new Kingdom is what "emergency" is all about.

God has manifested Himself symbolically, abstractly, as well as directly. Everything He created was out of love and the motivation to bring joy and satisfaction to His children. The entire world revolves around humanity. Yet how different it would be if God was the center of all religious, ideological, political, and economic problems. How different it would be if love prevailed in the concerns of society. If everything was done to lift people up and for the purpose of creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, all functions in society would be positive ones.

My deepest wish is that one day soon all mankind bows before God and recognizes the True Parents. Can you envision millions of people coming by the thousands over the last hill of faith, stretching their arms into the air and praising God? Imagine millions of people all humbly bowing before God, swelled with the longing to live with Him! You would hear the heavenly choirs of the angelic world sing. I firmly believe this is not some fantasy running through my imagination, but will become a reality in the not too distant future. If all mankind could envisage this, and for one moment feel the degree of longing and love which many Unificationists have for both God and True Parents, wouldn't this one moment be enough to start us off? Peace would be activated and start a chain reaction. If every man would embrace the goal of living with and for his God, and follow the inspiration necessary to love and praise Him, we would all be in Heaven. I, for one, know that this time will come.

What is "Heaven?" According to my understanding of the Principle, the Kingdom of Heaven is the place of joy and happiness in which each person fulfills a certain role, ultimately serving the purpose of the whole. Inter-human relationships in this present world are full of hurt, jealousy, and bitterness. But the relationships in Heaven will be pure and built upon dependency. The concept of "interdependence" rather than "independence" will exist in Heaven. Each individual will be responsible to give of himself and serve those above and below him, as well as his equals. Such obligations though guarantee that every person is ultimately cared for. When this happens, the power of God will manifest and He will be able to express His heart and essence through His creation and all entities in the cosmos. He will also be able to perceive the love that we reciprocate.

It is my understanding that the family unit will be the basic structure of the perfect world. The father and mother would be the center of the family. Each child would be protected and taken care of by his parents. Mothers are generally responsible for educating the children, while the father usually provides for and protects each member of the family.

The four position foundation mentioned throughout the Principle is the foundation for all existence in the universe. The four position foundation is direction-giving for universal human behavior. When we start off with a God-centered family, then at least in an abstract or symbolic way the father-figure could always be found as the nucleus of any organization, business, community, or nation.

God is the center of the four position foundation, either as the personal God or the inherent directive nature of the universe. In this way God is always present in polarity within all entities, which brings about the four position foundation and guarantees physical existence and multiplication.

The whole universe should be built according to this family unit. We are able to find a parallel structure in communities and cities. A mayor is in the father's position and the city elders act as counselors. Ideally, the elders should then work together with the parents to raise the children. If they were centered upon God, the elders would work for the good of the community and protect it. As public servants, they would be responsible for every person in that city. It should be the same pattern on the national level. The president is in the position of father of the nation. The members of the government bodies are in the position of elder brothers. The police and security forces are both in Eve's position while the military occupies the position of the archangel. These three positions have to totally cooperate and continue their work even after they are restored. The initiative comes from Adam, the government. Eve, the security forces, must cooperate and the mission of the archangel, the military, is protection. In the ideal world, all branches of government will work together to maintain everlasting peace on earth.

People have to live by laws. There must be a social structure on earth just as there is a hierarchy in the spirit world. For example, we cannot defy the law of gravity without some sort of adverse result. The establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven does not imply that people will suddenly stop using money and revert to the practice of bartering salt for livestock. People will still need protection; even restored people will not necessarily become wise immediately. We will not become saints overnight!

The father figure is in God's position and, therefore, must accept responsibility for the nation. In a company, the boss is in the position of the father and employees occupy the position of children. Consequently, employers should learn how to properly raise the children and help them deal with their problems. Fathers who become dictators are often hated and evoke rebellion. Likewise, employers should learn fair management.

Whether in a family or society, those in the father position should fulfill their responsibility as God directs. If they are centered upon God, those under the father-figure will also be centered upon God. When the time comes, nations will work together to form a world government and fulfill their responsibility centered upon God. That will be the tangible Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If you could recognize the part of God within me and I could recognize the characteristics of God within you, we could each begin to perceive His nature within the billions of people living on the earth. When we do that, we would see the manifestation of God's labor within the changing hearts of mankind and hear the beautiful tunes God makes by stroking their heartstrings. We would discover the beautiful harmony existing within the world we could then call the Kingdom of Heaven.

In order to empathize with the suffering of mankind, you must be connected to the Kingdom of Heaven. Such emotions are possible only when you are saturated with love. If you love yourself but hate and resent the rest of the world, how can you be compassionate toward people and their problems? Yet if you can come to the point that you do not center upon yourself and instead come to love humanity with genuineness and sincerity, you will get a little taste of the Kingdom of Heaven.

