Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Vol. 3

by Rev. Young Whi Kim

Chapter 40
March 15, 1985
Restoration of All Things
(To Japanese Members)

Through the Principle we learn that man lost God, parents, spouse, children and all things through the fall. We also lost the nation and world. God's providence of restoration is a process of restoring what was lost through the fall. So we are trying to restore God. Whether we have restored God or not depends on us. We have to make God our God. We say we have True Parents, but whether True Parents truly become our own or not varies from person to person. This is each one's responsibility. Next comes the restoration of a true husband and wife. Most of you have already received the Blessing. Even if you aren't living together yet, you will be in the near future. You must become a true husband and wife, restored from your fallen position, and then have true children that God desires. We must restore all lost things and establish the nation and world God desires. God's providence cannot be fulfilled unless we accomplish this. If we think in this way we can easily understand where we are now.

Besides losing God, parents, children and all things, we lost something internal as well. We lost our faith and trust in God and as a result became people God couldn't trust either. We lost faith and trust and fell into a hopeless world. Then we lost love, so in addition to restoring God, parents, children and all things we must also restore complete faith, hope and love. Unless we restore these things, we will never be able to return to our original state. First of all we must become trustworthy people; God longs for people He can trust. Those God cannot trust cannot be His children. In order to become people God can trust we must become people True Parents can trust. God cannot trust someone True Parents don't trust, and True Parents cannot trust a couple that doesn't trust each other. So we must become husbands and wives that trust each other. It is essential that we attain these three levels of trust. If we become such husbands and wives we will naturally give birth to trustworthy children. The problem with this world is that man became untrustworthy: husbands and wives can't trust each other, nor can parents and children. We must restore all this.

Where should such restoration start? First we must establish the proper relationship to God, standing before Him as His children and ultimately as a true couple. The original world of trust cannot be realized unless we restore these positions. We are powerless when we live in an atmosphere of mistrust; we can't work with someone we can't trust. Actually the basis of everything is that we become trustworthy men and women, people who keep our promises. We can't trust someone who doesn't keep his word. Since God is absolute, once He chooses us He tries to trust us absolutely. We should be the same, we should have absolute faith in Him. Restoration is impossible if we don't have this basic faith and trust in God and True Parents. In order to become people God can trust we must have absolute faith in Him. Absolute faith in God and True Parents is the base of all restoration; we cannot follow the way of restoration without it. Our relationship with God and True Parents and the conjugal relationship between husband and wife can only be restored on the foundation of this faith. From that point on we can have trust and when we have faith and trust we can also have hope.

Trusting in God means pledging to unite with Him in oneness. In this way we can receive His love. Thus through our faith in God we are able to stand in the position to restore His love. When we have faith in God, God trusts us and bestows His love upon us in order to make this a world of love. The unit of love is the family; there can be no world of love without families of love. The society, nation and world of love are merely expansions of the family of love. All men were meant to learn to embody God's love within the family of God. So from now on we must become men and women of God's love, establish a family of God's love and then expand this family to the world. This is God's providence and the process we must follow.

God created man and all things with love. Thus if God's will had been fulfilled, the world would have become a world of love. Everything was ruined because man lost faith, hope and love. Heavenly Father has been suffering throughout history to restore this. The time is now at hand, this isn't a fairy tale or a science fiction story. The time is truly at hand and we are the ones to fulfill it. Everything will be realized through our lives. This is truly a great thing. We are fulfilling what no one in history ever could. So in a sense we are creators of history; history is being created through our families, through our faith, our hope and our love. Thus faith, hope and love are also emphasized in the Bible because they are the basis of all restoration; we cannot accomplish God's providence without them. Actually these three are one and the same, only their form or expression is different.

We are quite immature and have many shortcomings, but God still relies on us. He wants to accomplish great things through us. God is great, so if He works through us we can accomplish great things in spite of our immaturity. When we work believing in God, True Parents and our brothers and sisters, we will surely be able to fulfill God's providence. We will definitely gain victory if we don't lose our faith, hope and love when we encounter difficulties or problems. Thank you.

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