Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Vol. 3

by Rev. Young Whi Kim

Chapter 20
November 11, 1984
The Battle Between God and Satan

Good morning. I imagine all of you thought a lot about the American election last week. I myself worried about the outcome. But, as we hoped, Reagan was reelected in a landslide victory and there are signs of hope for America. We know that America is absolutely essential for God's providence. As the leading Christian nation America is indispensable. Without America God and the Free World will lose their strongest defender. Before going to Danbury, Father said that through his sacrifice America and Christianity will return to God. So actually this isn't Reagan's victory, but God's. As a result of Reagan's reelection we can work freely for four more years. It would have been very difficult for us and the Free World if Reagan had lost. But God gave us another four years to work freely to achieve His will. So we can say that this is a victory for God, for Christianity and for us. Father said that we have until 1988 to accomplish the restoration of a nation God. This means we have to bring one free nation completely to God's side.

A survey was taken of the postwar generation in America (18-39 year olds). And they were surprised to discover that the majority strongly supported Reagan. This is why Mondale was defeated. Younger generations usually oppose those in authority, this has always been the trend. Now this has changed, the younger generation supports Reagan. What does this mean? They are beginning to understand Communism. Of course they see the Free World's shortcomings, but they also know that Communism is dangerous. If Communism wins, America will be lost and they will have no freedom. They consider freedom more important than anything else. This change will have a favorable influence for God's side. Father says he is happy to pay indemnity if it will help bring America and the Free World back to God. Because of Father's suffering God can do more to bring America and the Free World to His side. We must fight strongly this last four years.

We should also understand the importance of Korea. North and South Korea are competing with each other. Soon South Korea will be four times more powerful than North Korea. Kim Il-sung recognizes that South Korea will soon be in an indisputable position of superiority. So he is frantic, he must do something before this happens. As president Carter proposed withdrawing American troops from Korea. Mondale, who was Carter's vice-president, may have done the same thing if elected. If American troops are withdrawn there will be war in Korea, because Kim Il-sung knows that time is short and he has no other chance for victory. If anything happens to weaken the South, North Korea will attack. This could be prevented for another four years as a result of Reagan's reelection. Of course no one wants war. We know the tragedy of war. No one wants to die in misery. No man of conscience wants war, but we must be strong in order to keep peace. If we are weak the enemy will attack and there will be no peace. People are finally beginning to understand this. That's why Reagan was reelected. God worked very hard to make people understand the situation. So this isn't just Reagan's personal victory. Now we can understand how hard God has been working. We should be deeply grateful to God for giving us another four years to work freely for Him.

In the preamble of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx states that "a specter is haunting Europe". What is a specter? A specter is a ghost, an evil spirit. Marx said this, but many people don't realize it. Satan used Marx to proclaim his ideology. Our Father proclaims the ideology of God, Godism. Communism isn't materialism, but Satanism. Satan's ideology is proclaimed in Marxism. We say we oppose Communism because it's materialistic, it denies the existence of God and is therefore evil. We teach that. But actually that isn't enough. Communism is more than just materialism. There are many materialists in the Free World, but most are materialists because they can't understand God's existence, not because they hate God or His ideology. They are simply unaware of Him and His ideology. This is not true of Communists though. They are on Satan's side. Satan uses them as his instruments, that is why they oppose God. Communists clearly state that God is their enemy. Satan is mobilizing his troops in an offensive against God. But God can't mobilize His troops against the enemy, because Satan never reveals himself and thus deceives many people into believing he doesn't even exist. Christianity teaches that Satan is mankind's enemy, but many Christians don't really believe it and thus God is in a weaker position. So we must let people know that Satan exists and is God and mankind's enemy.

