Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 4 - God's Involvement

God is the architect of your life. He is the master builder with a master plan. It is important to constantly confer with Him to assure that your building, or perfection, is created in conformance with the details of the original blueprint for your life. The ideal arrangement is for the architect to be on the premises during construction. Therefore, it is essential that you hold meetings with God every day. When the architect Himself is there, He can tell you, "No, no -- don't do that! Move the beam to the right. A little further. Good. The foundation isn't strong enough; put a little more cement right there." If God is with you at all times, He will offer specific counsel for everything you ask. Walk with God; let your architect dwell with you.

God is a loving God. But He is more than a being of deity; He is a parent full of tenderness and affection for His children. He doesn't want to see us suffer. He wants us to progress and develop our prayer life; He hopes we will become people of integrity. As a parent, He anticipates our successes and our breakthroughs. He desires that we are mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. He appreciates how hard we try, detecting the sincerity our attitude and heart displays. Just as any parent, He is dismayed when we come to a standstill or when we become exhausted, confused or frustrated, not knowing what to do next. He keenly watches all events of our lives, and in fact wants to participate in them. Our Heavenly Parent definitely wants to be involved in our lives, but knows that it is not totally up to Him. We must extend the invitation.

If we unite with the master builder, we can rebuild the world if it is destroyed, because God kept the original blueprint. But the destroyer, Satan, can never rebuild what he has annihilated because he is not the original architect. He simply used someone else's plan. Even if Satan destroys the prospectus, God can produce a new copy because the masterpiece of creation is embodied within His heart.

God is extremely concerned by the twists and turns made in history. There are many events occurring in the world that are not according to His will. He has witnessed the effects of Satan's temper and knows how easily he can tear into a rage. God is aware that Satan still has a base of power and could do serious damage to this world. This awareness further stimulates His involvement in our lives. He knows that if we develop a close relationship to Him, no matter what happens to the world, we can always rebuild it by following His advice.

There can be no victory if we do not engage in battle. Restoration is a difficult war, one involving many skirmishes. But after combat, the victor will be awarded the sweetness of success. Throughout my years in the Unification movement, I have personally waged war with Satan many times. At times I wondered how long the fighting would have to continue. I longed for God to reveal Himself to me again. But nothing moved. And yet when I least expected it, heaven opened up, He appeared, and placed the victor's crown on my head.

I learned that God would come to me according to His timetable, not mine. Sometimes when I felt defeated and miserable, I thought God would not even want to come near me. To my surprise, His grace gently cascaded over my spirit. It was during the times I doubted He was near that He disclosed how concerned He is about me. His invisible involvement was manifested in such beautiful and loving ways. These were the incidents that revealed to me how much God's thinking is on a level far above our own.

The spirit of God reminds me of the wind. Like a storm, He comes when He wants and goes in the same manner. Wind and storms are created when conditions are right. As well, the spirit of God will descend when circumstances permit. However, when conditions are unsuitable, things are deathly still; nothing moves. When we prepare our hearts, the spirit of God appears; like wind or storm, it arises and bursts in, erupting the calm and tranquility.

He is our Father; He becomes intricately involved in our lives and at times becomes very tangible to us. When we become spiritually intimate with God, we come near enough to embrace Him. The battle we fight in prayer evokes the concern of our Heavenly Father, and miraculously He arrives.

God probably meditated about the unexplored potential of this universe before He created it. And initially He was so pleased with the result. Suddenly, something went wrong; the fall of man dashed His dreams, and He was forced to reconstruct everything.

How do you start rebuilding a damaged house? If a house is ruined by an earthquake, you may need to begin by renewing the foundation. Yet the first step is to visit the architect and check the specifications written on the original blueprints.

God is the master builder of the world, and we are lucky He kept the prospectus tucked deep inside His heart. Naturally, we must consult with Him if we are to assist the reconstruction. He has all the answers; all He must do is research the plan and verify how He created us because He will re-create us according to that prototype.

When the blueprints are laid out, you can count the number of rooms to be built on each floor. If you were to go to the area of the house in which the kitchen was to be built and just worked on installing the kitchen sink, you may become so engrossed, you not only ignore constructing the rest of the kitchen, but the whole rest of the house. Yet if you stand further back and survey the whole plan you can more easily see that a grand total of fifty rooms must be built. You count them up, get a total overview and then discern how much more work has to be done. However, if you stand too close, all you may see is the kitchen sink.

God inspects the set of plans to rebuild you entirely, not only one corner of you. Believe in His involvement; believe that He sees your potential and even now visualizes your total perfection.

God is the genius Creator of this world. He sends His son to supervise and carry out its rebuilding. He encourages His son to involve many people in this process, but has assured him that there is no other way than following to the letter the specifications detailed in the master blueprint. We term that set of specifications the "Principle." Everything must be restored by the spiritual and physical laws which are elucidated in the Principle.

God involves Himself in our lives by urging us to live by the Principle; once we do, we restore that part of God's heart with which He endowed us, as well as the portion of Himself He bequeathed to the universe. When we actively work in restoration, we can feel the heartbeat of God in every aspect of creation. Feeling the vibration of God's love will eventually be as natural as breathing. The whole concept sounds beautiful and idyllic, and we are affected even by the texture of such words. This is because God entangles Himself within our lives through just such poetic dreams.

There is still a great job to be done; it will take a tremendous amount of hard work, but God purposed the restoration of this world and all its inhabitants. God predestined the perfection and fulfillment of the universe because He is perfect. He is absolutely dedicated to completing this task; what He desires to know is our level of involvement and commitment.

Doing missionary work in the Congo and painstakingly talking to one person at a time may seem like a minute event compared to the situation of worldwide restoration. Yet God is involved even in such an action. Small incidents interlock and produce a gigantic event. God stretches His hand over all the world and unites all those seemingly insignificant, tiny events, gathering them into one great result. He is also trying to reach His arms around the five colors of mankind and assemble all those seemingly insignificant people into one big family. That is our God.

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