Heaven Down To Earth - Words of Spiritual Guidance

by Rev. Paul Werner

Chapter 3 - God's Trust

God has sustained pain for thousands of years and for that reason, may be a bit reluctant to reveal His heart. He longs to do so, but desires to trust someone before He will arbitrarily pour out His love. Therefore, our crucial task is to become trustworthy people. This entails cultivating such qualities as constancy and perseverance. We must defend our beliefs with pride and must work to support God. If we are persistent and determined, we will gain respect from other people and froth Him. He gives us time to develop, but will only disclose the intricacies and mysteries of His heart once He is confident that our faith is stable and solid.

You can most easily create harmony with someone if you go through thick and thin together. In a war, you need a comrade whom you can depend upon. When you also become a person he can trust, you might even offer your life to save his. Going through the tough times and the joys brings you together as true friends. This is especially true if you live under adverse conditions for a time.

In our present predicament, we have a deep need for each other. And we have the greatest need for God. More than any other time, the warlike conditions found in today's world dictate this to be the best time to come closer to God. Our mutual need compels us to seize this chance to melt together with Him. Under these circumstances, a person projects his true nature and must overcome his fallen nature. If we can see it in the proper perspective, this time lends us great advantage to prove something to ourselves as well as accomplish something for God.

Heroes are created through the heat of war. Sometimes this title is forced upon a person. If the person was virtually alone, he may have had no choice but to defend his own life and single-handedly fight against a hundred or even a thousand people. Soldiers of any age naturally want to keep on living; heroes are no different. But somehow God placed a certain amount of trust in such a person and asked something more of him.

If you can overcome yourself, especially in dangerous and difficult circumstances, God will accompany you. He appreciates and comes to trust you more because of your dedication. And if God can depend on you, He will entrust you with the care of many things -- in your mission, materially, and in every way.

What is most important for God is that we continue to teach and love people who can understand and develop the faith to take responsibility in His stead.

If you are a weak and ineffective person, nobody will respect you. Nobody will accept you as an equal or want to work with you because of your undependability. God needs people whom He can trust -- we all do.

We have to become reliable people for God. The question is whether or not God and Father can trust us. Capabilities and talents are secondary, yet often gauging our own trustworthiness by those very things, we claim that God can trust us. What we fail to recognize is that God trusts the qualities of purity and humility much more than any external abilities.

On the other hand, with resolute brashness we often tell God that we trust Him. But this shows that we have reversed the concept. Some Unificationists proclaim, "I don't trust my leader. I don't trust this person or that person. And I don't trust God." Our trust in God is not the point. The fact is, God determines our reliability, not us. In order for God to place His confidence in us, we have to fulfill our promises to Him, achieve our goals, and thus become honorable and credible individuals.

God selects people whom He can trust for specific tasks or missions. Father also follows this pattern. Therefore, become a loyal and conscientious person in order to ensure that Father can trust you.

Even though we disappoint Him many times, God still places a great deal of trust in us. He always hopes that we will continue to overcome our fallen nature; generally one or two points seem to give us the most trouble and we are confronted with them time and again. We promise God, "That's the last time; I won't ever do that again." But in a moment of weakness, we collapse. How can we stand before Him once more and proclaim that never, again will we act the same way? We already made that same pledge five hundred times but were not able to live up to it. Satan also listens to the verbal commitments we make; our inability to fulfill them adds fuel to the stockpile of accusations he has already accumulated on each one of us. The best solution is to forbid him to indict us with his allegations by striving to not continually make the same mistakes. Perhaps we ourselves cannot find the strength; therefore, we must ask God to help us. However, even if we do repeat the error or omission, we should continue to believe in God with steadfast determination and tell Him that we will try again, vowing that eventually we will be victorious.

Each of us must consider that we are running a marathon in our life of faith, and look at things in the long term. For example, God looks at our whole life, not just what we experienced the last few weeks. God is omniscient; He can quite easily predict how we will react in certain circumstances. He knows what laws govern us, how we might act, yet He does not actually know in which direction we will move. But based on His omniscience, He builds up His trust in us.

People are under some very false concepts. Again, the crucial point is not that we can trust God, but that God can trust us. So many things in this fallen world are terribly reversed. Our trust in God should come automatically. And it will give us a certain durability, but we will feel true spiritual stability once we affirm that God can rely on and trust in us. It is seemingly a little thing, but it makes all the difference.

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