Many people in the Communist world know there are spirits. Some of you may have seen the books published recently about Soviet research into spiritual phenomena. They are experimenting about how to use spirits for the achievement of the Communist world revolution. They know that spirits can discover things physical people cannot, because they can transcend time and space. Thus they want to use spirits to discover their enemies' secrets. They also use spirits to destroy their enemies. They used spirits to destroy their political opponents in Korea and other nations. You've heard of black magic and voodoo. When they wanted to destroy someone, they used a picture of their enemy and put some arrows or knives on important points of the figure and performed a special ceremony. Through using evil spirits they could harm and sometimes even kill their opponents. There are many examples of this in history. Communists also use evil spirits to influence their enemies and lead people to their goal. This is why they are investing so much in the study of parapsychology. They know that the spiritual world exists and attack God's side with spiritual power.

I have often considered why Satan promotes materialism. Why does he deny God and even himself. In order to work he must admit the existence of spirits, but he denies his own existence. Why? After much reflection I began to understand. Satan is an angel, he cannot control man if he admits the existence of spirit, because original man, a being with spirit and body, was created as the lord of creation. So Satan must insist that man is an animal without spirit, because animals are below the angelic level and thus under the angel's dominion. This is why Satan denies himself and the existence of spirit. We proclaim that man has a spirit and that God exists and is working to save fallen man. Many people have difficulty accepting this truth, but through our example others are encouraged to speak out as well.

Many people are speaking out about the existence of the spirit world now, so more spirits are coming down. By experiencing these phenomenon people come to understand that the spirit world exists. Once people understand more about the spiritual world, Satan will be forced to disclose himself. There will be more spiritual phenomena not only in our church, but everywhere. Many spirit men will come to earth and work through people. So if people don't know about the spiritual world, they will have problems. Many mental patients are simply people who couldn't control their spirit, the influence of evil spirits is so powerful that they cannot control their spirit, that is insanity. At that point you are controlled by evil spirits, not your own. To maintain our spiritual health we must have a strong foundation so evil spirits cannot invade. We must be one with God, standing completely on God's side so that no evil spirits can invade and dominate us.

We know that God's providence is a struggle between God and Satan and that Satan is working through the Communist nations. We must help others understand this. That's why the American church is working closely with CMA now, inviting ministers to CAUSA conferences and teaching them about Communism and the CAUSA World View. We want them to be our friends and bring them to God's side. This is of utmost importance because this is a battle between God and Satan and God needs more people. So we must let people know that Satan is their enemy and bring them to God's side. If Christianity had fulfilled its mission Communism never would have existed. Communism came about as a result of the failure of Christianity. We must be careful how we say this, but it's true. The reason we organized CAUSA is to help the Free World understand its enemy. Communism is God and mankind's enemy. We want all people to understand this.

Actually Communism developed because the Free World supported its growth. The Soviet Union almost collapsed before World War II, but America gave it large amounts of aid through which it survived and developed. The Free World doesn't understand the strategy or aims of the Communists and thus assumes that Communist nations can be compared to free nations. This is why they hold talks with them and sign treaties that the Communists never observe. It has always been the same; deception after deception. Once the West understands what Communism is, it won't be deceived into aiding the Communist purpose anymore. Taking a strong stand doesn't necessarily mean using violence. If we don't allow Communism to expand, they will be frustrated. They are only able to endure the hardships required of them because they think their goals will soon be achieved. Once they realize that their strategy isn't working they will have great difficulties. They already have a large deficit as a result of economic mismanagement. But the free nations continue to give them aid and loans and as a result they can sustain their system. If we cut off all aid and exports, they would be frustrated and great unrest would spread inside the Communist Bloc.