No matter from which color, race, religion, or culture a person originates, each one of us will someday realize we are part of God's one huge family. It may sound very abstract to make such a claim, but it is part of God's original will. He absolutely determines to bring to pass whatever He purposes, but in order to do so, He needs the assistance of His children. We have already committed our lives to be His instruments and therefore must understand His will and intention. One part of our commission is to cooperate with the Messiah and create the new world. Each of us must cleanse ourselves and replace our old nature with fresh enthusiasm and the love of God. But we cannot stop there. Just as important is dedicating ourselves to help other people do the same so they too can be free. Through mutual cooperation then all of us will create a new world centered upon God.

Heaven is "vacation." Usually people term their vacation as heaven, but in a very real way, Heaven is "vacation." We "vacate" Satan's world as we step into God's new world.

The Kingdom of Heaven begins within the heart. It starts inside the pulse of one family living for more than just themselves. I feel that I catch more than a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven whenever I meet True Parents; the True Family lives for the sake of the world. I can recognize that all of us have the same potential. Presently, all of us still fluctuate; sometimes our hearts are truly attuned with our Heavenly Father and we feel deep regret and sorrow that we so often compromise our standard and ideals. At other times we feel far away from God and cannot see Heaven. But there is no question that the evil world will soon perish and the divine world become our reality.

The Bible story about the good Samaritan can leave a deep impression in the heart. In our present world, it is sometimes inconceivable that people are willing to help their fellow man. If a person falls down on the sidewalk, the reaction of those who pass by is often far from compassionate. But in the Kingdom of Heaven, we will help each other in every possible way. We will see smiling faces, not faces painted with hatred and bitterness. Today it is a novelty to meet just one person who is friendly. And it is a rarity to be the recipient of one sentence of love from a stranger. But whenever something like that does happen, it uplifts us so much that we cannot forget it for weeks. In Satan's world, everyone is captivated and enthralled with himself. Everyone is detached from true give and take; people do not give love, and they don't even know how. Trust is minimal and therefore everyone withdraws and lives in his own little prison.

It is important that we proclaim the love of God. We need to become genuine good Samaritans and go forth to tell others what rewards are in store for them once they endeavor to meet God, to pray to God, to work for God, to live for God, and build His Kingdom here on earth.

You will experience "heaven" once you and your spouse are spiritually united with God. You must give yourself totally to your partner. When man and woman are united in heart, they become harmonious mediators between heaven and earth in a total oneness of love.

The whole of mankind is created to exist together as one family. We were designed to melt together, serve one another, and respond to one another in give and take on all levels. When everything functions correctly according to the Principle of Creation, everyone will finally be well taken care of, fulfilled, and joyful. Even the smallest entities of creation are absolutely necessary for all the others to feel total fulfillment. The universe is like one gigantic body of God; but God could not walk with ease if He had eight toes or one ankle instead of two.

The new Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible is a symbolic city but eventually it will be a physical reality. However, I do not believe that we will actually put gold on the streets -- it may be too slippery! However, the new Jerusalem will probably be built from the wealth of the world brilliant and colorful gemstones, rich tapestries, gold, and so forth. All these beautiful creations will be assembled to glorify God. Yet there will be no more formal church buildings or temples because each human being will be a temple of God. And God's true representative, the Messiah, will live among us as our example and teach us how to love God, our Parent.

Many people are waiting for the new Jerusalem. Christianity looks at it in a very supernatural way. Christians are waiting for the rapture; they believe they will be lifted up into the physical clouds and become citizens of the Eternal City. Yet the Bible records that Jesus did say the Kingdom will not come with signs to be observed and is "in the midst of us." The Kingdom of Heaven is within us once we become a true temple of God. It is created when God touches our hearts and lives within them. Through loving Him, our relationship will become more and more intimate. That experience itself will "rapture" us and definitely transport us to a new and wonderful place.

If there had been no fall of man, the Kingdom of Heaven would already exist on earth. No churches or prayer would be necessary. Instead, ideal relationships between God and humanity, among people, and between all three kingdoms in the universe would already be more than just a dream. Each one of us must become a new person and live a new way of life. We must overcome the past reality and create something fresh. The transition period is difficult, however if the next generation is introduced to a way of life in which God is the central focus, there will be no problem for us to live like divine human beings. The biggest problem is that those of us in this generation are a mixture of the old and new. The questions which we ask today will not be necessary tomorrow. Our children and our children's children will be confronted with a different reality which will become their way of life. They will not have been subjected to the pain of this old world, and it will not be necessary for them to experience the agony of seeing something of the ideal while still living in the old shell of this painful world which is still to be shed.

During the thousands of years of human history, many people received beautiful insights of God and His Kingdom, yet were not totally able to put into practice the teachings of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and other of God's providential figures. This has definitely been the downfall of Christian society. Christians should have incorporated the teachings of Jesus into their daily activities. Some Christians feel that faith and daily life are separate, and one has nothing to do with the other. They think working in society is one thing, but religious faith is quite a different matter. Very few people have been able to live their Christian faith. As Unificationists we strive to live what we learn because we know it is the way to perfection.

We are trying to find our way back to God and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. We must be unafraid to become the "doers" to transform this world into that place God originally designed so very long ago.

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