Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Vol. 3

by Rev. Young Whi Kim

Chapter 28
January 27, 1985
Harmony of the Dual Purposes
(To Blessed Couples)

Your situation will change completely after this workshop; you will begin a new life. Family life will be a new experience for you. Of course in the past you lived with your parents and brothers and sisters, but this is the first time you will experience having your own family. Our family life is different from others'. The main difference is that most families aren't centered upon God and True Parents. So our blessed families should be better than other families.

According to the Divine Principle, the whole-purpose should be in the subject position and the individual-purpose should be in the object position. How should this function practically? It's much easier when you are single, because you don't have a family to support. Many members have problems because of this. You need a clear understanding of this in order to find a solution. I'd like to speak about how to establish the proper balance between the whole and individual purposes.

Each individual has a sung-sang and a hyung-sang aspect. We usually call them mind and body. When we say body we mean the physical mind as well; the physical mind directs the functions of the physical body. Your physical body needs physical nourishment, so if you miss a meal your physical mind says, "You must eat." Then you take time for a meal. Similarly, at midnight your physical mind says, "You need rest; time for bed." So you go to sleep. This is the purpose of your physical mind. We also have a spirit mind that directs our spirit body, which needs spiritual food. So our spirit mind tells us to witness and fund raise or do other public missions to gain spiritual elements. We learn to adjust these two aspects in our daily life. We put our spirit mind in the subject position and our physical mind in the object position. This doesn't mean that eating or sleeping is unimportant; if we don't sleep or eat we will die. So following our physical mind is important, but we can see that our spirit mind should have priority.

We usually think in this way: I sleep so that I can do God's will. I eat not only for my physical body, but to do God's will. Having our spirit mind in the subject position means that everything we do should be aimed at fulfilling God's ideal. If I eat and sleep in order to do God's will it is acceptable. Likewise, you shouldn't neglect your family; without a family we cannot fulfill God's ideal. Your family is important; God expects good children from your family. He wants you to raise your children as good children of God. So you cannot neglect your family, you cannot! When you take care of your family you should feel that you do so because it is what God desires; you take care of your family in order to fulfill God's will. You love your spouse and your children in order to help them become God's sons and daughters, then they can do more for God. Also a husband needs his wife's love and a wife needs her husband's love; we all need our spouse's support so we can work better for God.

We must take care of our children so they can be good instruments of God in the future. They will probably do much greater things than we. We should give them a good education. Everything we do should be centered upon fulfilling God's will. I take care of my spouse and my children for God: this is the ideal way of thinking. Of course, when you need money you have to work; you shouldn't feel that this is for your own sake though, or for your wife or children, but that it is for God. You earn money to be able to work better for God. Our thinking should always be focused upon this purpose. If we live like that then God can work with us. It isn't always possible for husband and wife to work together for God's will. One must earn money to create an economic foundation, but the other must do God's work. This is what Father says: either the husband or wife must do God's work. If the husband has a public mission, the wife should take care of the finances so her husband can devote more time to the mission. But the wife should participate in witnessing conditions.

Each couple should take care of their family and find time to do home church activities. Father says that everyone must do home church. Even if you have a public mission, you must still do home church. The brothers who work for the Washington Times are very busy, but they still have to find time for their home church area. So your public mission is not your only responsibility; you must work in home church as well. Do you understand? Members often forget this, they think that they are excused if they have a public mission. You cannot claim that because you have a job you have no time for home church work; that's no excuse. You can do home church where you work. This is an essential condition, especially for blessed couples. Even if you cannot manage your official work, you still have to do home church. If each blessed couple does this, God's Will will soon be realized.

We cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without succeeding in home church. These are Father's words. Home church is very important, therefore everyone must participate, especially the wives. If the wife stays home it is easier for her to contact people in the neighborhood. You should do home church work in your neighborhood without expecting anything in return. We don't have so many members in Europe now, so it is easy find an area. In Korea members must fight for an area. Everything is occupied; there are no more areas to work in; You don't have this problem here. So before you do, find a good area and fulfill your responsibility. Remember, God's work always comes first, our individual work is to support it. We must always keep this in mind.

What we have received is not the final blessing, it is only the church level Blessing. Some time in the future there will also be a national Blessing and following that there will be a world Blessing. We must receive two more Blessings. We don't know yet what Father will do concerning the national Blessing. We don't know what kind of couples will be selected. When the time comes, Father may not say anything specific. He may just say, "Such and such couples must come." I hope that at that time no couple will say, "I didn't know about this. Nobody told me, so I didn't go." We won't want to hear any such complaints. Those who did home church work may be qualified to receive the national blessing. We don't know what conditions Father will set, but that may be the condition. Maybe other public missions, we do not know.

Anyway, blessed couples belong to God and True Parents. We must make our position clear. We don't belong to Satan; we belong to God. Therefore we must do God's work, we must follow God's way of life and God's will. If God moves to the right, we should move to the right. Father says even if you cannot move, you have to imitate movement. Even if you die, you have to fall down in the right direction. We must be determined to follow Father's direction. This is always the problem: how strong is our determination? Sometimes you want to follow Father's direction exactly, you try hard but still cannot bring good results. That's okay, the important thing is that you wholeheartedly tried to follow Father's direction. Our attitude and our effort also count. If you are a capable person but don't follow God's instructions, that is very bad. Some people don't have much ability; despite their sincere effort they cannot accomplish much. That's okay though; they did their best. The most important thing is our attitude, our desire to follow Father. Of course the result counts, but even more important is our motivation, our desire to accomplish God's will. All blessed couples should pass this test.

I remember reading one of your questions: how are we and our offspring connected to God and His original creation? You were born from your parents and your parents were born of your grandparents. So if you trace your lineage you will eventually come to the first man and woman. Actually, we never met the first human ancestors or had any direct relationship to them; an incredibly long time separates us from them. When we consider this there seems to be no connection between us and them. Nevertheless we are still their offspring. God created the first man and woman and we are their descendants. Thus we are also descended from God.

Actually man has no ability or power to create spiritual things. But when husband and wife unite a baby is born. The baby is not just a physical being, it also has a spirit. Where does the spirit come from? From God. The creation of a baby is started by God's miraculous creative power working through a couple. When a couple unite centered on God, the baby becomes God's child. You shouldn't think that God is separate from you, but should be aware that God is with you. Then when you have a baby it becomes God's baby. When God is the center of our life, we can be closely connected to Him and our children will be His children. You should pray to God, thanking Him for giving you a baby. Actually you are entrusted with this child, just as money is entrusted to a bank. God trusts you to raise your baby as His child. We should think in this way. Of course it is your child, but never forget that it is God's child as well.

By living this way of life we can become one with God, not just vaguely, but practically. We must bring God into our daily life. God wants to live together with us; He doesn't want to be separated from us in any way. God was chased out of man's life through the fall, this has been a constant source of sorrow for Him. We must change this by bringing Him into our lives. We should always report to God; whenever we do something we should share it with God. In our prayer we should converse with God just as we would with our parents. If we make this our habit, we will become children of God and will always be able to live with Him. This is our ideal. It may be difficult in the beginning, but we must try to live together with God and make Him the center of our life. Our life belongs to God; our family and our children as well. Everything belongs to Him. As new couples you must establish the tradition of being God's couples. When you do, God will be so happy He will forget the sorrow and suffering you caused Him in the past. We must all accomplish this. Thank you.

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