Why weren't the Czechs and Hungarians successful when they rose up against Communism? Because the West did nothing while the Soviets put down the uprisings with tanks and troops. We didn't support the people at all, but allowed the Soviets to do as they pleased in Eastern Europe. Reagan recently said that the Yalta agreement does not give the Soviet Union the right to dominate Eastern Europe. The Soviets cannot continue as usual if the Free World takes a strong stand against Communism. When the captive nations see the strong commitment and determination of the Free World to defend and expand freedom, opposition will come from within the East Bloc itself. Man naturally yearns for freedom, but the majority cannot express their true feelings because of the government's strangle hold on their lives. If the Free World would take a strong stand, inner unrest would spread and in this way the Soviet dominion of Eastern Europe could be brought to an end without using military force. This is what we believe and what God is working for. When we make a strong stand against the enemy, God can work from inside. Father has organized seminars about the Post Soviet Era, asking scholars to discuss the problems that will arise as a result of the Soviet Union's collapse. Some people feel that when a leader dies a group of younger officers may take over during the ensuing power struggle. Then things can change from within. If the Free World knows and unites with God's plan, it can succeed.

So we must systematize a God-centered theory. Up to now this hasn't been done. We had no systematized theory of human life, society and the world. Due to the lack of a systematic theory the Communists could dominate with their false ideology. A second point to keep in mind is that when you as an individual say something it has little power. This is why workers organized trade unions. One person alone has little power, but when many are organized and united it has a great effect. So we must organize believers. With the power of people united we can accomplish great things.

So two things are necessary: a systematic theory and organized people. Then we will have the power to drive back Communism. Up to now these two factors didn't exist. So we always lost the battle. The purpose of the CAUSA Movement is to fulfill these two requirements; to develop a systematic theory and help people understand it and organize them into one united force. This is the purpose of CAUSA, not just to say that God exists. That's not enough. Theory and organization are necessary to win the battle. Of course we must find the appropriate method for each nation. The general strategy will be the same, but we may have to adapt minor points to suit each country.

In our lectures we emphasize the conflict between the concepts of theism and atheism. We must also understand this. People have believed in God since the beginning of history, many people who know that God exists were subdued by Communism anyway. Knowing that God exists isn't enough. We must understand the implications of what we believe and help others understand as well. Many people say they believe in God, without really knowing what believing in God means. It means that spirit is subject and matter is object.

People often say that man is influenced by his social circumstances. This is true to a certain extent, but who made the social circumstances? Man. German families live in the same country, but are all different. Why? If their behavior is determined by their social circumstances they should all be the same, but they aren't. Some are good while others aren't. Man creates his circumstances. We are influenced, that's true, but man remains the subject, he is the major element in determining his circumstances. In the beginning, before there were people, there were no social circumstances. Social circumstances were created by man. We must understand that man is the determining element, not the material circumstances.

Even non-Marxists believe Marx was a special person. But when we actually study Marxism we discover that he didn't develop anything new. Marx was a man of anger, dissatisfaction and resentment. He was completely opposed to the system of his day. To destroy it, he compiled many different ideas and constructed his theory. For example, the idea that progress takes place through a dialectic process has existed since the time of the ancient Greeks, since before Socrates. His theory of alienation stems from his dislike of God because he saw the many contradictions within Christian society and suffered as a result of the conflicts within his own family. He felt that if God existed such things shouldn't happen. To Marx there was no God so everything had to be based on material. This is why he claimed that alienation was caused by economic inequality and exploitation. He sought the causes of society's problems in material, in economics.

So what do you think of these points: there is no God or spirit, alienation is brought about by economic inequality and progress comes about through struggle and class conflict? They are all based on the aims of Satan, who wants to deceive us and place himself in God's position. To do so he must deny God's existence, he wants to drive God out of man's life. Satan used Marx as his instrument to accomplish his aims and justify his point of view, his claims. We must understand this. If you think that Marx was a great man and respect him, you are already caught in Satan's trap, you are in trouble. You should realize that Marx was an instrument of Satan and an enemy of God. We must clearly understand this and refute everything he said. His whole theory is based on lies. So a refutation of Marx's theories can only come about through the truth of God. Until this day no one could criticize his theory properly because they didn't know God's truth. Through God's truth we can understand Marx's errors. By studying VOC theory we come to recognize the value of the Divine Principle, God's truth. The reason we study VOC theory is to destroy Satan's false ideology, but also to understand the Principle better. We should have strong conviction in the truth, our faith and our True Parents. Imagine what would happen if there were no Divine Principle. There would be no hope.

What is truth? Being truthful means acknowledging things as they are. It is false to deny things that exist. The base of all truth is that God exists. If God exists and you deny it, that is false. God's existence is the starting point of all truth. It is the focal point. Believing that God exists means believing that spirit is the causal element and material the result. Marxists claim the opposite, i.e. that material determines everything. So they think they can change man by changing his social circumstances. That's not true though.

In order to gain victory for God we must let people know that we are living on a battlefield. God, the source of goodness, and Satan, the source of evil, are fighting. We must explain that Satan is working through Communism. We don't just oppose Communism because it's materialistic, but because Satan is working through it, using it as his instrument. The struggle is between the ideologies of Godism and Satanism. We must clearly explain that Communism is not just materialism, but Satanism. Once people understand this, they will begin to understand Godism and move to God's side. God gave us an additional four years to bring people to His side. Even Almighty God cannot win without large numbers on His side, He needs many people. We should be grateful that God gave us another four years to proclaim His truth.

We know the importance of unity. Especially church members and blessed couples must unite centered on God's truth, God's love and our True Parents. We must set a good example. CAUSA proposes five ideals, upon which all believers can unite, but where can people find them realized? They need a good example. We are responsible to show them this example. No matter how good the theory is, if we don't put it into practice, it will have no affect, it will be just another empty theory. We must demonstrate the possibility of realizing the theory. This is our responsibility. I hope you will study Communist theory more deeply. You should have strong confidence that through the Principle we have the solutions to the problems of today.

I hear from spiritualists that God has a definite plan He wants to fulfill by 1988, but that He has no plan for the time after 1988. We can see how determined He is to fulfill everything in this last four years. It is the last four years for restoration work. We should feel that there is no time after 1988, that we have to win our fight for God by then. The current dispensation started in 1948 in Hungnam when Father restored twelve disciples. We are in the last years of the 40- year period. We must enter Canaan and establish the Fatherland. When Moses left Egypt his purpose was to enter Canaan, the land of God's dominion. We should thank God for giving us another four years and really do His work, become one with Him and stand completely on His side, not on Satan's side or in between. Our position must be clear: we are on God's side and as His soldiers we are fighting to bring victory for God and mankind. I hope that all of you pray hard so that God and good spirits can work with you and you can bring good results. This isn't someone else's fight, but a fight for our lives. If we can't stop Communism, we will become its victims. Our choice is victory or defeat; survival or destruction and death. We must gain victory.

Let us pray:

Our loving Heavenly Father, even when we aren't thinking of you, you think of us and work so hard to prepare the way for us. If you didn't exist, we wouldn't know anything about life, but you and our True Parents are trying to give us true happiness, true joy and true peace. All people long for happiness and peace. Once they understand they cannot have peace and happiness without you, they will come back to you. They will search for you. Father, we want to bring peace and happiness to all people. Let them find you.

Our enemy Satan is working hard and has gained dominion over a large number of people through Communism. People often don't know they are being used by Satan, but Communist leaders know and have a clear plan to dominate the world. We must oppose their plan. If we don't, we will lose everything; peace, happiness, freedom everything we have. We must rise up and defend the freedom, peace and happiness of mankind. This isn't our fight alone. We fight for all mankind, all our descendants. If we fail now it will affect the lives of our descendants forever and ruin everything civilization has accomplished up to now. We must rise up and march forward together with you, Father. We ask for your spirit, your courage and your power so we can be victorious and return joy and glory to you.

Our Father is now in Danbury. We pray for him, we ask you to protect him so he can be safe and promptly released from Danbury to lead us into battle as our commander-in-chief. Father, we are in a 40-Day witnessing condition. We want to achieve many things, but without you we can't accomplish anything. We ask you to be with each one of us so we can have the inspiration and power we need to fulfill our mission.

We pray all this in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

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